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By now, you are very familiar with the delicious home delivery service, Hello Fresh. If you aren’t you sure are missing out. Hello Fresh offers nutritionally balanced meals that are portioned out just perfectly. All you have to do is open, prepare the recipe and serve. It is that simple. Take for example, this delicious Pork & Apple Burger recipe with a side of Sweet Potato Chips. I always dreamed of making great delicacies that my family would clamor over and wanting more. With Hello Fresh, this saves me the time and energy and brings sophistication right to the dinner table.As if that wasn’t fantastic enough, now I can go beyond their weekly menu options and choose whatever I fancy at that time. Thanks to their new flavour generator, I can bring home the taste of the Mediterranean, Asian, Middle East, Modoz and Mexican right to my door.

The Flavour Generator allows you to select your style of food and then show what you want between Spicy, Sweet, Tangy, Herby or go a litte risque and select “I’ve never tried” to see what delights you receive.

Simply select “Generate My Flavour” and VOILA! Your recommendation is complete. Not completely happy with the results? Spin again for additional options or change up your flavour selection a bit until you find the taste that is just right for you and your family.It also shows you other recommended recipes at the end of your generated results, and gives you some options that might appeal better to your eye and your palate.Each Hello Fresh box is chocked full of all you need to make a fantastic creation for yourself and your family or dinner guests. They offer several types of selections including the Family Box, The Veggie Box and The Classic Box.

As if the convenience of delivery to your door was not great enough, the cost per meal is less expensive than the average family of four dining out for the evening AND the ingredients and preparation are more wholesome than fast food.

Are you ready to get started? Check out the Hello Fresh Flavour Generator today and bring the taste of foods around the world to your dining table tonight.

Stay connected socially with Hello Fresh for their weekly menu options and new additions to the Flavour Generator.

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Tell us in a comment below, what flavour are you first going to generate using the flavour generator with Hello Fresh?

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67 thoughts on “Get What You Want, When You Want with Hello Fresh Flavour Generator

  • I have a couple neighbors that get this and they absolutely love it! Always fresh, never any issues.

  • I really enjoy this site and peanuts is my favorite

    Thanks for he fun

  • Would be a great thing for a family who could afford to do something like that.

  • The cheesy vegetable fritters sound so good! It definitely would be pretty awesome to have dinner delivered right to my door! 🙂

  • It would be great to have help creating healthy, delicious meals that we don’t tire of.

  • I would love to try them, I heard about them and with your review solidifies what I have been hearing. The dishes look amazing, I can only imagine what they taste like. We are trying to eat healthy and this would be a great thing to save having to get food at the grocery store.

  • Very nice gotta try it out

  • The Spanish Chicken with green olives sounds absolutely delicious!

  • This looks really neat. It never ceases to amaze me what they come up with!

  • I saw several combinations I liked. No, I wouldn’t choose all of them, but there were enough good ones to get my attention.

  • This sounds like a great deal and would be good for busy families.

  • This sounds like a great way to mix up dinner throughout the week.

  • I love the idea that everything is fresh tasting, not like a frozen meal

  • This sounds great. I am going to give this a try for my sister and I after the holidays. Thank you so much for sharing

  • Love this!! I am always in a dinner slump and this would make my life SO much easier!

  • Spinning for your dinner is pretty easy and fast! I would love some Italian today. How about Lasagna! Yum!

  • I’d love to try Hello Fresh!

  • This is perfect for busy families!

  • These look like high quality meals too, better than fast food!

  • This is a great way to try out different meals that you wouldn’t usually fix. I would love trying this. Thank you so much for sharing

  • I bet this is a great time saver for those who just don’t have time to plan out meals for the week. With busy work schedules and children doing activities, I’m sure it’s very helpful. Nice to be able to get a great variety of options.

  • This would be like having an international chef living in your house or at least an assistant.

  • My granddaughter usually is willing to try anything and I think this would be fun to do with her to experience different recipes

  • I don’t get to adventurous in the kitchen, but this looks like a neat option to try out some different things

  • Would love to be able to have this! ☺☺

  • My sister loves Hello Fresh and she says that they have wonderful recipes and excellent customer service.

  • Wonderful product.

  • Great idea here, busy families could use this and have extra time with each other

  • Their food looks delicious and I love how easy they make it possible for you to create something delicious in a hurry.

  • Hello Fresh is wonderful, especially when you have a new baby and don’t have much time to prepare food or grocery shop. Several moms in my Moms Club use Hello Fresh and love it!

  • The Greek Lamp Nachos looks good, could I really make that! amazing.

  • I’d love to try this out! I’d feel like a queen if I didn’t have to decide on, shop for and spice up meals for my crew!

  • So many delicious tasting foods. I would love to try it.

  • if you can afford this it is wonderful ,,maybe i can put it on my wishlist

  • Interesting, but I think I’d eat too much.

  • Beef Steak with Romesco, potatoes and Grilled Zucchini would be my pick. I wish I could afford this. I have cancer and my weight is down to an unhealthy 93lbs.

  • This looks like an awesome product, I’d love to give one of the meals a try.

  • They all look delish <3

  • I love the concept but worry about if my family would actually like these dishes.

  • Meal planning is not my strong suit. Anything that can help me is great.

  • I love trying out different foods. This sounds great. I love that I don’t have to shop for the ingredients. Thank you so much for sharing

  • We’re fulltime RVers so delivery would be a problem since we’re always moving.

  • Hello Fresh sounds like a fantastic idea!

  • I tried the Flavour Generatour. Mediterranean Lamb Hashweh Rice with Almonds, here I come!

  • I would love to try this but my kids are very picky

  • Such a great idea. Would be a fun way to cook with kids.

  • If our budget could use a service like this, I believe this would be the one. Yet, it really isn’t in our budget. I’ll just have to grow some of my own fresh organic veggies/fruit in the spring/summer months.

  • I would have loved something like this when my kids were home and I was working full time again! Dinners were harder to plan and took longer to make. So sometimes we relied on fast food. Now we are empty nesters and we wouldn’t use this. We usually only eat one main meal a day. Eating out for us is cheaper, less mess, and creates going out time.
    Nice concept though!

  • spicy

  • I keep saying I’m going to try this company! I am about to enter nursing school fulltime and I know I’m going to need a meal service to help me out. I have heard great things about Hello Fresh. Can’t wait to try it!

  • I haven’t heard of Hello Fresh. I do not like planning meals.

  • That pork burger looks delicious.

  • I’ve ordered from them before and the food was great! 🙂

  • All of their boxes look so good. But unfortunately they don’t deliver in my area. I wish they did…..

  • I am taking a class and the instructor said she and her husband get this. She says it’s wonderful for them. She likes that it’s fresh ingredients and then they actually cook instead of take out.

  • This program doesn’t interest me. It’s too costly for my budget and what we usually eat. But I know people who enjoy the service.

  • I always dread dinner planning despite loving to eat. Mostly it’s trying to be creative and do different things and not eat the same meal over and over again.

  • This is a great idea. I am horrible at meal planning, this could be useful for my family. The meals look delicious!

  • These meals sound so good. This would be perfect for my sister and I. Thank you so much for sharing this. God Bless

  • This is so perfect for my family. I do not know how to cook a lot of stuff and we are always asking what is for dinner

  • I would choose Herby.

  • What a fun, creative way to create flavour!

  • I am going to try the Mexican

  • yummy

  • This is a great thing!

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