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Gift Your Favorite Gamer with Clinically-Proven to Work Blue-Light Blocking Glasses from Gamer Advantage #MegaChristmas23

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Are you looking for a great gift for the gamer in your life? We all know that staring at screens all day can really hurt our eyes, and that includes the gamers who play games daily. These Clinically-Proven to Work Blue-Light Blocking Glasses would help protect our precious tool, our eyes! They come in all kinds of styles and colors, and would make a great stocking stuffer this holiday season. 

Gamer Advantage, the company that is revolutionizing the eyewear space through groundbreaking tech to help reduce the harmful effects of blue-light for those of us who use screens daily.

About Gamer Advantage: 

In 2017, Founder and CEO, Bryan Reedy started working in the eyewear industry as the VP of Business Development at a family owned eyewear manufacturer. One category that kept coming up over and over, was blue light glasses.  After being asked several times to manufacture private label blue light glasses (frame and lens) for other brands, Bryan became intrigued in the legitimacy.  He found it far too easy to source inexpensive lenses and frames that boasted significant health improvement potential.  Everything he knew about the importance of quality, medical grade eyewear and lenses was being challenged. Up until this point blue-light glasses were a “snake oil” sales pitch to him. 

Fast forward to the present and you will find yourself saying, “They grew up so fast.”!  In three short years, Gamer Advantage has expanded into over 30 countries, 850 US based retail locations, and has an expansive network of over 500 partnered content creators.  Offering nearly 100 different frame and lens combinations, Gamer Advantage will help you look good AND feel good. 

If you ask anyone internally at Gamer Advantage, or a member of the #GAFam, they will all tell you the same thing.  Gamer Advantage is still just getting started!

Here is how the Inferno from Gamer Advantage eyewear stands out:
  • Provides superior protection exactly where harmful blue violet light starts (455nm) by not only blocking it but also absorbing the light
  • Proprietary REZME® lens technology blocks an impressive 42% of the harmful blue-light – that’s 8-14 times more than other brands
  • Clinically proven to improve melatonin production by 96% and increase focus and alertness by 47%
  • See true color clear FOCUS lens and near-clear SLEEP lens
  • The Gamer Advantage glasses are backed up by independent, third-party scientific research and endorsed by top neurologists and ophthalmologists professionals
  • The MorphFlex® frames are made from ultra-lightweight materials for all day comfort
  • Magnetic sun clip with 100% UV protection available for seamless indoor/outdoor transition

PATENTED & CLINICALLY PROVEN: Constructed of premium materials and engineered from a patented material that offers a consistent built in protection, our glasses give you the same optical quality you would find at your eye doctors. Our glasses are FDA compliant and carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Available on Skimlinks, ShareASale, AmazonBest Buy, and (for prescription and readers options).

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