Golly Gear New Turkey Hearts Dog Treats Make Pets Smile

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As my dogs get older, I want to make sure that I continue with their healthy regimen of food and treats that will keep them strong and living a full, healthy life.

I have found a new treat that is sourced and produced right here in the USA. Golly Gear Turkey Heart Treats are a single-ingredient dog treat that is perfect for dogs everywhere.Golly Gear Turkey Heart Treats -01While most treats are processed and filled with ingredients that can give dogs issues, including digestive problems, Golly Gear Turkey Heart Treats are a protein-based treat made in Wisconsin. Golly Gear Turkey Heart Treats -02These freeze-dried treats are soft and chewy and perfect for dogs. They are not rehydrated like other frozen treats, making them less resistant to crumbling and drying out. Max and Bella love these treats and I love the healthy benefits and knowledge that I am rewarding them with pure goodness.

Golly Gear has even more products than just treats.  They have beds, books, bowls, carrier, clothes, collars, ID tags, leashes, toys, treats, and more!  Make sure to check Golly Gear out for your pet necessities.

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29 thoughts on “Golly Gear New Turkey Hearts Dog Treats Make Pets Smile

  • These Turkey Heart Treats would be so perfect for my mother’s dog, Sally! I want to be sure to recommend this brand to my mom.
    I love that they are single-ingredient. Sally has a couple of food allergies (the big one is wheat), and I have an inkling that she would just go bananas for these. Also, Sally and my mom live in Wisconsin– right where these products are made!
    Thank you so much for introducing me to these products. 🙂

  • I like that it is made out of simple ingredients. It’s good to know that it’s natural and that you know what is in your dogs treats!

  • Our pooches love heart treats! I’ve gotten them once before, as a special treat for my papillon’s birthday. They are a great, healthy treat, but they do smell a bit funny! The pups go crazy over them, though, so it’s worth it!

  • I’ve never seen this kind of dog treat. I like that it’s all natural and made with only one ingredient. I was thinking that if I win, id share it with my sisters who have dogs.

    Maybe not. LOL.

  • These would be great treats to try with my seniors and small dogs because they are soft and chewy 🙂

  • Our two dogs would gobble these up (oops, accidental pun there…LOL) in no time at all. These would make fun treats for them – especially as rewards for doing their tricks etc…

  • My dogs’ll love ’em!

  • I typically only make turkey once a yea at ou house. I cook up the giblets to use the broth in my stuffing, but the dogs get to split the heart and liver (I always claim the gizzad). They really love the treat, and I would love to let them have them more often. I have three rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds, and since none of them had the best start in life, I like to spoil them.

  • My little pug shoeless would absolutely love these, I’m sure. Thank you for sharing!

  • We are always looking for single ingredient treats.

  • I have never seen these before but they are all natural so I wouldn;t mind giving them to lucy

  • Love that they are single ingredient treats

  • My dogs would LOVE these! Such a natural, high protein treat. They deserve quality food and this is it.

  • My dogs would really enjoy these treats. Much more healthy and enjoyable than most of the treats out there for dogs.

  • How interesting! My pups haven’t had these before. I’m sure that they would love them though!

  • I would love to have my rescues try these treats!

  • my dog would probally love these,we have never given her turkey treats but will try

  • My dogs would love these treats. High quality, natural and tasty treats are perfect. We need more products like these for our dear pets.

  • I like that they are soft and chewy. My sister has a new puppy and I think the puppy could have these as snacks 🙂

  • I much rather give my dogs natural, healthy treats like these. So much better for them. These look like something my doggies would love.

  • I love that these are healthy,single ingredient treats made with real protein,I know my big fur baby Balto would love these!

  • Beagle/hound

  • Layla is allergic to a lot of foods BUT turkey so this would be awesome

  • My Buddie would really like these since they are soft and chewy!

  • I bet Buddy would love these!

  • I like that they are just one ingredient 🙂 Also it’s great they are manufactured in the U.S. 🙂

  • I love treating my dog Snoop. Knowing that these are freeze-dried and healthy and makes me want to let him give them a try. Thanks.

  • My dogs would love this treat!! Especially my older dog. She likes chewy treats rather than hard treats.

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