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With Christmas on the horizon I am already thinking of some great things to get my kids. I love getting them games that they will enjoy and we love having family game night. That is one of our favorite things to do and with the below collection of games from Habu you cannot go wrong. So check these great games out and put them under the tree this year!

About Haba:

HABA prides itself on the fact that children love playing with our toys, blissfully unaware of how this fosters their development.  That’s the stamp of approval the company appreciates the most, but it has been recognized by the grown-up world as well.  Our products have been bestowed honors by virtually every German toy award and virtually all of the prestigious American ones, as well.  Our design intentions are simple, provide value and quality.  We have a uniquely playful design that uses characters and colors that, for the most part, are non-gender specific.  All of products are designed to grow with the child to ensure many years of family enjoyment. 

HABA favors wood for many of our toys; wooden toys last for years and flatter the hand. Our wooden baby clutching toys are still made in Germany using PEFC certified Beech and/or Maple; PEFC means the wooden toys are made from timbers that are reforested. Many of our wooden toddler toys are produced in China from similar materials. We use safe, non-toxic, water based stains and lacquers on our products.  We use recycled corrugated with as little foam/etc. as possible to package our items. 

Karuba: The card game

  • Karuba – The card game is an exciting variation of the popular HABA family board game.
  • The players carefully select two path cards from their hand and try to outwit the other players. The person with the lowest sum loses a card.
  • They then use the cards to create a network of pathways to connect their adventurers with the temples. Who will best guide their adventurers through the jungle?
  • At the end the winner is the player who collects the most points with valuable treasure and temples.
  • 96 game cards (16 cards per player), 1 overview picture, 1 set of instructions. Perfect for big groups of 2-6 players ages 8+. 

Karuba is available for purchase online on the Haba website or through Amazon.


  • What is CONEX? – CONEX isn’t just any card game! CONEX is different! During the game you try to strategically lay down your cards to get as many points as possible, and use the action cards and/or stars to get additional bonus points. To do this, place CONEX corners that are as valuable as possible on an already placed card of the same color. But be careful; the playing area is limited and you may not cover CONEX corners or other cards … Who will be the first to reach the target and be the CONEX master?

2-4 Players For Ages: 8-99

Conex is availabe for purchase online through Haba website or Amazon.

King of the Dice: 

You’re finally a King! All your dreams have been fulfilled. You sit content in your castle and look out over your wonderful kingdom. Green meadows, rolling fields, high mountains and clear rivers stretch as far as your eyes can see… but one thing is missing from your kingdom: citizens! So you announce the merits of the kingdom all over the country – in the rich cities, to the crazy gnomes in their workshops, to the dwarves in their deep mines, and also to the orcs, fairies and the sorcerer‘s apprentices. But the citizens aren‘t easily convinced.

The players want to gain new citizens for their kingdoms by fulfilling the various requirements on the cards with three rolls of the dice. Special cards provide benefits. But watch out for village idiots and dragons! The player with the best citizens at the end wins the game and makes their kingdom thrive! Do you have what it takes to be King of the Dice?

For Ages 8-99    2-4 players

King of the Dice is available for purchase through Haba website or Amazon.


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