Halloween Decorating Ideas: How to Decorate your House for Halloween

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‘Tis the season to be spooky! Here are some tips for horribly good Halloween decorations that’ll make sure your home is the creepiest place on the block.

Keep a Watchful Eye

Glow-in-the dark eye stickers or eye-shaped lights will make shadowy areas look as if ghouls and ghosts are peeking at passers-by. Choose lights that blink on and off for an extra creep factor. Make two giant monster eyes from red paper globe lanterns to hang on your porch or from an upstairs window.

Every home should be decorated for Halloween, even if you don’t have your own kids it’s a great signal that trick or treaters are welcome on your doorstep!

The only time that you wouldn’t want to go all out on the decorations is if you’re selling your home. Things like Halloween and even Christmas decorations can affect the value buyers see your house at according to mortgage brokers like Habito.com. Otherwise you’ve got no excuse, go get the decorations out and join in the fun.

Weave a Web

As well as using the ever-popular spray-on cobwebs you can make your own spider-webs using yarn or string. When they’re done, make them look suitably spooky with a dash of luminous paint or some toy tarantulas. Spider-webs are also fun and easy to draw; your kids will enjoy sketching spider-webs on party invitations or frosting some cobweb cookies to give out as treats.

Decorate Lanterns

Decorated lanterns are a super-easy way to put some scare factor into you decor both inside and out. It’s simple to make your own lanterns from a cylinder of construction paper — you and your kids can add decorations with paint and stickers, while older children may enjoy cutting spooky shapes into the paper for the light to shine through. Alternatively, you can buy plain paper lanterns and decorate those with paint or markers.

Craft Creepy Crawlers

Make your own spooky spiders with pom-poms and pipe-cleaners. Glue or sew a small pom-pom to a larger one to make the head and body, then twist together four fuzzy pipe-cleaners in the center to make the spider’s eight legs. Attach the pom-pom to the center and you’ve got your very own creepy crawler to hang from a string or fix to one of the spider-webs you crafted earlier.

Dress the Windows

Your windows are the perfect place to display those spooky decorations. Hang swags of inexpensive fabric or paper with Halloween-themed prints at either side, and make a window-sill display with flickering electric candles and jack-o-lanterns. Hang up banners with seasonal slogans too.


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  1. I would love to weave a web. I am so excited about it.

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