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Being in the construction business is tough, there are a lot of competition and not too many clients and projects, thus in order to grow in this industry, you need to take excellent care of your existing clients and to build a positive working relationship with them. Although having new clients are good for business in general, but making sure that your old clients stay with you and choose you for any other project that they want to build is more important. You need to keep them engaged and ensure that they remember you for any construction related job that they want done. One way of doing this is to send them construction Christmas cards. These cards tell your clients that you value them and your appreciation for the projects that you have completed for them. It also tells them that your company is not just about being in business with them, but that you consider them as important stakeholders in your business.

Construction Christmas Cards

Everybody gives out Christmas cards during the holiday season, and there are indeed so many to choose from, you need a Christmas card that is real industry specific such as a construction Christmas card. This ensure that your clients will remember your company when they get to read your card, and it will remind them of the pleasant experience they had with your company and relive how satisfied they were with your completed project. All of which will help build your business and maybe when they need someone to work on a new property, you will be their first call. These cards give a bit of cheer and holiday greetings, but it also helps with your branding and communicate the kind of company that you have, which has genuine concern for its clients.

Customized Construction Christmas Cards

In order to get your message across, you need a fully customized construction Christmas card. You need to find an excellent Christmas card supplier who will gladly work with your specifications and needs. They will work with you for any design that you may prefer, and include your company logo and motto and your personal greetings. You can also choose the card stock, the font, the color and the layout, the design team will then produce a sample card for your perusal. This sample copy will then be mailed to you so you can actually see the actual cards before you make your final decision and will allow you to make changes before the final cards are printed. If you do not have a personal design, the supplier should have existing designs that you can choose from or have a design customized by the design team according to your preferences. Thus, in the final product, you will have a construction Christmas card that will uniquely represent your company.

Your Artwork on the Construction Christmas Cards

If you are on the crafty and artist side, then you may have your own artwork that you want to be featured in your card design. You card supplier should be able to accommodate your artwork and work with it in terms of making it more greeting card appropriate. You need to email the artwork and have a digital copy of it. The design team from the card supplier will work with your artwork and give you about six proofs or samples that you can choose from. The more intricate the design, the more it would cost you but you will be given options which will best work with your needs and goals. As with this companies, once they create a design from your artwork, the final design becomes the property of the supplier, you need to make sure that they do not print it for other customers in the same year as this would diminish the uniqueness of the cards.

Ordering Construction Christmas Cards

Ordering your construction Christmas cards should not be delegated to your office staff or assistant, the cards will represent the company to the clients, and you should have the final decision regarding this. Once you have chosen the design that best represents your company and your heartfelt message, and that you have seen what the card would look like and you are satisfied with it, the next step is to place the order. When ordering the cards, make sure to signify that you want your return address printed in the card envelope so that your recipients would have a way to contact you easily. You also need to indicate that your company’s logo should also be printed in the envelope or in the card itself as this will contribute to your branding.

Sending Construction Christmas Cards

Now that you have your construction Christmas cards, the next step is to identify clients, stakeholders and suppliers that you want to send out the cards to. You need to make a list for each category and of course with their complete addresses. This can be sourced from your existing records, you need to check the accuracy of such information. You would not want someone getting a card with their names misspelled or worst not receive their cards because it was the wrong address. If you are a local company and all your clients are also within the area, it is best to hand deliver the cards as it adds a personal touch. But if your clients are far from your company office, then you can mail it through the postal service. Some card suppliers also accept delivery services, you just need to give them the name and address of your client and they will do it for you.

Adding a Personal Touch

Giving out construction Christmas cards is special, who would not enjoy receiving greeting cards on the holidays, and in this day and age of emails and even ecards, it is refreshing to get a real Christmas card. Also, the cards will spread that well-wishes and happiness that is important in that season. You never know that your card might be the only actual Christmas card that they will receive in the season as people are now forgetting the art of card giving. Another way to make you card special is to add your personal touch to the card, your holiday message or greeting should reflect your personality. If you are funny and witty, then say something to that effect, or if you are religious and your faith is important to you, then do that too. Whatever it is, your message or greeting should make your recipient feel special.

Take Advantage of Discounts

Creating a construction Christmas card for your company is not an easy thing to do, it takes a lot of creativity and skill to come up with one design and there are even teams who work on the message or greetings alone. It also needs a lot of time and you should begin thinking about what your next Christmas cards will be at the start of the year. In this way, you will have ample time to work on the design and message and it won’t be a rush order. Rush orders costs more than the regular ones, while those who order early enjoy huge discounts, especially if you order in bulk. Thus, take advantage of the discounts and order early. You can also have your pick of card stock, fonts and colors which might become unavailable if you order in the last minute.

Look for Excellent Customer Service

With all the effort that you put into the design of your construction Christmas cards, you need to choose a card supplier that has excellent customer service staff. They should be willing to answer every question, clarification and inquiry, they should also be responsive to your requests and be able to tell you when the cards will be ready. Since you will be working with the supplier constantly up until the final design has been approved by you, you would want customer service staff who are soft-spoken, courteous and patient. They should not easily get irritated if for example you keep changing the design, they should also inform you realistically of the costs that your card would incur if you keep on making changes or adding other elements on it.

Growing Your Business

Sending out construction Christmas cards to your clients and other stakeholders can help you grow your business as these would signify that you find your clients an important aspect of your business. Growth is defined in terms of the business transactions that you have or the number of loyal clients that you have. In a cutthroat business as construction, sending out Christmas cards may not seem much, but it does bring good tidings and well-wishes. When you send out these cards, you are also building friendships that will stood the test of time. Loyal customers bring more jobs, more projects and possibly better profits. Moreover, satisfied customers who feel that you consider them as partners and friends will also tell their friends and family to hire your company.

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