Spark Your Child’s Imagination with the Space Odyssey Playhouse from Sharingland #MEGAChristmas18

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Spark Your Child's Imagination with the Space Odyssey Playhouse
How many times have you watched your child open a package and then see them playing with the cardboard box instead of the original gift? Why is it that the box a gift came in is more appealing? Maybe its the imagination trigger that the box can be anything. Sharingland understands this imagination trigger and feeds it with their amazing pop up play sets.


Sharingland is about rediscovering the inside of the box, it’s a world of imagination where anyone can become any character while learning about the importance of sharing and imagination.

It started out with one theme and has now evolved into a whole land of possibilities. Discover Sharingland through our playhouses, accessories, and very soon, “story triggers” with more stories so the adventure never ends.

Space Odyssey Playhouse

This space capsule is ready for take-off! It is a pop-up playhouse that is an way to introduce STEM subjects to preschoolers. The set includes wearable pieces like jetpacks and tele-transporter armbands.

My Thoughts:

This pop up play set reminds me of the hundreds of forts my little ones have made over the years. They love creating houses, spaceships, and castles that needed defending. As a mom, I love watching their imaginations take off as they learn and play in another realm.
Spark Your Child's Imagination with the Space Odyssey Playhouse
Sharingland offers several designs of pop up play houses. They are easy to put together, and hold up well to lots of use and creativeness of preschoolers. The little ones have traveled around the galaxy several times in the last couple of weeks learning about planets and flying a spaceship! What fun!

The play houses are made from cardboard and other recycled products which supports an environmental responsibility based corporation. Additionally, they are water and flame resistant which helps provide protection and extend the life (and fun) of the play houses.

If you have a creative little one that loves to use their imagination, these play houses from Sharingland would make an awesome gift this holiday season.
Spark Your Child's Imagination with the Space Odyssey Playhouse

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