Guide to buying the right Weighted Blankets in UK

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A weighted blanket is also termed as a gravity blanket, it was widely used by psychiatrists and therapists in the medical field to treat the patients. But now there’s a trend of using these weighted blankets for a better sleep at night. Weighted blankets help people to relieve anxiety and stress and make them feel more relaxed. A weighted blanket weighs between five to thirty pounds that makes you feel pressure at night while you are sleeping and relaxes you. It is typically stitched with 6×6 inches square pattern to keep the filling at its place. A weighted blanket is commonly filled with plastic pellets, tiny glass and poly pellets and the outer side of the blanket is made of different soft fabric materials having various designs.The weight of these blankets vary with age group, an age-weight guide is given below;

  • Ages 11 to 13; for kids weighing 70-90 pound the weight of blankets should be around 5lbs.
  • Ages 14 to 20; for teens & adults weighing 100-150 pound the weight of blankets should be around 10-15 lbs.
  • Ages 21 and up; for adults weighing 160-200 pound the weight of blankets should be around 20lbs.
  • For adults weighing more than 200 pound the weight of blankets should be around 25lbs.
  • Always consult with a specialist before using a weighted blanket for children who are less than ten years old & adults having any health issues.

How do weighted blankets work?

The weighted blankets do not work like normal blankets. The uniformly distributed weight of the blanket exerts deep pressure stimulation and gently presses the body like massagers do. This gentle pressing lowers the body’s activeness, alertness, and response system, in other words t helps to control the “fight or flight” mode making you feel relaxed and sleepy. When it happens, both the heart rate and the blood pressure decrease and the calmness of the body increases.

Best places to but the weighted blanket in UK;

Here’s a list of online shopping stores that will help you to find the right and perfect place for buying your weighted blankets in UK:

Tips for using weighted blankets:

While choosing for the weighted blanket you expect it to exert a gentle pressure on your body thus by making you feel more relaxed and calm and stimulate your sleep. Here are a few tips that will actually help you to have a sound sleep under a weighted blanket;

  • Switch off all the lights and avoid any exposure to light when it’s night time and you are sleeping.
  • Do not eat heavy food before going to bed.
  • Follow a regular sleeping schedule.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Do relaxation exercises to control anxiety and stress.
  • Buy a right weighted blanket according to your age group and health.

Tips for choosing the right weighted blanket:

For a safe and secure sleep at night you must know all the basics before buying the weighted blanket for yourself. Here are a few things that you should consider before the weighted blankets:

  • Remember that weight is everything you need in a weighted blanket. The weighted blankets weigh between five to thirty pounds. The weight of the blanket varies with each group & the weighted blanket must be selected
  • Always go for that weighted blanket which is easy to clean. The weighted blanket must be machine washable for an easy and quick wash.
  • The weighted blanket must make you feel hot and warm, along with the body heat you need an external source of heat as well when sleeping at chilly and snowy nights and the weighted blankets serve best in this regard.
  • Always go for a moisture absorbing weighted blanket, it will absorb your body moisture and will help you to keep your body dry and help you to stay warm at night.
  • Go for a moisture wicking weighted blanket to stay cool on warm and hot nights.
  • Always choose the right fabric material for the weighted blanket in order to get maximum benefit from it.

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