Has Your Hair Been Damaged From Chemical Straightening?

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Your hair is surprisingly tough. It’s constantly under stress from the environment you live in and the chemicals you apply to it. For example, direct sunlight contains  UVA and UVB rays. These can damage the outer layer of your hair, living it dry and brittle. You can then break your hair or even pull it out just by brushing it.

Other issues can arise when you use chemical straightening. This is a common approach for people with wavy or curly hair. The chemical is applied to the hair before straightening. The heat then encourages the chemicals to break the protein bonds in your hair, allowing them to remain straight instead of curly.

Of course, breaking protein bonds means damaging your hair and that can lead to it looking brittle or dry. Damaged hair from chemical straightening can be repaired. You just need to change your approach to hair care.

The Right Products

The first step is to review the products you’re using. While many products use chemicals to straighten your hair, it is possible to get more natural alternatives. High-quality hair care ranges, such as those produced by nak hair, offer chemical-free straighteners and an array of products to help deal with the damage caused by chemical straightening.

Choosing a natural product with an excellent reputation and then follow the instructions on the product will go a long way to repair the damage to your hair.

Avoid Heat

You may find it difficult to fully straighten your hair without heat but, if you want to repair it, you’re going to need to. That means using cool straighteners or trying a different hairstyle.

In fact, you should avoid all heat styling products while your hair repairs itself. Heat dries out your hair and increases the likelihood of damage occurring.

Skip A Shampoo

Even the best shampoos use some gentle chemicals. The worse use harsh chemicals. To avoid damaging your hair with the chemicals in shampoo, you should shampoo every other day.

On your non-shampoo day use a dry shampoo. This will keep your hair looking clean and healthy but also ensure it has time to recover from the chemical abuse.

Remove Split Ends

Split ends are a sign that your hair is damaged and dry. If left the split end will continue up your hair, splitting the entire follicle. To avoid this and keep your hair healthy you should eliminate split ends as soon as you find them. If you’re not comfortable cutting your own hair get a professional to trim the split ends for you.


Quality products, like those previously mentioned, can also be used to deep condition your hair. This is when the product is left on for longer to allow it to add nutrients and oils to your hair. These will help your hair to regain its health and shine. Again, follow the instructions for the best results.

Everyone has different hair and hair care needs. It’s best to use quality products and adopt a trial and error approach to find the perfect products for you and your hair. This will ensure you can create any style you want without damaging your hair.

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