Healthy Baby Giveaway ~~ Win a Baby Trampoline

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Welcome to our Healthy Baby Giveaway where one lucky reader takes ALL!

Prizes Include:

Copy-Kids eat fruits & vegetables DVD
Jumping Jr. – Baby’s First Trampoline

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And.. The Blogs who helped make this giveaway possible!!

Open to US Residents. Enter Below & Good Luck!
The Giveaway ends 11/16/12 at 11:59pm EST.

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26 thoughts on “Healthy Baby Giveaway ~~ Win a Baby Trampoline

  • my son recently learned to head bang.. lol and it doesnt matter the genre hes gonna headbang to it!

  • was watching my niece and she came up to me with an old phone (with cord) that we gave her handed it to me to say hello, took it back after that and threw it over her shoulder and over her neck like a nechlace and walked away. It was too cute. She was so proud of herself. She’s only 1…too cute.

  • my grandson learned to say my sisters name her name is angel he calls her anal lol

  • was coloring with my grandson, when using the white crayon, he handed it to me and said “this one is broke, it dont work”

  • I am going to be a Nana again , and would love to win this prize .Im sure I will have lots of funny and cute stories in the near future to share:)

  • My 16 month old daughter has been giving lots of kisses and hugs.

  • My two year old followed me into the bathroom the other day. After flushing, she waved at the toilet, yelling “Bye pee. See you soon!” No sweetheart…we will not be seeing the pee soon.

  • My 15 month old started giving me bigs hugs and then she will pat me on the back. I love when she does this since she’s not a big snuggler 🙂

  • My 18 month old yanked down my shirt in the store. pretty embarrasing

  • One of my one-year-old twins colored on his toy box. So he got to clean it up and LOVED wiping it off. 🙂

  • The kids learned how to cook a simple meal…mac and cheese

  • After buying some mason jars, my 3 year old (who has a friend named Mason) keeps asking me when we are going to buy some Mia jars.

  • My grandson said his first sentence today! “Me do it!”

  • My 14 month old is obsessed with picking my nose and playing in belly buttons. 🙂 she doesn’t care who they belong to as long as she can stick her finger in!

  • My 3 year old has such a wonderful imagination. He loves to tell these wonderful stories of trains and planes. He is becoming quite a good story teller!!

  • our 13 month old doesn’t really like to give kisses but when he does he gives them over and over and over. just recently I asked him for a kiss and he gave me one then two then a third but with the fourth one he stuck his tongue out and licked my nose and then he licked my lips.He just giggled because he knew he was being silly

  • My daughter would LOVE this!

  • my 15 month old is just the cutest….she always smiles with only 4 teeth….2 top an 2 bottom…

  • Granddaughter told a boy in her class to leave her alone that she was to young to have a boyfriend

  • My grandson started crawling this week. He’s been into EVERYTHING! I can’t keep up with him!

  • I am just so happy that my 3 month old is all smiles and giggles! sooo cute!!!!

  • My niece sat up all by herself for the first time/

  • My sweet 6 year old won the citizenship award at school!

  • One of my 20-month-old twins immitated a cartoon eating corn tonight, so cute!

  • My 7month old attempted to eat the cats food today! And he decided to attempt to eat my sisters hampster!

  • My 15 month old learned how to give “kisses” this week. Its more like an open mouth SO cute!

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