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December is a magical time of year! With Christmas right around the corner, good cheer fills the air. We are also looking at closing another chapter in our lives at the end of another year. This year, why not have a healthy New Zealand style Christmas season and end the year on the right note with manuka honey and Pacific Resources International?!

As a Pacific Resources International (PRI) ambassador, I’m excited to tell you that I have a great discount that you can use to try out a few of the amazing PRI products yourself! Right now, you can get 15% off and FREE shipping! To shop, go to and use discount code: Stocking15 at checkout. But first, I can’t wait to tell you about all the wonderful items I got to try out this month!

PRI - December

What Makes PRI Manuka Honey Products Special?:

Pacific Resources International is an exclusive importer of various New Zealand Manuka Honey, health and beauty care products. Their award winning products include Manuka Honey, Pacific Sea Salt, Propolis Lozenges, Proper Crisps Chips, Manuka Caramels, and Manuka Honey Health and Beauty Products!

Pacific Resources International (PRI) was the first company to introduce Manuka Honey to the U.S. and owner David Noll has dedicated his career to bringing native and natural New Zealand wellness products to U.S. soil. David works closely with a variety of New Zealand companies to ensure that products are made with pure, natural, and quality ingredient.

Tis the Season - PRI

Tis the Season for Healthy PRI Manuka Honey Products like these:

  • Manuka Honey Blend 5+ – 1 lb.
  • Pacific Natural Sea Salt Coarse Grinder – 4 oz
  • Margarita Salt
  • Salted Manuka Honey Caramels
  • Manuka Honey Chocolates
  • Propolis and Manuka Honey Lozenges – Lemon & Honey
  • Manuka Honey Hand Cream – Simply Manuka
  • BONUS: Manuka Honey Sticks – 10 pack

Ready to take a look at these yummy products?

Manuka Honey Blend

Manuka Honey 5+ Blend 1 lb.

By now you know how I love my Manuka Honey! The Manuka Honey 5+ Blend is sourced directly from New Zealand beekeepers, who collect the honey from the native Manuka trees in New Zealand’s pollution-free forests. It is a great digestive aid when taken internally and it is also great used for cuts and scrapes for its anti-bacterial properties! I love when I can find natural solutions for common problems!

PRI Coarse Pacific Sea Salt

Pacific Natural Sea Salt Coarse Grinder

The secret in a lot of recipes is the salt. Well, have tried PRI Pacific Natural Sea Salt? The Natural Sea Salt is harvested from the southern oceans surrounding New Zealand. Once harvested, the water is evaporated in Solar Salt Fields using the natural process of sun and wind. Pacific Natural Sea Salt is a coarse salt, which I love to use in cooking! Best of all, it now comes in a refillable high-quality grinder, which makes getting the right amount easy with a simple twist of the grinder top.

PRI Margarita Salt

Margarita Salt

Can I see a show of hands for a Margarita? This amazing Margarita Salt is perfect salt for rimming your margarita glass to give your cocktail that something extra. Great for Bloody Mary’s too. Marlborough flaky sea salt is as natural as the oceans, sun and wind used in its harvesting. The clean oceans surrounding New Zealand along with the unique drying process allow this salt to be certified by Bio-Gro for its purity. This unique process creates a distinctive, pyramid crystal which is prized for its unique taste and texture.

Manuka Honey Salted Caramel

Manuka Bites.

Salted Manuka Honey Caramels

Deliciously smooth mouth-watering caramels – need I say more? PRI’s Salted Manuka Honey Caramels are a perfect after anytime treat or to share with family & friends. Enjoy the soft chewy caramel mixed with New Zealand Organic Flaky Sea Salt to bring out that delicious Manuka Flavor!Best of all they are produced right here in the USA.

Dark Chocolate Manuka Honey Mint

Manuka Honey Chocolates

For all you chocolate lovers, this is the treat for you! PRI’s award-winning chocolates are made by wrapping rich dark chocolate around the finest New Zealand Manuka Honey tested 5+ and adding a touch of mint or ginger. They only contain only 3 Ingredients: Pure Manuka Honey, Dark Chocolate (99% Cocoa), and Mint/Ginger AND they are All-atural, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Kosher, with no use of artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives!

Manuka Honey Lozenges Lemon and Honey

Propolis and Manuka Honey Lozenges – Lemon and Honey

The good cheer of the Christmas season is in full swing, but on the down side it is the season for sore throats and coughs. Our secret is these soothing Propolis and Manuka Honey lozenges! The Lozenges combine the power of CPL 15 Propolis with the soothing qualities of pure New Zealand UMF 10+ active Manuka honey. They are made with organic brown rice syrup and contains NO corn syrup, artificial colors, or flavoring.

Simply Manuka Hand Cream

Manuka Honey Hand Cream – Simply Manuka

They dry winter air is rough on our hands. Keep your hands soft and smooth with Manuka Honey Hand Cream! It has exotic botanicals combined with New Zealand Manuka Honey to enrich and nourish the skin on those cold dry winter days. You can choose between 3 refreshing scents: Cool Citrus, Coconut and Lime, Simply Manuka – better yet, get all 3!

Manuka Honey Sticks

Manuka Honey Sticks –10 pack

Looking for a great snack on the go? PRI’s Manuka honey sticks are the perfect choice! Take your daily dose of Manuka with you and enjoy it direct from the stick to give your immune system that extra boost during the day, put in tea or coffee, or even on your morning yogurt, granola or oatmeal! These yummy honey sticks are also a great treat for kids lunch boxes and holiday stocking stuffers! Now available in new bulk packs.

ShopPRI on

Ready to try these amazing products for yourself?

Head on over to to shop and remember to use discount code: Stocking15 at checkout to receive 15% off your order and FREE shipping!

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165 thoughts on “Have a Healthy New Zealand Style Christmas Season with #ManukaHealth #ShopPRI

  • II resolved to lead a healthier lifestyle in 2018. These products sound great.

  • My mouth waters just thinking about this honey……………….. hot buttered biscuit with honey………. oh yes

  • your page is messing up.gah..i have hard time commenting for resetting..
    anyway we love honey and purchase copious amounts of it.

  • The Manuka Honey Chocolates would be good to have. I like trying new things.

  • Their products look great and I would love to try the Salted Manuka Honey Caramels

  • i love try the logenze

  • These sound like great products! I would love to try the hand cream.

  • The salts sound really nice also!

  • My family and I would love to try any of these PRI products. They all seem tasty or healthy for you.

  • I think my husband would really like the honey sticks!

  • I would love to try this honey. In tea and on toast. It is such a great product and I’d love to try this brand.

  • My wife and I will fight over the Dark Chocolate Salted Manuka Honey Caramels

  • Today I’ll take the salted caramels.

  • i love honey, flavored honey , etc, all these products are awesome !!

  • I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to post pictures of food without sharing them…still waiting. 8)

  • The Manuka Honey is one of the best tasting and most flavorful honey that I have ever had. Great in tea and on toast and with peanut butter and honey sandwiches.

  • These product would be so perfect for the dinner I am fixing tonight. I could use the manuka honey and the sea salt on my salmon. Would be so good

  • I have tried the Manuka Simply Hand Cream and it is like magic in a bottle! These products look awesome!

  • We always have honey in our house and the chocolates look so good

  • My dry hands definitely need the Manuka Honey Hand Cream – Simply Manuka.

  • Manuka Honey Chocolate sounds like my new favorite thing.

  • The lozenges would be great for this cold and flu season we’re going through!

  • The salted caramels look so good, and combined with honey woud be heavenly. What a great treat! I love the idea of them.

  • These all look like great products!

  • The Lemon & Honey lozenges look like it would be good for my sore throat.

  • so many ways I use honey and Manuka Honey would be perfect………tea, smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal, hot buttered biscuits, pancakes, I like honey 🙂

  • Manuka Honey Sticks would be perfect for me to try for my morning cup of tea!

  • Today my throat needs the Propolis and Manuka Honey Lozenges.

  • My granddaughters would like the honey sticks.

  • WOW! I did not know that there are all of these products with honey in it! We use honey in out teas, some foods, and for coughs, but evidently I haven’t been utilising all of its benefits! Like the hand cream. What a shame though that the honey bees are disappearing!! We need them!
    But we have been using sea salt for years! It comes in a grinder container like the picture above.

  • There is nothing better than Manuka Honey. When we lived in Australia we used to use it all the time, and it is so much better tasting than standard American Honey. Although, let’s face it, all honey is worth eating.

  • I want to try the lemon and honey lozenges.

  • If I had this Manuka Honey right this minute I would be drinking it in my cup of hot tea, with old honey bear, lemon and a double shot of whiskey. And the Manuka Honey Lozenges Lemon and Honey would feel so good on my throat………….. I am so tired of winter this is my 3 rd cold since Christmas.

  • I am very interested in trying the honey hand cream since my hands get so dry.

  • Manuka Honey Chocolates would be a perfect gift for me, I would enjoy them.

  • I would love to try the sea salt in my cooking!

  • We like all things honey. Honey is a much better sweetener than sugar. I love the health benefits and also the taste.

  • I love trying new honey products out! 🙂

  • I am one of those people that love to try products before they buy them. This honey sounds so good, I keep checking their web page out but it is expensive. So thats why the honey would be my first try.

  • I have been using their honey to help with a sore throat and cough this last week and it does help quite a bit.

  • These all look like nice products. I really want to try the Manuka Honey Chocolates.

  • I want to try their hand cream.

  • I’ve had my eye on this brand for quite some time. Guess it’s time to track it down & give it a try.

  • The Manuka Honey Chocolates sound so delicious!

  • We all lovehoney an the many health benefits. All of the products look terrific. I think th honey sticks would be wonderful to eat and use!

  • I’d try the salted caramels first.

  • New Zealand has a lot of good products that I would love to try all of them. From the honey to the salt they all sound so good

  • I love honey and all of these products sound wonderful. I think I would really love the chocolates!

  • The Pacific Natural Sea Salt Coarse Grinder – 4 oz would be nice to have for cooking!

  • I would really love to try the salted caramels!

  • That Manuka honey and the salted caramels look so delish.I’m determined to keep entering giveaways until I win some of this yumminess. Lol! Seriously I’d love to try all their products.

  • the honey #1 to test and taste…. I always get the honey bear because I don’t know what the more expensive ones taste like

  • Honey has been so helpful to our family with all the cold viruses we’ve had this year.

  • I would be interested in trying the Margarita Salt, it sounds terrific.

  • The dark chocolate mints look quite tasty and would make a nice gift.

  • I have tried the honey sticks, the hand cream in lime and the Manuka honey blend and they were all wonderful products.

  • I would love to try the sea salt.

  • There are so many products made from this honey. I really want to try the honey and the caramels and the salts…. Heck all of it sounds wonderful

  • My husband could use the Propolis and Manuka Honey Lozenges – Lemon & Honey since he has a bad cough.

  • My hands are so dry in the winter, so I’d love to try the hand cream!

  • I love honey. I didn’t know so many different products could be made with honey.

  • My grandchildren absolutely love their honey sticks. Makes for such a good treat.

  • The chocolates and the caramels look mouth-watering!

  • My dry hands really need the Manuka Honey Hand Cream – Simply Manuka at this time of year.

  • We love honey in our family, so these products all look amazing!

  • It’s worth trying with 15% off and free shipping.

  • I love using honey in some of my baking and in my tea. These products look amazing.

  • Thanks for the info. I can’t wait to try these fabulous products!

  • The Honey Chocolates sound yummy.

  • Today I want to try the Dark Chocolate Salted Manuka Honey Caramels

  • We like anything that involves honey. Honey is not only healthy i is also a great source of energy. I love the honey sticks, so good!!!

  • Manuka honey has a well rounded product line that I look forward to try. Thank you.

  • I am ready to try them myself! Especially the manuka hand cream. I’m a hand cream lover and would enjoy it getting my hands on that. 😀 Also I should make those my go to lozenges. They look amazing. Can’t go wrong with those ingredients.

  • The salted caramels sound like they would be really good.

  • This all looks so sweet and healthy too, I’d love to try all of it

  • Manuka Honey and Sea Salt…it’s like a make-your-own-salted-caramel kit!

  • Don’t you just love love honey.
    We sure do and. It copious amounts to eat and for healthy reasons with all sorts of honey products.

  • I believe in the health benefits of pure honey. I especially want to try Manuka Honey Chocolates, propolis and Manuka Honey Lozenges – Lemon & Honey and
    Manuka Honey Hand Cream.

  • I love the products featured. I am glad to see not only food products but other products like the lotion available with these wonderful nature ingredients in them. Thanks for sharing.

  • I really want to keep bees. Until I can have my own backyard honey, this sounds like a great brand to try!

  • What a collection of interesting products! Who knew honey could be used in so many great ways!

  • The Simply Manuka Hand Cream is like magic in a bottle! It is amazing!

  • I would love to try the honey caramels

  • My mouth is watering over those salted caramels! I also really need those lozanges right now for my soar throat.

  • The Salted Manuka Honey Caramels are great to have on hand to satisfy that craving for something sweet!

  • I would love to try the caramels.

  • I am so impressed by the quality and variety of their products. So many wonderful things to try.

  • The salted caramel looks like it would make a nice portable snack.

  • The Manuka Honey Salted Caramels sound AMAZING.

  • I love the fact that Manuka honey while it tastes wonderful when adding to food and beverages it has anti bacterial properties to it.

  • I would love to try Manuka honey. I read many good reviews about it

  • All of these PRI Manuka Honey Products would be fantastic to try. I do enjoy honey.

  • Everything looks good nice prize to win

  • These all sound great and I look forward to trying some of these! I need the Propolis and Manuka Honey Lozenges – Lemon and Honey for cold and flu season!

  • chocolate looks tasty

  • I would love the to try the chocolate

  • I have heard of Manuka Honey before and read a little but about the benefits of it.

  • These products all look incredible, would love to try them all! We just love honey!

  • Looks like lots of great products to try! Especially the salted caramels!

  • All of these products are great to try. I want to make a goodie basket filled with them and give them to my mom. She would like it.

  • I love honey and have heard amazing things about Manuka honey. I have seen it on the local grocery but it is expensive. I would love to try all of these goodies though for sure!! 😛

  • The honey sticks look like something that would make a nice, quick on the go snack.

  • Lot of awesome goodies and treats. Could use hand cream, I really need some. Lozenges look great. Would love to try the chocolate

  • It is true. Honey has so many healthy and medicinal benefits.
    I grew up near hives in our orange groves and have used honey almost everyday of my life.
    Digestive and topical too

  • I’d love to get a healthy start to a new year with these great products!

  • the honey sticks look interesting I have never used one before. Heck all of it looks so good

  • The Manuka Honey 5+ Blend 1 lb. would be perfect for my daily cup of tea, it looks terrific.

  • My hands are so dry, I constantly get “zapped” when I turn on light switch in house, sometimes even when closing car door. I have read that using lotion could help stop the zaps. I am definitely wanting to try the hand cream, your review makes me thinking that it will help.

  • Today I’d like the Manuka Honey 5+ Blend 1 lb..

  • I really don’t know what i would reach for first………… salted carmel, chocolate mint

  • They have such a great selection of products. I would like to try everything.

  • My hands are so dry that I do need the Manuka Honey Hand Cream – Simply Manuka

  • Manuka Honey Hand Cream is something that looks surprisingly nice to me. Since my skin gets quite dry in Winter, this would be nice to use.

  • i love to have this i am all way sick and then it would help me i am type will
    ywill use

  • Everything sounds healthy! Even the snacks!

  • I have been doing some reading on this honey and it looks like they are starting to use honey in many beauty products.

  • Manuka Honey Chocolates with mint look like it would make a unique gift for some foodies that I love who appreciate gifts made with natural ingredients.

  • I have heard a bit about how good for you the Manuka honey is. I just love how many different products they have. So many I would love to try.

  • Today my hands want the lotion.
    Merry Christmas!

  • It would be super to have the Pacific Natural Sea Salt Coarse Grinder. This would help when I season my soups.

  • The Manuka honey looks like it would have a pleasant taste to it. The Manuka Honey Chocolates are something else that I would like to try.

  • I heard of manuka honey not long ago and would love to try it!

  • I would love to try any of these products. I have heard about manuka honey and it sounds great.

  • I could use Propolis and Manuka Honey Lozenges – Lemon and Honey RIGHT NOW………….. i HATE BEING SICK ON HOLIDAYS!!

  • I really would enjoy trying the Manuka Honey Chocolates. They sound fabulous!

  • I like the Propolis and Manuka Honey Lozenges – Lemon & Honey and the caramels.

  • The lozenges look like they would be good for the next time I get a sore throat.

  • Everything looks and sounds so good I would say i am going to try the honey or the salt first etc……… BUT we all know the first thing that would be tested would be the candy

  • I like that there’s a pollution-free forest. With all the healing properties how can you go wrong with these products.

  • The salted caramel sticks look like it would make a nice on the go snack.

  • I read that Manuka Honey is really healthy. These are probably very good products! They sound great!

  • it is great to have these healthy alternatives that also taste so good.

  • I would be happy with the Manuka Honey Sticks – 10 pack to put in my cup of tea.

  • These products look like they’re healthy for you as well as would be nice tasting.

  • If I won, the Margarita Salt would give me a reason to make some. 🙂

  • The manuka honey would make a super gift for the holidays.

  • What an awesome array of products! I have read so many great things about Manuka honey and would love to add this to my health regimen.

  • I clicked on the link to see what the cost was even with out discount it was high for me. I am the one that buys the honey bear at the store. BUT if after tasting it is that good then yes I would pay for something that does so much and is good

  • My granddaughter is a big fan of the honey sticks. They are such a tasty and natural treat.

  • I’d really like to try these. The one I look most forward to is the Manuka Honey Hand Cream!

  • Everything all natural I love that I am impressed by it. Honey is Favorite here, we r definitely happy to try these out as well

  • The Manuka Honey Chocolates would be a wonderful gift for me!

  • I want sum!

  • I love that the products are made with pure, natural, and quality ingredient.

  • My hands are so dry with the winter weather, I would love to try the Manuka Honey hand Cream.

  • The more I read about this Manuka honey the more I want to try it. Sounds like it is good for you inside and out. Have to admit it is expensive so it is not high on get list.

  • My dry throat could really use the Propolis and Manuka Honey Lozenges – Lemon & Honey

  • If I had all this stuff in my home right now the first thing I would try is the Propolis and Manuka Honey Lozenges – Lemon & Honey. I’m sure I don’t have the flu just a bad cold and coughing my head off. Then it would be the honey because nothing like a hot cup of tea with honey and a little brandy……………….

  • These look nice love to try them all

  • I’d really love to try their ginger-flavored chocolates… especially since I feel like I can eat them without any guilt!

  • Mmm!! We LOVE honey products!! It’s such a great natural sweet treat of life <3 Delish!

  • I have been wanting to try these honey. I didn’t even know that all those products were made with manuka honey. Thanks for the chance.

  • What a great giveaway. Great prizes

  • I’ve known about the wisdom of using honey to salve a sore throat for a long time! Excellent stuff!

  • The lemon honey lozenges would be great to have

  • Their honey blend is one of the best and tastiest honey I have had and all the other products look like they high quality.

  • This all looks so good! I’d love to try all the candies they have. Yum

  • All of these products sound amazing, I love honey!! I especially want to try the Salted Manuka Honey Caramels, yum! 🙂

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