10 Ways to Keep Your Home Clean with a Pet

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Your dog or cat is undoubtedly a much-loved member of the family. It’s also, more than likely, one of the messiest. Not only might he or she shed fur and walk in dirt after a walk, but they also might not yet be trained within the home. For this reason, you should read the following tips on how to keep your home clean if you own a pet.

  1. Train Your Pet

Of course, the best way to protect your home from unwanted mess and smells is to housetrain your pet pooch. Regular training lessons will provide you with the tools you need to prevent your pet from using your home as their personal bathroom. What’s more, the canine will also learn how to follow basic commands, such as sit, lie down or fetch.

  1. Bathe Your Pet

Many pet owners often hold off on bathing their pet, because many dogs and cats do not like water. Yet, bathing is the best way to keep your home smelling continually fresh. It’s also a basic hygiene requirement for your pet, even if he or she hates the sight of soapy water. However, be careful not to give your pet too many baths, as you may strip essential oils from their coat and dry their skin, which is detrimental to their health during winter. Aim to give your dog or cat a bath every few weeks to ensure they are both fresh and clean.

If your pet is afraid of water, there are things you can do to make their experience a little more pleasant. For example, you can place a non-slip mat in the bathtub to boost his or her feelings of security. It might also help to play relaxing music and to offer your pet a treat or praise to make their bathing routine a positive experience.

  1. Prevent Pests

Dogs are known for carrying fleas and ticks without the right treatment. Not only will this result in the little creatures invading your home, but they can also make your pet’s life a misery. Look for a high-quality pest product that can protect your pet, home or outside area from the unwanted bugs, such as Pet-Lock cat flea medicine.

  1. Brush Your Pet

Does your dog or cat have a long, thick coat? Reduce shedding whilst promoting the healthy distribution of essential oils by brushing your pet’s fur. This will ensure they have a healthy, clean coat all year long. So, you won’t be forced to follow your pet from room to room with a vacuum or brush.

  1. Wipe Down Your Dog or Cat

As mentioned, you should bathe your dog or cat every few weeks for the sake of their health. So, how do you keep them fresh and clean in between baths? Simply wipe them down. Use either specially-formulated pet wipes or a damp towel to remove loose dirt from their fur. This will ensure both your pet and home smell fresh.

  1. Buy Cleaning Products

Mess and unwanted smells are a natural aspect of owning a pet. How often you clean your home will determine how clean and fresh it will appear to guests. To make the cleaning process a doddle, you should invest in the finest cleaning products on the market, such as a high-performing hoover, dirt remover, air freshener, carpet cleaner and more. Also, avoid buying household products that might be toxic to your pet.

Aim to vacuum your furniture weekly to remove stray dog or cat fur, and try to reach the various nooks and crannies across the home, such as under your sofa and behind cushions.

  1. Pick the Best Fabrics

Pets are often better suited to select types of furniture. For example, you should invest in sofas and armchairs that allows mess and fur to be easily wiped down of cleaned off, such as leather or microfiber. Wipe down your furniture weekly to protect your home from your pet.

  1. Wash Your Pet’s Bedding

Does your pet have its own bed or blankets? If so, you can guarantee they will quickly and easily house unpleasant smells, which may soon spread across your home. They will also be a haven for fur. So, keep the bed and blankets clean by tossing them into the weekly wash. It will allow your dog or cat to enjoy clean bedding, while preventing odors from working their way across your property.

  1. Reduce Clutter

Many dogs and cats love to spend their days playing with various toys. One moment they could be playing with a ball and the next they might be loving a soft teddy. Unfortunately, this can quickly result in various toys being dotted around your home, which can make a room look untidy. For this reason, you should store all their toys in different baskets across your home. It’s also important to routinely review the toys for wear and tear, which you should throw directly into the trash. Also, wash and donate toys your pet doesn’t use to a local shelter, who will be more than happy to take the products off your hands, so you can declutter your property and ensure the toys go to a new home.

  1. Stop Dirt from Outside

Your dog or cat will not think twice about walking water or mud throughout your home, but you will need to do so. That’s why it’s a smart idea to keep an old towel near the door, which will allow you to quickly clean your pup or cat’s feet and fur before he or she walks in. It might also be wise to strategically place a runner at the foot of the door, so you can capture any dirt as they walk in, so it can prevent mess spreading to every room. Shake and vacuum the runners a couple of times per week.

Do you have any tips on how to protect your home when living with a dog or cat? Please share your advice in the below comment section.

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  • I love these tips, will be using them.

  • I think we forget often that the bedding can hold odors and lots of shedded fur Nice to cover their bedding with something you can easily remove and wash frquently

  • KEYANA SAYS these are great tips i cant speak for everyone but I did not know pet beds could be washed

  • With the 2 black labs in our home, dog hair is EVERYWHERE. Thanks for these tips!

  • These are all great tips. I have several pets and all of these tips are so true and helpful!

  • these are great ideas for people who have pets.

  • These are great tips. I have 2 indoor cats and a chinchilla and I am constantly cleaning up fur.

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  • Some nice ideas. I almost always wipe his feet or put his boots on. This way it limits the amount of dirt he tracks inside. 🙂

  • We bathe & brush down our dogs frequently but we still have to vacuum every day!

  • My son has a hound dog ( yes I sing the song to him lol), I am actually trying to teach him to wipe his feet. Trying to catch him running in the door is laughable at times, but I luv that dog!

  • These are all great tips. I specifically got a dog with short hair to prevent less shedding. I have a friend who has to vacuum her home multiple times a day because of all the hair her dog sheds. Yikes!

  • I love the photo with this cute pup holding the ball.

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