How to Find Happiness in Three Easy Steps

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We all want to be happy. The quest for this happiness is the modern day Holy Grail. There are books on the subject, courses on the subject, seminars on the subject, articles, movies, and TV shows. Chasing happiness is how we live and how we get through the darkest moments of our lives. Now, the secret that you first need to understand is that you cannot and will never achieve a state of constant happiness as you imagine it. Happiness is marked by the highlights of our life, and need to be dispersed throughout so that we can enjoy the best parts to their fullest. What you are truly seeking isn’t happiness, but to be content. Being content means being happy with your life, friends, and who you are. It is the best state of being to be, and to achieve this level of persistent happiness all you need to do is follow these three steps: 

Address the Problems in Your Life Head On

The first step to achieving the content level of happiness we should all strive for is to first address the problems that you have in your life. This could be by kick-starting the rehabilitation process by going through a professional alcohol detox, or it could be by clearing out all the unhealthy food from your home. Look up strategies and steps online to help you start your rehabilitation process and give you advice on where to go and who to turn to. That being said, take amateur advice with a grain of salt. If you need help with your mental health or with an addiction is it always best to seek professional and medical advice.

Cut Out All the Clutter

As you are working towards improving yourself, you should also make time to go through and commit to a serious de-clutter of your home and life. Clutter can really detract from our health and mental wellbeing, which is why by going throughout home and culling everything except items we use regularly or value should be your first move. This will free up your living space, give you room to breathe, and of course help you get that fresh start feeling that can help keep you on the right track.

Once you have de-cluttered your physical space, it’s time to de-clutter your life. If you have friends that hurt you or are toxic to you, tell them. If they do not work on improving your relationship with you, then they do not deserve your time or effort. Only do the things that you need to and enjoy, and try to enjoy the activities need to do as much as possible.

Do More That is Meaningful to You

In their place, do more of what is meaningful to you. See more of the friends that you love and cherish. Cook healthy meals together, see each other more often, take a fun exercise class together, and so on. By making more time for the people and activities that you enjoy, you will love your life more than ever before. Better your health and your wellbeing, and every day will give you little slices of happiness from here on out.

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