How to Purchase the Best Work Boots

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You’re on your feet all day long. When you get home your feet are killing you, but you don’t know why. According to Mybestworkboots, the fit is probably wrong; or you might have the wrong type of boot for the right job, or perhaps your work boot is worn out, and you need to replace it.

After considering your budget and your work situation you decide to get some new work boots, but after the previous mess you made when you were purchasing the work shoes, you choose to seek for advice.

Well, look for further because this guide will help you get the best work boots you’ll ever need – you’ll soon be making that money stress-free.

Have an Easy Time at Work with These Simple Tips on How to Choose the Best Work Boots

Did you know that more than 40% of disabling workplace injuries happens due to accidents involving the feet? Some of these misfortunes include sprains, crushed toes, twisted ankles, punctures, and lacerations.

However, with the right kind of work boot you can avoid all these issues and here’s how to get yourself that perfect pair:

#01. Durability vs. Price

What makes a pair of work boots incredible? Well, durability and comfort are some of the major factors that give a work shoe the term ‘perfect.’

When you buy a pair that falls apart within a blink of an eye, you get frustrated, and it costs you more than you bargained for.

So, rather than paying too much attention to the price (not saying you should ignore the price), focus on the durability features. It would help if you had a pair that can last you a long while, thus saving you a couple of bucks and in the long run, offering you the best service.

#02. Know Your Boot Size

Don’t be too quick to assume that your boot size will be the same as your wedges or sneakers. It’s indispensable for you to measure your foot before you head out for shopping. Look into any sizing charts that most manufacturers, stores, or sellers provide.

While most work boot brands will conform to regular sizing, you may be surprised to find that you have to get a pair that’s one size bigger to allow for some ample toe room. It would help if you remembered that a perfect pair of work boots should have a spacious toe room (the toes need to be about 12.5 mm from the front).

#03. Safety vs. Support

Right after comfort comes safety. A long-lasting pair of work boots shouldn’t only offer you comfort but also save your toes from the daily work hazards.

They must support your body weight, the format you walk, and they must be designed to tackle all the harsh realities your job forces you face daily.

You might need some with some abrasion resistance in certain areas or some antimicrobial treatment someplace else.

The bottom line is, don’t ignore your safety. It can be a thin line between having a fantastic workday and a fatal one.

#04. The Boot Break-in-Phase is Vital

Most people tend to forget about the breaking in phase. The breaking stage is the period right after you start wearing your work boots for the first time.

Some kicks, like the construction work shoes, tend to be bulky and they, therefore, require more breaking in. However, others like slip-on work boots may not need as much time. You have to bear in mind that for you to have the perfect pair of boots, they need to fit comfortably from the beginning. If they’re not snug, don’t assume that your feet will conform to them within no time.

#05. The Boot Specialization is Key

Get the boots made for your job.

An additional feature might not always be useful. Every element comes with a price and at unwanted costs:

Steel toe work boots tend to be bulky, but they’re perfect for those in construction.

Insulated shoes are warm, but they might not be the best fit for those working in scorching areas.

Waterproof boots, on the other hand, tend to be less breathable.

Therefore, ensure you weigh your options, figure out what you need precisely and then get the perfect pair of work boots you’ll ever need. It’s that simple!

A day spent wearing poorly fitted boots can kill your motivation to work and worse, cause fatalities. Thus, choosing the best work boots will give your feet the support they need. So make it count!

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  • Did you know that more than 20% of disabling workplace injuries happens due to accidents involving the feet? These include sprains, twisted ankles, crushed toes, punctures, and lacerations. That is why all hardworking men and women must invest in a good pair of work boots for having safe and injury-free feet at work.

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