How to Use Technology to Make Home-Buying Easy

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There has been a dynamic change in the real estate industry due to innovations resulting from technological transformations. Today, buying or selling a house has become much faster, easier, and more efficient. Technology gives people the ability to access the ever-evolving digital world. Many people spend their time browsing the internet for real estate properties to buy, rent, or invest in.

Gone are the days when you would walk into a real estate office, spending much of your time viewing properties and searching for mortgage lenders. The real estate industry is moving with innovation and time by adopting the latest technology to boost engagement with the target market.

For instance, if you look at the traditional home-buying process, you’ll agree that there are different stages the buyer and the seller must undergo before sealing the deal. Things might go wrong in any of the steps. Therefore, it’s essential to create a technology-based platform in which sellers and buyers can meet, share the information they need, and streamline the entire process.

When you are able to combine the ease of technology with an expert real estate agent, such as The Kay-Grant Group in Scottsdale, the home-buying process is better for all parties involved.

Search for Houses Online

Looking for a house or a home has never been so easy to do. You don’t have to struggle anymore by making several trips to view properties face-to-face. You can relax at home in your pajamas on the couch and still find a home of your preference. All you need to have is a laptop or a phone with an internet connection.

Different websites connect real estate agents and buyers. The listing on these websites includes prices, photos of properties, and other details about the property, like location and social amenities within the area.

If you sign up for this list of any real estate agent websites, you will get updates of all your preferred properties on sale in your mailbox. Some of these agents will go further to call or send you text messages with details of suitable properties that match your demands.

Alternatively, there are different real estate agent’s apps that you can download to help you view other properties listed. Imagine being able to access information about the neighborhoods of your preference, different homes by different developers, contacts of real estate agents, and to set up a video tour o the properties you prefer right at your fingertips. That’s what technology can do.

Utilize Technology to View Properties

Technology has changed the real estate marketing strategies. Today, having a professionally-made photo of your listing is not enough to attract the attention of possible buyers. Many home buyers are now using technology to search for properties available in their preferred areas to get a complete tour of the stuff at their houses’ comfort. This is where the 3D virtual tours come in. A 3D virtual tour allows you to enjoy a fantastic online property viewing experience as if physically visiting the place.

If you haven’t tried using 3D virtual tours to access properties, then you are lagging. Why should you waste your time moving from one property site to another to view properties that you may even end up not buying?

Consider visiting those websites that have this marketing strategy applied and make your home searching work easier. With 3D virtual tours, you can have e full view of different properties and narrow down the list of your preferred ones. You can also share them with your friends and relatives anytime you wish for any insights or advice.

The signing of Documents Online

With the development of technology and the need to speed up contracts, people are now opting to sign documents online. If you can’t meet in person to sign any agreement or rather to access printers or scanners, you can choose to use signature platforms like DocuSign, Hellosign, or even Adobe Sign.

The use of signature platforms to seal deals has been in practice for a long time, but its use has become widespread after the coronavirus pandemic outbreak. Due to the virus’s outburst, the need to keep social distance has facilitated this technology.

During the process, the final form papers are distributed for signature in a unique virtual envelope. The envelope may contain either one agreement or several documents. It’s the sender’s responsibility to attach placeholders of DocuSign placeholder tabs to enable every signatory to sign.

However, it’s vital to entirely deem the legitimate, logical, and technological significance using technology-based document signing platforms. You should always be careful, ensure that you utilize this process only where appropriate.

Digital Mortgage Access

Technology has changed how buyers access loans and mortgages. Today, you can apply and access home buying loans at the comfort of your house. There are well-defined and structured digital techniques that allow the financial institutions to fasten the lending process through the digital and user-centric offering.

Now, you can digitally upload all the documents needed to process your mortgage, sign documents virtually, and allows the financial institutions to process your loans in a short time. The process of document approval, integrated credit checks, underwriting can now be automated to speed up the mortgage processing time. This makes online loan processing more efficient and convenient for homebuyers.


iBuying is one of the most discussed topics in the real estate industry. Zillow joined the home recently, and there has been a dynamic change in how people approach the whole issue. Although many people are still ignorant of this technique, it is one of the best ways of buying a home.

The buying providers offer self-guided property online tours through apps or websites. The good thing about the process is that there are no appointments or even agents.


Buying real estate can be stressful. Therefore, you need to set your goals right. Whether you are buying your first home or you’re a regular home buyer, there are specific challenges you’ll face during the home buying process. It is wise to embrace tech-based solutions to help you make the process simpler and timely when buying real estate.

The real estate industry has had a lot of progress in this century, but there is a lot to be done to better the industry, and technology plays a significant role in the transformation process.


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