These Marketing Tools Are Indispensable For Realtors

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Real estate agent postcards were among the most important marketing media realtors had not long ago. Today, the best way for realtors to market their services and engage with potential customers is through social media and other internet-based tools. While the real estate agent postcards are still part of the marketing efforts of many realtors, no longer are they the only tool realtors use for marketing their services. Today, apps are a realtor’s most indispensable marketing tool.

The Most Popular Real Estate Marketing Apps

There are many very effective apps realtors can use to market their services and the commercial and residential properties they can help clients to buy and sell. Some of the most popular ones include:

1. Facebook

Facebook provides realtors with a rich, diverse, unrivaled marketing platform they can use to reach their target market quickly, affordably and very efficiently. Facebook has

targeting options other advertising platforms do not provide. Facebook revolutionized real estate industry lead collection with real-time ads aimed at its 2.6 billion users.

It’s the world’s largest social media platform and has helped millions of people find the real estate they want.

2. Wise Pelican

Wise Pelican can provide realtors with templates for thousands of different custom-made postcards for creating personalized postal advertisements. Wise Pelican helps realtors create, build, and monitor their custom mailing lists and has no order minimums.

Used in concert with digital marketing, direct mail marketing is a powerful tool that helps to make countless realtors successful by generating a steady stream of new customers.

3. BoomTown

BoomTown uses CRM technology, world-class lead generation and cutting-edge real estate software to help realtors with everything from generating leads to closing the deal.

The real estate platform provides value with its mix of technology, consumer-facing IDX website and premium in-house digital end-to-end web marketing services to provide help with all tasks required to efficiently run a real estate business.

4. Zillow Premier Agent App

The Zillow Premier Agent app is used for lead generation by thousands of real estate professionals. In the U.S. it’s the website used by the largest number of realtors and consumers. The app can be downloaded to any iPhone or Android. More home searches start on Zillow website than any other site.

It’s a great app for use by realtors who want to supercharge their brand and exposure, connect with countless buyers and sellers and grow their real estate business by creating competitive realtor profile and using Zillow’s effective marketing strategies.

5. YouTube

YouTube is the ideal platform for realtors to take their real estate video marketing to a wider audience. This app is a powerful business tool that enhances search ranking in Google. The platform lets realtors share their expertise and unique personality and create visual and emotional connections the billions of potential clients who regularly use YouTube, attracts customers and helps build their real estate brand much faster, easier and cost effectively. Video marketing on the YouTube app helps realtors thrive.

6. MLSImport

Although it’s not a dedicated mobile application, MLS Import can save realtors time and money when building their real estate website. While not being a dedicated mobile app, as an import tool that’s RESO API based, MLS Import enables realtors to connect to their MLS and be able to showcase MLS properties in their area with specific premium real estate themes. The MLS staff provides this popular new plugin with all the support and help realtors need when building a real estate website.

7. OpenHome Pro

OpenHome Pro is an iPhone app which gives realtors help with lead management. Realtors working to increase traffic on their social media channels or their website can benefit from the app because it captures leads as well as sends out an unlimited number of the personalized follow-up e-mails containing the realtor’s contact information to people who are potential clients. Its social sharing feature also helps with social media marketing.

8. Premier Agent

Premier Agent is a customer relationship management app available on iPhones as well as Androids that enables realtors to be able to manage leads, respond to e-mails and also schedule meetings while they are on the go. Premier Agent is seen by many as the best CRM app real estate professional can use.

Its real-time notifications allow for faster and better leads, provides insights from incoming leads and can integrate leads from many other sources and sends responses quickly and easily.

9. Dotloop

This easy to use, intuitive real estate app can help realtors with task management, productivity optimization and online transactions. It enables realtors to use any type of device to access deals. The Dotloop app is available for both iPhone as well as any Android phone.

10. Spotio

Spotio is considered to be among the best real estate marketing apps. It was developed by realtors and by simply touching a button it enables them to get access to addresses of both prospects and contacts. All Spotio notes and entries can be exported to excel sheets or a PDF. The Spotio app is available on both the iPhone as well as Androids.

11. RPR Mobile

Another real estate app that is garnering a lot of attention is RPR Mobile. This is a property research app designed exclusively for realtors that allows users to see market statistics, search properties, create branded reports and much more.

It features a “Distressed Properties” tab that lists owners and properties unable to make their due payments and potentially interested in cashing out. Available on iPhones and Androids, the RPR Mobile app showcases properties listed at sub-market prices.

12. DocuSign

DocuSign is a free mobile real estate app that make signing documents from partners and clients while on the go a lot easier. Realtors can fill out and sign unlimited amounts of documents. The DocuSign app is available on both the iPhone as well as Android phones. There is a fee to use the desktop version of the app.

13. GoConnect

GoConnect is a new CRM app designed especially for real estate professionals. It allows for lead follow up, checklist management, daily reminders and notifications and custom actionable plans. Available on both the iPhone and Android phones, GoConnect provides any realtor with a much-appreciated organizational boost.

14. Evernote

This very popular real estate apps can help realtors keep track of notes, lists and outlines and allow them to access the notes using any device. Evernote also enables the realtor to use a search tool to look for notes based on specific keywords. The app is available on Android phones as well as iPhones.

Final Thoughts

The best part about real estate marketing tools is that you don’t have to use all of them to be successful. Simply pick the ones that are most relevant to your needs and goals, and stick with them.

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