Is PAYG Gym Membership a Good Deal?

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Gyms have changed a great deal in recent years. Long gone are the dark, dingy places populated by steroid freaks and gang members. Instead, most towns have at least one branch of a national gym franchise or chain where ordinary people, including women and seniors, can spend an hour or two, exercising, socialising, and generally having fun.

Gym membership can be exorbitantly expensive. Depending on where you live, it is easily possible to spend upwards of $100 per month on membership fees. There are also other costs involved: joining fees, induction fees, a fee to end a contract early, and anything else your gym chooses to add on to the cost of basic membership.

Another downside to signing up for regular membership at a gym is that more often than not you will be locked into an unbreakable contract for a minimum term. So even if you can’t go, or decide that exercise is not for you after a couple of months, you won’t be able to cancel your membership.

How Motivated Are You?

We are all full of good intentions as the New Year chimes fade away. “Yes, this year is definitely going to be my year for dropping five dress sizes” or “I’m determined to lose this belly fat and gain a six-pack to impress the ladies”.  The trouble is, no matter how motivated you think you are when you sign up for a year’s membership, the chances are good that your motivation will fade and within a month or two, you have 101 excuses for not visiting the gym.

How to Save Money on Standard Gym Membership

One way to save money on gym membership without opting for a PAYG deal is to take advantage of special offers and trial periods. Lots of gyms run marketing offers throughout the year, which are designed to entice new members to join for a trial period. The good thing about these is that you can see if you like the gym before committing to a longer deal. And if you do, all you need to do is switch to a standard membership.

PAYG Gym Membership Benefits

PAYG gym membership is exactly what it days on the tin: instead of signing up for a year, two years, or whatever, you simply buy a gym pass for a day, month, two months, etc. Because you are not committing to a year or more membership, you won’t have any extra fees to worry about, and if you decide you can’t stand going after a few weeks, there won’t be any cancellation fees or remaining membership term to pay for.

The Disadvantages of PAYG Gym Membership

The disadvantage of PAYG gym membership is that it can work out more expensive if you continue using the gym for a while. Many gyms, including, have special deals if you sign up for a year or more, which will save you money. However, the savings only come when you actually use your membership, so if you are new to gyms or you are only interested in going for a short period, then PAYG membership will probably be a better deal.

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