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Do you really know what is going on with coding  behind the scenes when you search virtually anything online?  Do you find it odd that you can use a search engine for things like “laptop computers at Best Buy” or something as generic as “pizza restaurants” only to later discover that ads conveniently shows your most recent search results when moving to other sites?

While recently searching for DIY crafts and food recipes for an upcoming graduation party, one of the infamous search engines quickly provided me with tons of links to pages that offer not only crafts and food, but national party stores that sell grad party products.

While I am appreciative to have these search engines available to me and find some amazing things, I hate the annoying, continuous ads that seem to fill up my sites and social media feeds after I am done. It has come as no surprise that sites like blogs I visit, brand sites, and even Facebook have continuous running ads, showing results of my prior search history. What I have learned is that each click, each search and visit to any site may contain hidden “ad tracks” in them that notify major brands and corporations of my searches, thus making their products and services more “visible” on sites that I visit well after I have finished searching or shopping.

This can really become cumbersome and frankly quite annoying at times.  I am they type of person who wants to find what I am looking for and then move on to my next task.  If I have already found what I am seeking, I don’t need to be inundated with these same types of ads days later.  This really made me think, “if companies are tracking what I may be shopping for or searching where to dine out, what else are they watching me do?”

Technology has taken over a majority of our daily life.  From cellphones, computers, tablets and more, nearly everyone I know is constantly or even periodically “pluggin it.”  Meaning, they constantly have their hands heads and eyes on some sort of online portal or outlet.

Now that I am more informed and aware of what is going on, I wanted to introduce you to F-Secure Freedome!

Freedome Home Page

F-Secure Freedome is a simple program that allows you to take back your virtual online freedom and search without the worry of your every click being tracked!

F-Secure Freedome is more than a VPN solution. It gives you complete security and privacy from ad trackers no matter how you are connected to the world wide web.  Another great feature is that Freedome allows  you chose virtual locations that give you access to geo-restricted content anywhere in the world. With one simple download and one simple click, you are on your way to claiming your “Freedome” and online presence free from tracking.

Freedome has been available to iOS and Android users for a year, providing the ideal protection for travelers and mobile workers. It is also now available for your desktop, giving you a complete layer of protection on all your devices and computers — with one account.

Are you ready to declare your Freedome?  While this is the most reasonably price security I have ever seen, Freedome gives you the ability to “try it before you buy it!”  You can download a 3 month free trial for yourself and give it a try.  Simple enter code “qhh42f” upon download completion.

Take back your online “Freedome” and search, shop and game freely without being tracked all the time.


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