Limiting Kids’ Use of Tech: When to Do So and How

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Many parents grumble about their child’s addiction to modern technology. Ironically, many moms and dads complain online in parenting forums and Facebook chats. The reality is that tech is a common method of communication today, so that makes sense. Kids and parents alike use tech for advice. Children are not born with a desire to play on a smartphone; they see their guardians on tablets, phones, and desktop computers, so it is natural for them to want to mimic the people they look up to in life.

But when kids’ use of technology gets in the way of school and other parts of life, then it’s time to step in as a parent. But how do you do limit usage, exactly?Set a Good Example

If you are a parent who worries about the amount of time your child spends online, the first step is to limit screen time for everyone in the house, including you. Just because you have many friends on social media and “grownup stuff” to talk about, that does not mean you should be allowed to bring your phone to the table while the youngster eats in silence.

Children are hard-wired to imitate adult behavior. Thus, when you show them that you don’t care about spending every spare moment online, they are likely to limit their digital interactions too.

Give Attractive Choices

Often, people spend time on their phones because they are bored. The same goes for children.

“Let’s go for a walk and have an ice cream” sounds much better than “Put your phone down”. You need to find activities to keep the child busy if you want to break their digital addiction.

Some great suggestions to entertain little ones are:

Take Your Child to a Class

Music, foreign languages, and dancing classes are just a few of the many choices available. Tell other parents and maybe they will want to bring their kids too. A sports team is another great idea for athletic kids.

Organize Playtime

Talk to other parents at your kid’s school and agree on some fun activities for the children. A great example is air hockey; once you have the table, it provides hours of entertainment for little ones, rather than playing video games or texting one another. Get quality equipment by choosing from the best 4 player air hockey tables.

Make Time for Family

While you cannot always go places, but you can find fun activities to do at home. Instead of having all members of the family staring at a screen, gather around the kitchen table and play a board game instead. What’s wrong with good old Monopoly? Alternatively, buy a 1,000 pieces puzzle and have everyone in the housework on it.

Being Sensible: Final Words

Banning digital devices altogether doesn’t work in today’s world. Kids need them for school and to keep in touch with their friends.

They will grow up in a digital world, so you want them to have the skills to use the devices. But you also want them to have a healthy balance.

The best you can do is to instill a sense of responsibility in your kids. Teach them that a smartphone is a tool, not their master.


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  • I am a firm believer in this. Kids today are too reliant of their electronic devices. It’s almost as if they live their lives through three devices rather than living in the real world.

  • So important ! Especially with the kids doing virtual learning!

  • Thanks for sharing this article, it is definitely something parents need to set a limit/guidelines and examples.

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