Lokko Lock Picking Practice Kit

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My husband and kids love to solve puzzles and brain teasers, so this was a great kit for them to try out to see if they can learn about unlocking locks. It helps strengthen your brain by thinking of strategies on how to unlock that lock. Lock Pick World has lots of great unlocking kits that will make great gifts for that puzzle lover in your life. It is also a great quality kit! 

An especially great practical gift for guys or girls of all ages. All this quality, brain teasing and learning is incredible value in just one box! Once you’ve had a chance to test out the Lokko Lock Pick Set – you can browse through other great training locks to pick on our site too!

Brain training for the practically minded. Learn how to pick locks with our exquisitely put together tutorial box of secrets. Curiosity is an essential trait in life – everyone enjoys puzzles and picking up unique skills.

You can’t go wrong with our boredom-conquering boxed set. That’s a genuine LokkoLabs guarantee. 

We brought together years of specialist expertise to ensure that this, our ultimate box of fun meets your approval. Hundreds of excited customers have left great reviews describing their amazing experiences.

About Lokko Labs: 

Hi, I’m Chris Dangerfield – I have been working with lockpicks and cool lock mechanisms for over 15 years, and in that time I have always wanted to help friends and family understand how everyday objects around their daily lives can be puzzled through – raising IQ, improving manual dexterity and practical problem solving skills. 

I searched far and wide and everywhere in between and couldn’t find any great options that made lockpicking fun! So here we are – the great learn-to-lockpick Lokko Labs boxed set. Our maker-built pick set has been sold all around the world now, and we’re extremely proud to share it with you on Lockpickworld and other retailers. 

I hope you enjoy fiddling with it at home, at work – and perhaps when your locks are stuck – you’ll think of us, and understand how to visualize and fix them easily! 

This colorful set is designed for learners of all levels, and comes complete with:

  • A full 15 piece Pro Lock Pick Set with high quality stainless steel picks with comfortable handles, tension tools, and an extractor
  • A Secret Agent / Spy Concealed wallet-sized Credit Card Pick Set
  • A fully-working, easy clear practice padlock with a see-through mechanism with keys – ideal for learning how the moving parts work
  • A second double-sided, clear cutaway practice training lock +keys
  • Our 44-page eBook with easy to understand color photos for Single Pin Picking (which you can upgrade to a real book at a discount – just select it from the dropdown)

The ultimate Practical Brain Training lock pick set in a box. This is the perfect practical experience and gift rolled into one, all ready to be unboxed by any inquisitive adventurers of all ages, young or old! Learning how to pick a lock, want fun locks to pick, getting into locksport, locksmith school, unique corporate gift or you enjoy practical intellectual challenges? Great, you are in the right place!

You can purchase Lock Pick World’s many different kits on their Website

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