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Do you have a little one that is going to lose a tooth soon? That is a huge deal in the kid world and you want to make the experience extra special. Check out this great Toothless Monster plush and book. This will also make a great gift for a birthday or the upcoming holidays. A wild, new Tooth Fairy adventure that lets children give teeth to a friend in need! After all, where DO teeth go when the Tooth Fairy takes them?

About Three Little Hens LLC:

The Toothless Monster® is brought to you by Three Little Hens LLC, a small, family-owned business created to bring this fun, new Tooth Fairy experience out of the jungle and into the lives of children and families everywhere. We are proudly based in Tampa, Florida, where we live with our three little hens . . . and one really loud rooster.

Monte and Meli — The Toothless Monster plush toys – are friends with the Tooth Fairy, and the Tooth Fairy wants to help them get their teeth. So every time your little one loses a tooth, their lost tooth helps the Toothless Monster gain one, adding a little more magic to this childhood tradition.

Each Toothless Monster comes with a hardcover book telling their story and 16 plastic teeth. When a child loses a tooth, place it under the tongue of this loveable “toothless” monster and in the morning the child’s tooth will become a plastic tooth in the monster’s mouth.

The snuggle size Toothless Monster plush toy comes in your choice of blue or purple. A beanbag base helps the monster sit upright next to your child’s bed. Also, a secret tooth pouch is located under the monster’s tongue to safely hold your child’s real tooth until the Tooth Fairy comes to deliver it to its thankful new owner – Monte or Meli.

The richly illustrated hardcover book follows the story of Monte, The Toothless Monster, as he meets the Tooth Fairy and earns his teeth. It’s a story about being different; about helping others; and a little bit about partying, of course! Plus a monster-shaped tooth loss chart to record each date that your child loses a tooth. The book is also available with a purple monster friend, Meli.

The Toothless Monster comes with a set of attachable teeth that the Tooth Fairy’s assistant (an adult), keeps hidden in a safe place. While helping the Tooth Fairy with her usual duties, you’ll secure one of the provided teeth in the monster’s mouth – it takes only seconds to do. Your child will be thrilled to wake and find that their monster really gained a new tooth . . . and their Tooth Fairy gifts, of course.

Monte and Meli – the doe-eyed, blue and purple plush toys – are friends of the Tooth Fairy. As the story goes, The Toothless Monsters live in a jungle and are the only creatures without teeth, inhibiting them from eating the most delicious fruit (known as the “tingtang fruit”). As the book instructs, once a child has lost a tooth, he or she places it under the Toothless Monster’s tongue, and while they sleep the Tooth Fairy delivers the tooth to the monster in the jungle. Before the next morning, the child’s guardian is to remove the real tooth and permanently insert a plastic tooth in the monster’s mouth.

“The Toothless Monster adds an element of interactiveness and magic to a beloved childhood tradition, while also instilling the value of helping others,” said Ryan Dean, co-founder of Three Little Hens with wife, Jennifer. “We’ve loved watching our daughter find joy in “helping” the monster get its teeth, and we hope other families get as much out of the experience as we have.”

The Deans were being questioned by their daughter on where teeth go after the Tooth Fairy takes them, when they dreamed up The Toothless Monster. As her questions continued, so did the tale they were weaving. Before they knew it, the Deans had an idea for a first-of-its kind toy they wanted to share with children everywhere.

You can purchase The Toothless Monster or Meli on Amazon or their website.

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