Low Budget DIY House Cleaning Hacks of 2015

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A clean house is a place you would always want to come home to every day. Whenever there’s time, taking off all the mess and clutter can be worthwhile and budget-friendly. Yes, you read that right. You do not need to hire professional services to deep-clean your home. In this article, we will discuss five house cleaning hacks that would not make a dent on your wallet.


1. Use lemons and vinegar to sanitize and aromatize your garbage.

The garbage can must be one of the stinkiest areas of the home that needs to be sanitized almost every day. Since you dispose of many different types of things to the trash, remember to put out the trash bag out of your home and clean the garbage can. It may be a hassle to do this, but getting rid of the funky smell will save you the headache later.

With the use of dishwashing soap, clean the garbage can and rinse it with warm water. Then, squeeze some fresh lemons and mix its juice with vinegar before putting the mixture to an ice cube tray. Place the ice cube tray inside the freezer and once frozen, toss the ice cubes into the garbage disposal to make it fragrant and citrus-scented.


2. Get rid of water stains using softener sheets.

Fabric conditioner or softener sheets can be used not only to soften the clothing material right after washing, but they can also eliminate the stains caused by water droplets on the shower door. Go to the bathroom and you will find plenty of these stubborn residues such as soap scum, water spots, and smudges, especially when you have transparent or glass shower doors. To banish these, you need to dampen the dryer sheets with water, wipe on the surface, and follow through with a sponge.


3. Use vinegar to clean blinds.

No matter how beautiful the interior design of your room is, if you have dirty window blinds, the overall appeal would be decreased to a minimum. Using a rag to wipe each blind with water alone would not do the trick. The right and low budget way is to use some vinegar to get all the grime off of your blinds. Vinegar is such a great all-purpose cleaner as you can use it as well when cleaning carpets, as recommended by many carpet cleaning services in Melbourne. Spend quality time cleaning the blinds to bring back a healthy glow in your room.


4. Spray baking soda on toilet seats.

The toilet seat can be one of the dirtiest parts of the toilet, aside from the floor. Because the skin of your backside would get in contact with the toilet seat, it is a must to clean it every day if possible. The good news is that cleaning and deodorizing it is not rocket science. Spraying backing soda on the toilet seat and letting it sit for a few minutes can save you from getting germs. For daily cleaning, it is optional to drop tea tree essential oil into the toilet and scrub away to deodorize.


5. Scrub walls down and get rid of marks.

If you have been living in the same house for more than five years, there’s a fat chance that the walls now look untidy. Painted wall can be easily cleaned by mixing one-fourth cup of white vinegar and one quart of warm water and then scrubbing it down with a rag. When you see any dark spots, stains, streaks, or marks, the easy way to get rid of them is to scrub the spots with baking soda. Note that this tip is not applicable if the walls have wallpaper affixed.


End Result – With the vast array of cleaning products available on the market, there is no excuse for not being able to find a good way of cleaning the house. Know that expensive products are not a sure-fire way to keep a home sparkly. If budget is a problem, being resourceful with finding natural cleansers and sanitizers already existing at home is the best way to clean the house in this modern age.


Author Bio: Randolph Hoover and his family were originally from San Diego California but he is currently studying Business Administration in Umea University in Sweden. Aside from being a student, He also helps his parents with their home maintenance business in their home in Umea. He is the go-to guy when it comes to the latest home improvement and car maintenance tips. When he’s not busy, he writes articles about health, home and life, and spends quality time with his family and friends during the rest of his time.

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  1. Much obliged for the tips, they are valuable! All the green cleaning strategies are unquestionably in a way that is better than utilizing the items sold in stores.

  2. Thanks for the tips, they are very useful! All the green cleaning techniques are definitely better than using the products sold in stores. I personally use baking soda and vinegar on many things around the house, including the oven, the fridge and the drain. It’s proven to be efficient.

  3. As a professional cleaner I really appreciate these hacks. I often use some of them., but others are pretty new for me. Thank you for sharing! Greets, Carpet Cleaning Bermondsey!


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