Maggie Bags Bailey Bag Holiday Gift Guide #Review

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Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to bring you a review for an amazing bag from Maggie Bags.  The bag I reviewed was the Campus Tote and I still use it every day.




This holiday season, I am bringing you another amazing review of a different style of Maggie Bags.  This time, I choose to get my daughter a bag.  As a teenager, she is constantly changing purses and loves such and eclectic array of styles and colors.
The new Bailey Bag in Sorbet from Maggie Bags is perfect for her.



If you are unfamiliar with Maggie Bags Products, read below for more information.


About their products:

Maggie Bags™ seat belt handbags are made using automotive seat belt webbing built to meet government safety standards to protect you in your car. Due to these high standards, millions of yards of seat belt material are rejected by automakers each year. Maggie Bags™ uses as much of this rejected material as possible in our seat belt purses and seat belt handbags.  Availability of rejected seat belt webbing can vary greatly therefore some must be purchased new to meet the growing demand for our unique and stylish seat belt handbags. However, our commitment to use repurposed material whenever possible remains steadfast.

The Maggie Bags™ team is continually looking for creative ways to do our part for the environment.  We are proud that the construction of our handbags is a simple cut-and-sew operation. This helps to minimize the environmental impact of manufacturing new materials and eliminates the need for typical recycling processes that consume large amounts of energy and other resources.



Photo Courtesy of MaggieBags.Net


I love that Maggie’s Bags are so strong and durable, yet stylish and fashionable.  I get noticed quite a bit more when I carry my tote and people are continually amazed that they are made from seatbelts.


My latest Maggie Bag, the Bailey Bag in Sorbet (pictured above) is the perfect addition to my daughter’s Christmas list and would also be a great gift for anyone. Coming in a wide array of colors, you are sure to find something for any style or outfit.


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Bailey Bag Variety

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Would you like the chance to win the same bag I reviewed in your choice of color?  Stay tuned for a fabulous giveaway to start.

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98 thoughts on “Maggie Bags Bailey Bag Holiday Gift Guide #Review

  • I really like my butterfly bag but it’s bigger then I prefer for an actual purse. This is a nice size for that! The shape is something that would appeal to my teenager as well.

  • I love the red one so cute love the style

  • I love the colors and styles of their bags. They are made so well my daughter has their wallet and she loves it.

  • They’re so sleek and fabulous!

  • thank you so much for the review. im glad you liked it and think i would too!

  • cute! Great for everything!

  • Thanks for your informative review, I love that they are recycling materials which might otherwise might be discarded!

  • I so love that these bags mean that there is less going into landfill. And they are so stylish. I hope I win!

  • You7r review is great. You explain all the unique features in Maggie Bags.

  • I think you wrote a very good review

  • I love Maggie Bags and all they stand for. They are great quality and stylish looking and have so many variety of styles to choose from.

  • Maggie Bags are on my wish list, and the Bailey Bag is my favorite. Thanks for your review. I’m sure your daughter will love her new bag!

  • These are really great. Th ank you for reviewing them and sharing with all of us.

  • I own a Campus Tote in Purple and I Love It!!!

  • im in love with the red and the black but i cant decide which one i love the seat belt straps that they use very sheek!

  • I like that they are made from the seat belts…but even more so, my sister has one, and it cleans off VERY easily, always a plus!

  • I love that these are made out of recycled seat belts!

  • These come in great colors! I like the seatbelt material.

  • I love the great colors! But I think the best thing about the bags is that they upcycle seatbelt material that would normally have gone the landfills. What a wonderful and stylish way to help our planet. Thank you!

  • They look great and thanks for the review. I’m so picky over what I buy and this was really helpful

  • I love this color! So girly! It’s so great that they are made of automotive seat belt webbing that’s rejected. What a great way to be eco friendly! And I like that the company tries to always use recycled or rejected materials!

  • I had no ideal they were made from seatbelts! Awesome

  • These bags are great the colors are fabulouse and the fact that they are very durable is great.

  • I love these bags. They are so cool and great to put locking clips on. Lol

  • I love this bag and all the great colors. I could definitely use this for when I’m going Christmas shopping

  • Loved the review on Maggie Bags. Learned so much love how they are made from seatbelts. What a unique style. All for them being environment friendly as well. Great review.

  • Thanks for a great review- I love my Maggie Bag and would love to win this one for my best friend! 🙂

  • These are awesome, cute, durable and eco friendly.

  • I love the new Bailey bag! I love all Maggie bags though! They are so unique and have such a great variety of colors and styles! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  • Love that they are durable too many purse straps break or tear Great review

  • Great review, I now know more about Maggie’s Bags and would love to have one.

  • love the colors and it is eco friendly

  • It’s great that Maggie Bags are so eco-friendly. I never realized the amount of seatbelt webbing clogging out landfills. I’m so glad that Maggie Bags has found a beautiful way to put this “flawed” item to use. These bags are gorgeous.

  • Look like they will last forever.

  • I love the smaller size of the Baily Bag as sometimes you don’t want a huge bag, just something smaller and convenient and durable, plus these bags are stylish and pretty.

  • I like the green wit blue! I like a company the reuses material to make awesome products like this bags!

  • These are awesome. My daughter would love to have one and it would be great for her as it is so durable.

  • I really like these seat belts bags. I want one…


  • I agree, it’s definitely a cute, stylish, practical bag for a teen. And that’s the greatest thing about the Maggie Bags… they are sooo versatile; you can find a bag for any occasion, taste or function!

  • I am putting a Maggie Bag on my Christmas list.

  • I have wanted a Maggie Bag FOREVER! I love that they use repurposed materials to make such a gorgeous creation. LOVE!

  • Much better to have seat belts be lookin’ all stylish than ending up in a landfill!

  • These bags are so pretty! Very cool!

  • I love that this bag is sturdy! I go through some bags b/c they are cheaply made. Thanks for sharing your review

  • This looks like a nice sturdy bag, and great that it is also washable.

  • How lucky your daughter is that you gave such in-depth thought to the style and size of bag that would be perfect for her

  • I love the fact that these are washable! Always look brand new@

  • Love these bags!

  • I love that these are so cool looking and made from seat belt material!

  • I love most of all that the material is largely repurposed, something I have been learning about for decades. All of those Rs, reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose etc. And the design is simple and so practical. If I won one of these it would last me the rest of my life as I am old, and that would be an awesome thing.

  • i just learned of Maggie Bags this year and would love to get one from Santa!

  • I like the fact that you say the are durable. The purse I currently have it’s strap broke when I was walking the the supermarket. I like that Maggie Bags are good quality and pretty.

  • I would love to have one of these, would be great for travel.

  • Your recycling success is to be highly complimented. Maggie Bags are not only ecology responsible, but very well made and super attractive!

  • I love these bags.These are just perfect for my granddaughters to carry.I love that they are sturdy too.

  • Your review was amazing, informative, and fun. Thank you for sharing.

  • I love everything about these bags! They come in super cute styles and colors and they seem super durable.Definitely going on my wishlist! Thanks for the great review.

  • I think that these purses are beautiful !

  • I love Maggie Bags, I don’t have one yet!! This New Bailey Bag is very cute I like the Maritime Combo. Thank you for this great review.

  • The Maggie Cicily bag was the very first giveaway I won. I really like it. I use it to carry my Bible and books to church. Thanks. Vicki.

  • Great review with lots of info- regarding this bags. The colors are all beautiful…Hard to pick a favorite!

  • I have been wanting one of their bags for quite some time! They are beautiful!

  • I like the look and style of the Baily Bag ….and all of the maggie bags! The design and colors are wonderful!

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  • these bags are so beautiful I have a Maggie wallet and I just love it too

  • I’ve been interested in Maggie Bags for quite a while now. I like that they’re using materials that would otherwise be in our dumps.
    I do hope after Christmas, you’ll do another post letting us know how your daughter liked her bag. I’m seriously considering one for my daughter as well.

  • I love the fact that these bags are made out of seatbelt material. It not only makes them long lasting and durable, but it uses materials that would otherwise be filling up landfills.

  • I like the look of the bags and it is very interesting that the straps are made with seatbelt material= )

  • I would love one of these.

  • I love the bag you got the Bailey Bag in Sorbet very unique & different colors. I love that it’s made with seat belts so cool!

  • These bags are super modern, affordable and are the perfect addition to any outfit. Thanks again for this great review. This will be on my wishlist this year!!!

  • I think you have some of the best bags on the market. I’ve got your bag on my wish list for Christmas 🙂

  • This looks like the perfect size bag too for just what you need!

  • How cool that Maggie’s bags are made out of seatbelts!! I love that. My teen also LOVES purses and this would become a favorite, I think. She loves unique purses and is really into saving the environment.

  • I have been wanting one of these bags for a very long time! Now, after reading your review, I am convinced! I will be getting one very soon! I just have to decide on a color – they are all beautiful!

  • these are awesome I wide I could afford to buy one

  • I think the sear belt idea for a bag is awesome. It’s so sturdy and unique. I love these bags and would love to own one.

  • I love these bags and I can’t wait to get one of each of my step daughters, they are going to love them and they will be so surprised that seat belts can look so cool. Thanks.

  • I like that they will laast a long time and love the variety of colors to choose from.

  • Their bags are so beautiful! I love that they are made with seat belts too! That makes them extra sturdy and washable!

  • I love these bags and they look extremely durable.Every purse I get falls apart,so I would love to try one of these.I like how they’re shiny,too.

  • great review, I was not exactly sure what is was, well how to wear it. I was also thinking it could be strapped around your back and the purse placed in your bra

  • This bag is great. I love all the colors and details. They certainly do look durable which is great since my 4 yr old can sometimes get feisty with my things.

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  • I love that Maggie Bags are made from automotive seat belt webbing. They are durable and very fashionable. I hope your daughter enjoys the Bailey Bag.

  • Wow and i love this review and love your bags i would love to purchase and own one in the near future a wonderful product indeed.

  • I loved your review its nice to know they are very durable and can carry anything

  • your reveiw was spot on I really like that they are durable

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  • I just love their bags. It’s my Christmas wish this year to own one! Your daughter will be thrilled. Love the colors.

  • Wow these bags are really nice I had never seen or heard of them before tonight. Great shop telling us all about them I sure would like one

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