How to Make Your Brand’s Packaging Stand Out

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Retail is slowly but steadily moving into the digital realm. According to the report by BigCommerce, 67% of Millennials choose to do their shopping online. The same goes for the Generation X, as 56% percent of them prefer online shopping as well.

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Shopping online comes with numerous benefits, the main one being you never have to leave your couch or your desk. And with the competition growing ever stronger, you can almost always expect a high-quality product and expert customer support should the product you ordered turn out damaged or not to your liking.

However, online shopping has one big drawback as well. Since brick and mortar stores are no longer an essential part of your brand, developing your own brand identity can be quite challenging. That significantly reduces the retailer’s options for creating a branded experience for their customers.

But that’s where packaging comes in. In the realm of online shopping, the packaging is not just the means to protect the product. It is often the only contact the customer has with your brand. And that’s why you should not neglect the packaging.

There’s nothing more gratifying than glimpsing the Amazon logo in your mail. That famous logo immediately releases endorphin into your system. If you are an online retail, you should strive for the same effect. Fortunately, companies like The Box Co-op offer high quality, custom packaging for your products whatever they may be. And if you want your product packaging to stand out, here are a few tips on how to do that.

Seasonal Designs

Summer is almost over and the holiday season is nearly upon us. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are all beloved holidays and according to, holiday sales account for 20% of the annual retail sales and in some cases 30% of a retailer’s total sales. Why not use that to your advantage?

Create different designs to match the most popular of these holidays. Imagine sending a Halloween-themed box on October 31st or a black box for the Black Friday, with your logo printed prominently on it. Not only are the boxes guaranteed to go viral, you can be sure that others will rush to follow that link on the box they’ve seen on a friend’s Twitter feed.

High-End Print

While we’re on the subject of design and printing, the quality of the packaging goes hand in hand with printing quality. The days of bland, cardboard boxes are long gone. Instead, successful online retailers try to make their boxes look as breathtaking as possible since the box is in many ways their storefront.

Just look at the box subscription phenomenon that has taken the internet by storm. These retailers work on a monthly subscription basis and send their customers different products packed in a luxurious, recognizable box.

The quality of the print and the colors used are extremely important for a high-quality box. New techniques allow for easier, high-quality printing methods. You can learn more about it here:

Custom Inserts

Sometimes, regular boxes are not enough to protect a fragile product. That’s where box inserts come in. If you sell fragile products or ones with multiple components, perhaps you should consider upgrading your packaging with custom inserts. These inserts can protect fragile products, showcase the components of a product or simply hold smaller products in place during shipping. They are sure to provide a great unboxing experience and are a great way to expand on your packaging strategy.

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