What To Consider Before Owning A Dog

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There’s a lot that’s going through your head when you’re considering owning a new pet. Bringing home a dog will change your life. There’s no way around it. Don’t assume it’s always going to be an easy and a fun time.

Do your homework and research various breeds and types of dogs before determining which you’ll choose. Talk it over as a family and make sure everyone’s onboard before deciding to go pick one up on a whim. Step back and make a list of pros and cons so you’re prepared to face it all. See what to consider before owning a dog.


Pets are expensive. They cost you in accessories, toys, food and much more. You have to take them to the veterinarian and get their annual shots too. This is about the time you also remember that there are heart worm medication, flea and tick prevention and additional procedures to cover. Don’t forget about all of the training tools and classes you’re going to have to put them through. They may also chew up your carpet or furniture and make you fork out money to replace your home furnishings. It’s hard to get angry with them when they’re so darn cute.

Living Space

You have to be set in a living space that’s conducive to having pets. It’s fine if you own a home, but you have to check with the property management team if you’re renting. Also, it’s a good idea to confirm your onsite amenities if you’re in a private community. For example, the apartments in Pensacola, FL have a pet park for their residents to use. Your dog is going to need to have enough space to live with you comfortably and areas to run around and sleep.


Owning a pet could be problem for you if you work a lot and no one’s ever home. Taking care of your dog is a commitment and you have to be fully onboard before accepting the responsibility. Come home and check on your pet at lunch or have a neighbor stop in if you’re gone for long periods of time. You have to schedule time to feed, walk and play with your pet. Get to know the breed you like ahead of time and make sure it’s the kind of dog that mixes well with your lifestyle and energy levels. Some are more high maintenance and better with children than others.

New Family Member

Owning a new dog means you’re also taking in a new family member. Your pet is going to want to be with you all when you’re watching a movie and in the car when you’re heading to the playground. The nice part is that you’ll eventually wonder how you ever lived without your dog because you’ll love him or her so much.


Don’t let your excitement about the idea of owning a pet cloud your logic and judgment. Do your homework and make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before committing. This is what to consider before owning a pet.

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