Make Family Movie Night Fun with Kidfresh and Ice Age: Collision Course

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Now that colder temps are setting in, we love having weekly family movie nights at home. A typical Friday night is settling in with a good movie, some fresh, hot food and enjoy our time together.frozen-foods-giveawayFor the little ones, this is an special night as they get to enjoy a delicious meal just for them from Kidfresh.

Kidfresh frozen meals are delicious for them and nutritious. All ingredients are 100% natural and contain tons of hidden veggies. Each are packaged in BPA-free green containers. This gives the little ones a quick, healthy option for kids to enjoy.kid-fresh-macaroni-and-cheese-02One of Jeffery’s favorites is the classic Wagon Wheels Mac & Cheese. As you can see it is full of rich, cheesy sauce and nice sized noodles. It contains real grated mozzarella and cheddar cheeses. The hidden gem is that the sauce also contains mashed carrots.

Why not pair up your next family movie night with Kidfresh and the recently released DVD, ICE AGE COLLISION COURSE, from Fox Home Entertainment. Kidfresh Ice Age Family Movie Night

The Ice Age: Collision Course Blu-ray™ Combo Pack will feature Scrat’s epic pursuit of the elusive acorn which accidently triggers cosmic events that threaten the ICE AGE world.  Now Buck, Manny, Ellie, Sid, Diego and the rest of the herd must work together on a hilarious journey filled with nonstop action and colorful new characters in order to survive the global Scrat-tastrophe!

Kidfresh meals are available for purchase in over 9,000 retailers nationwide. Also, Ice Age: Collision Course Blu-ray™ Combo Pack is available for purchase in major retailers nationwide including Target, Costco, Kroger and K-mart.

Kidfresh & Disney's Frozen For Frozen Food Month! #FrozenKidfresh | It's Free At Last

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67 thoughts on “Make Family Movie Night Fun with Kidfresh and Ice Age: Collision Course

  • I’ve been interested in purchasing the Kidfresh meals for my nephew to have while he’s over. The Mac and cheese looks yummmy!

  • I like watching a movie with a meal.

  • I have not tried Kidfresh frozen meals but the mac and cheese does not look half bad. I would get it for my kids.

  • This is very nostalgic to me…movie night and frozen food. Yum!

  • Kidfresh mac and cheese, pizza and movie night, what else could you need

  • These Kidfresh meals look delicious and having them while watching this movie looks like fun!

  • Can’t wait to watch this movie with the kids!

  • Love the Wagon Wheels Mac & Cheese.

  • I really enjoyed this movie.

  • Healthy kid meals and a great family movie 🙂 awesome combo

  • The Ice Age: Collision Course Blu-ray™ Combo Pack would be a fun family movie to view!

  • Don’t have kids – but I’d like those 🙂

  • Friday Family nights full of fun good food and lots of memories

  • The kids fresh frozen meals look delicious and I want to try them out and the Ice Age movie is so much fun!

  • I would enjoy any of these healthy meals for myself.

  • We have never tried food fresh.It looks healthy also. Thank you for sharing.

  • These mac n cheese meals look fun! The kids love Ice Age too, so that’s a great movie choice!

  • Kid Fresh is the only one I will give to my grandkids, perfect for movie night and it has the best taste ever

  • The kids meals looks delicious! My son can be very picky, but i think he may actually like these.

  • I am so happy that each of these meals are packaged in BPA-free green containers.

  • I can’t believe they make Quesadillas. Those look awesome!

  • We love ice age and can’t wait to see the newest installment. Kidfresh chicken nuggets are a hit at my house.

  • I like the Kid Fresh meals and want to get these again. The Ice Age movie is incredible and so much fun to watch!

  • I still haven’t seen the newest Ice Age , but really want to. These kid’s dinners look amazing! I love that all ingredients are 100% natural and contain tons of hidden veggies. That’s very important!

  • I don’t know why kids love mac & cheese so much. I’ve NEVER liked it.

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  • The kids meals looks delicious and love ice age.

  • What a great movie night with mac and cheese and Ice Age

  • Kidfresh sounds great and knows what moms wants and what kids need, but most of all still makes mac n cheese yummy that’s important in my book. If it’s not yummy my granddaughter won’t eat it!

  • When it’s cold outside I enjoy a good movie. It’s been quite a while since we’ve had movie night.

  • These look yummy! I’d love to try them.

  • that my kind of meal i do not eat big meal no more

  • Just don’t tell them about the carrots…. Makes a fun family evening.

  • I love anything kidfresh and of course you must have IceAge on the Tv, I have shared many IceAge memories and mac and cheese

  • Kidfresh has a wonderful selection of dinners to choose from.

  • I think all kids love mac&cheese. Movie nights are fun and a good way to spend together.

  • a healthier version of mac & cheese that is ready quick would be great

  • We have not seen this movie yet, nor have we tried any Kidfresh meals. Love the hiding the veggies!!! I so need to get some of these!

  • I think it is a great idea for a family movie night with Kidfresh and, ICE AGE COLLISION COURSE.

  • Looks good like to try this

  • Both kids love mac and cheese. Both also love chicken nuggets. I know the kids would love watching this movie while having either of these meals 🙂

    • You can delete this comment…. I kept getting a 500 internal server error so I had to redo it, sorry

  • The kids always think it’s a treat to watch a movie. I know they would love it if they could have dinner in front of the television 🙂 They both love mac and cheese but they also love chicken nuggets so either of these would be excellent to have 🙂

  • The movie Ice Age looks really good and We love the Kidfresh meals.

  • We have never tried that brand of food, but I think I will give it a try, sure looks good. I have loved all the Ice Age movies.

  • My son absolutely loves Kidfresh dinners. His favorite is the mac and cheese and I am happy that it is good for him!

  • The Wagon Wheels Mac & Cheese looks super cheesy! My niece loves it!

  • What a great way to spend family movie night!
    Thank you for the ideas.

  • My kids like the Kidfresh Wagon Wheels Mac & Cheese meal.

  • These sound good! Quick meals are sometimes the most convenient. It helps to know that they are from a good brand!

  • These meals look like meals the whole family would enjoy. I love the idea of a fun meal on a family movie night.

  • We love these meals.

  • These are so nice, and fun and easy. You know they will be gobbled up and the kids will be happy, too!

  • There are plenty of nights where getting dinner on the table may be a struggle. Kidfresh meals look like a great solution!

  • What a great idea! A quick meal with kid fresh is what we need for movie nights! DDs love the pasta and the nuggets!

  • My niece loves the wheels and cheese meal!

  • We love the Kids Fresh meals! They are so delicious and fun to eat. And the Ice Age Movie is amazing. We love watching it.

  • These look like delicious meal options for my grandsons. They would enjoy eating these foods!

  • I just tried the Kidfresh Wagon Wheels Mac & Cheese for my little one last week, and he so loved it 🙂

  • I buy very little packaged or frozen foods because of all the additives, but his product sounds healthy! I’ll look for it.

  • I had never seen or heard of these Kidfresh meals before, but look and sound really good!

  • Kidfresh meals are food that kids will enjoy.

  • OH yum! these do look delicious! I am sure the children will enjoy tasting these and watching ice age
    collision course.

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