Make it Through the Farm While Avoiding the Poo with CHICKAPIG Game #MegaChristmas18

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CHICKAPIG is a highly social and strategic board game (for kids and adults) where Chicken-Pig hybrids attempt to cross the board and reach their goals while dodging opponents, hay bales, and an ever-menacing pooping cow. It’s easy to learn but serious chess-like strategy with just enough luck to keep everyone competitive. Perfect for 2-4 players, works great with teams or as a party game!


The idea for Chickapig first came to me while I was driving down the road with Ann Marie Calhoun. After visualizing it and making some very rough sketches, I remember cutting out cardboard pieces and moving them around a chessboard, then various paper boards, to determine the right number of squares and pieces.  A few days later, the basics of Chickapig were hatched.

Chickapig became my biggest hobby.  I’d play the game with friends and against myself to figure out any hiccups.  I took our early attempts at the game and became obsessed with improving them.  I spent tremendous amounts of time designing, making, and changing parts, and then even more time making jigs to produce parts better and faster.  There are over 50 individual pieces in the game, and with several different versions of the game in the development process, my brain was basically living inside the world of Chickapig.

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A fun strategy board game with chicken/pig hybrids and a cow that poops terror on the board!

Our high-quality First Edition Chickapig game includes 50 wooden pieces and a quad-fold board that opens up to 18” x 18”. We wanted our First Edition games to have an organic, farm-like feel, so we printed the Chickapigs and Hay Bales on ¼” birch plywood and cut them out with a laser.

Chickapig is made in USA!

Your First Edition Chickapig Game includes:

  • 1 Quad-fold Game Board
  • 6 Chickapigs per color
  • 4 Hay Bales per color
  • 1 Cow
  • 1 Cow Fence
  • 8 Cow Poops
  • 9 Poop Cards
  • 9 Daisy Cards
  • 1 Sand Timer
  • 1 Custom Die
  • 1 Rules Booklet

2 or 4 Players

Age 8+

30-60 minutes to play

We played this as our family game night, and it was so fun! I love all the fine details of all of the game pieces. It is kind of like a beginners chess game. My youngest loved when he got to move the cow piece, and place a piece of poo under the cow as a trap. This game we will play again and again! The players need to move their pigs to the goals but watch out, you may hit a piece of poo or run into another pig or hay bale. Other pigs and hay bales can help you get to your goal! This will be a great addition to your game night collection! Pick it up for your family for Christmas, or birthday or any other occasion!

Chickapig is available online through the Chickapig website or through Amazon.


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