Marvelous Motivators – 5 Ways to Inspire Your Staff to Greater Productivity

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One of the best indications of successful management is having employees who are motivated to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. Highly motivated employees tend to be more productive, which can ultimately lead to bigger profits and better business growth overall. As such, it’s vital for management to understand what motivates employees and how to encourage it in them.

Many studies have been done on the subject, and one finding that always comes up is this: no single thing motivates all employees. Management must use various methods to encourage their staff to do their jobs well. Below, we’ve compiled a list of strategies you can use to inspire your workers to greater productivity.

1. Recognition

As humans, we love to be recognized for a job well done. While it’s not necessary to recognize every little thing a staff member does, noting and marking big accomplishments is a great way to motivate everyone to work hard and achieve more.

One way to recognize accomplishments in the workplace is by giving quality corporate gifts. From something tasteful like bar and wine accessories to something a little more substantial like the latest tech gadgets, these gifts acknowledge exceptional achievements and encourage employees to continue doing their jobs at a high level.

2. Trust

Trust is a two-way street. Your employees want to know that you have their best interests at heart. In turn, you need to know you can trust them to do their jobs well without constant monitoring. When a trusting relationship forms between staff and management, it makes workers feel as if you’re looking out for them, which in turn motivates them to be successful. The best way to build trust with your employees is to maintain an open-door policy that fosters effective communication between them and you.

3. Incentives

Incentives always give people a reason to do better. Whether it’s a monetary bonus, paid time off, travel perks, or some other motivating factor, offering your employees incentives to do their jobs well will ultimately raise the bar when it comes to productivity – and it’ll probably foster a little healthy competition as well.

4. Advancement Opportunities

When an employee knows there’s room for advancement in their job, they tend to work harder to achieve it. As a manager, you can make sure there are plenty of career advancement options available to inspire your employees onward and upward. From continuing education to promotions, your staff should have something to strive for in order to continue working hard for your company.

5. Satisfaction

It’s been said that a happy employee is a productive employee, and it’s true. As a member of management, it’s your job to find out if your employees are truly happy in their positions. Don’t simply talk to them and rely on their answers, because even the most unsatisfied worker can be dishonest about his or her feelings for fear of losing their job.

Caring for your employees’ happiness should be an ongoing process. Find out what they want from their jobs and how you can make those things happen. Some suggestions include helping your staff strike a good work-life balance, offering flexible work schedules, and even allowing workers to do their jobs remotely.

Ultimately, all any manager wants is employees who work hard and do their jobs well. t’s not enough to just pay them to do it, however. You must motivate them. Use the tips outlined above to inspire your staff to greater productivity.

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