Protect your Home with Master Lock Portable Push Button Lock Box

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Sometimes you are away on vacation, and you have several people caring for your house, your pets, your valuables and more. I know that I don’t like having a lot of my personal housekeys floating around somewhere and chance the risk of them getting lost. I do tend to travel several times a year and have several people who come to care for various things in my house. I love the Master Lock Push Button Portable Key Safe, as it is conveniently placed on my front door know.
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About Master Lock

Founded in 1921 by locksmith and inventor Harry Soref, Master Lock was granted their first patent in 1924 and has become the leading manufacturer of locks to this day.

The Master Lock Push Button Portable Key Safe provides secure storage of keys or access cards and offers protective weather cover to prevent freezing and jamming. This is convenient as it allows me to have one centralized key and I just share the code with whomever I need to have come over while I am away. The best part is that I can change the code each and every time I travel, allowing extra security. MasterLock Portable Push Button Lock Box -02Whether it is the middle of winter, or during a heat wave here in the Midwest, the protective cover allows pure protection against all of the outside elements and provides sustaining usage. The larger buttons allow for visual ease for anyone using it and has a larger interior compartment for several keys.

If you know a realtor or contractor, this is the perfect gift for them. Showing and constructing several houses can become cluttered with dozens of keys. Simply have them place a Master Lock Push Button Portable Key Safe on each home they are working on and they can have easy access to each one without loosing or confusing several key sets.

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183 thoughts on “Protect your Home with Master Lock Portable Push Button Lock Box

  • We so need this at our house thanks for the great review.

  • wow love this item great one to own thanks for a great review of it

  • I could really use Masterlock due to increased crime..

  • GREAT PRODUCT! Masterlock is one of the best!

  • Never heard of this brand but it sounds like a good product

  • Handy little locks, especially in real estate

  • I love Masterlock..Great Brand..Thanks for sharing

  • A perfect item if you are in the real estate business!

  • I like the specifications on the security level behind Master Lock a lot because they supersede community standards.

  • Masterlock is the only product name that comes to mind when I’m buying a lock.

  • Masterlock products are built well, we have a few of them and love the quality! 🙂

  • This would make such a good gift for friends and family who travel often.

  • I’m putting this on my wishlist for my boyfriend. thank you

  • What a great idea to use for when you are vacation!

  • It is a very near feature that the code to the lock can be changed when you need to.

  • I love Masterlock, I love they the way they are built and I own one for my bikes, I wish I had this one because I know my place of residence would not have been broken into .. I really enjoyed this video also,

  • I love Masterlock, I have a lock from them not as good as this one, but I have never had a problem with it and they
    do last a long time, I would love to have had this, recently my place got broken into again,:( I am moving now, but do wish
    I had this lock, I am sure it would have helped me..

  • What a GREAT idea!!! I was a realtor for a couple years, we used these type of lock-boxes. So happy to see this for consumers!

  • What a great product to have for added security.

  • Wow what a great idea! Perfect for a couple of people I know. So much easier than handing out keys to everyone lol.

  • It is easy to open and to close.

  • This would be great for our shed.

  • Masterlock is a brand we know and trust. I really like how they have a product for almost any situation. We use this product to secure a couple of out buildings and it has worked out well.

  • This lock is really cool. I haven’t seen anything like it before. I’m glad I came upon this review.

  • Would love this is and I’d like one …maybe there is nothing one that would notify me when used.

  • This looks like a super useful product. I like that it has push buttons and secures my spare key safely.

  • I like that it has weather protection and that you can change the code!

  • This is something I would use to keep an extra set of keys for myself. I am sure I can think of other uses for this also.

  • Is this battery operated, electric? I’m curious. Thanks.

  • I have a friend who is out of town for the entire summer. This would be perfect for her home where several of us are checking in on her place. Love that you don’t have to run around town copying a ton of keys.

  • I love that this Master Lock product is easy to use, push button.

  • Masterlock makes some great products!

  • This is a great idea. I have way too many keys as it is!

  • I think Masterlock is a great brand. I could see us using this for our dog sitter.

  • I love that the code can be changed when the need arises.

  • This would be really handy. It would make a great gift for my husband. We own several properties and this would work perfectly.

  • I trust Masterlock. It is a great brand and very secure. I really like how they have a product for every situation and need.

  • What a great gift for a man! Too bad I just missed buying this for Father’s Day! However, his birthday is right around the corner.
    Masterlock makes great durable products.

  • This looks like a great way to keep home safe!

  • I like feeling safe and secure for peace of mind.

  • I love Master Lock products, a brand I can definitely trust.

  • I could sure use those larger buttons. Would make it so much easier.

  • Masterlock makes reliable, high quality locks.

  • Masterlock makes high quality, reliable locks.

  • I would like to try this out.

  • What a great idea! And Master Lock has an excellent reputation.

  • My uncle is a relator, I am sure he could use a few of these!!

  • This is an excellent idea for kiddos that are old enough to remember a code. It’s way easier to remember numbers than to keep up with a key. I can see this being helpful for our cleaning lady and our babysitter, too!

  • This seems like a great way to protect your home! Thanks for sharing this lock!

  • I love Masterlock. They make a terrific variety of products and all are great quality. I have a Masterlock for a shed, and I know no one could ever get into it!

  • I may have to get this for my dad for Christmas. Like everyone is saying the features on it are so cool.

  • We are selling my father-in-law’s house out of town and the realtor just put one of these on the house this weekend.

  • I like that the code can be easily changed every time you travel.

  • This is fantastic and has a trusted name like Master lock,cant ask for better security than that

  • I’ve seen these. I think it’s okay, but things can still go wrong.

  • This is great added security, I like how easy it is to use.

  • Master Lock has been around for a long time. I would love one of these for my house. So nice

  • This looks like a nice product. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

  • Another great product from Masterlock! We have a lock box with extra keys, but our daughter would use the keys then leave them in her bedroom. This meant they weren’t available the next time someone needed them. This would eliminate that problem.

  • This would be perfect for my dad and step mom who travel in the summer. Its easy to.

  • This is a very handy device. Masterlock has some fabulous products.

  • This is great. I wouldn’t have to worry about losing my house key. Thank you for sharing

  • This looks like a much needed product when on vacation.

  • This would make an awesome housewarming gift for my son who’s moving in to his new apartment.

  • Very convenient way to prevent lock-out of your home

  • I have always wanted one of these for the garden shed. I like how easy it is to use. I also LOVE how hard it would be for anyone else to open it. Masterlock is a great product and really has some great features.

  • I love it would love to have one

  • This is so much better than having a bunch of keys out there. I like the worry free aspect of this.

  • Wonderful protection for my family…

  • What great added security to have with using this.

  • I like that it has a protective weather cover to prevent freezing and jamming

  • I don’t like the idea of putting that on my front door at all (it tells people you aren’t there) maybe at the gym or a company trash dumpster or some place like that.

  • This would be great to try out.

  • This is a great idea. Is there a back up if you forget the code?

  • This would be so great to have. I want one!

  • I wonder what would happen if you forgot the code. Hmmmmm

  • I like that it has larger buttons than I’ve seen on other locks like this.

  • I love that it is not only portable but a push lock.

  • I like that the lock comes with a limited lifetime warranty

  • I would Definitley give it a try when I travel out of the country. Instead of having a neighbor check on my home. Just wow.

  • Wow this product is great to consider when I leave to Mexico for a month. Every summer I travel and is with jitters thinking that someone can break in my home. Great product !

  • This is totally neat, I’d love to have it for when I leave town. My neighbor can come by and feed my fish.

  • I like the protective cover that withstands all weather conditions.

  • This is not a bad idea at all. Twice (twice!) I have felt that I had to change ALL of the locks on my house after coming home!

  • I love how easy this is to use. It would be great if you were stranded somewhere and needed someone to get into the house. Thank you so much for sharing this

  • That’s it! That’s the solution I’ve been looking for! Now I can hire a maid!

  • This would be perfect for my front door as well as my parent’s back door.

  • super great for visiting friends too if you’re still going to be at work when they get there.

  • What a great idea! I like that it is easy to change the code.

  • having one of these is a great way to protect your home

  • I like that it is available with personalized laser engraving

  • I like the ease of changing the code for extra security.

  • Like this but not able to get it right now. Looks good for the front door.

  • I think this is a wonderful idea. A whole lot easier then giving your kids keys that they always lose..

  • This is such a great idea. I love the protective cover it comes with. I would love one of these for my house. Thank you for sharing

  • I know several people in my family who could use this for their home.

  • this is great, I like how easy it is to set the code.

  • This is great! I’d love one for my room so nobody can get in when I’m out.

  • This is a great idea. Lots of reasons to have something like this. Thanks for the info.

  • I like the large internal cavity

  • I like that the lock has a large internal cavity

  • Awesome lock! Looks super sleek!

  • (Protect your Home with Master Lock Portable Push Button Lock Box) This type of lock and extra security would have been perfect for my daughter to have on her apartment. Her place was broke into this past February and they stole about 7,000.00 dollars worth-

  • What a great and secure way to give someone a key to your house! You can never have too much security.

  • I agree with you that it would be great for a realtor or contractor but, personally I wouldn’t have a need for it because I only allow my mother access to our house. 🙂

  • I would love to have this. It would make the house safer

  • When my husband and I were house hunting, several of the homes had this. That was over ten years ago.

    • This is a great and secure way of sharing your key with someone.

  • This product is so easy to use, I love it!

  • This is nice love to have one

  • this lock looks like a great quality lock. would love to have one.

  • cool product

  • I like that it has a molded body and vinyl coated shackle prevent scratching.

  • this sounds awesome

  • That looks pretty snazzy! It would be a great and very useful item to own. It’s nice how technology has come so far to help families out.

  • I love any gadget that makes a person’s life easier and provides a person with extra security.

  • I’ve used this type of lock before and this one looks outstanding, and will get this one next time I’m purchasing.

  • I would love one of these for added security, great when you are away.

  • This is a great idea!

  • This is a great idea!

  • My husband will totally love the portable key safe!

  • This is great. YOu have peace of mind if you ever forget your key or have a need for someone to get in your home.

  • It’s great if you forget your keys.

  • (Protect your Home with Master Lock Portable Push Button Lock Box) My husband and I sure could use something like this here in our home.

  • What an ingenious idea!! It’s a scary feeling when you leave your home in the hands of other people and hope they don’t lose your keys .

  • My friend’s mother has one and she loves the feeling of added security and i is easy for her to use.

  • I love master lock products ,I’ve used them since I was a kid !

  • YES!
    Have used it several times already. Only problem is that opening it up sometimes and the most closing it up is difficult. A lot of people have had trouble closing it successfully.

  • This sounds like a great product. Masterlock is a name I trust…

  • I love these little locks! They’re great for when you travel!

  • This would provide convenience and would be so easy to use.

  • This is such a great idea. I would love to have one of these so when I was away on vacation or visiting family the people I have come water my plants, check on my house, etc. could have access to it without me being there. I love that you can change the code too. You can never be too careful and that just adds that more peace of mind. Thanks for sharing I am going to look into one of these.

  • This looks like a great lock to have.

  • It’s not a bad idea. I’m not sure that I’d use though.

  • Master lock is a name that I trust and has been around a long time

  • This would be great to have for teens that are apt to lose the house key.

  • This looks like a good idea.

  • A well-made lock that is easy to use.

  • I need a lock box to store my extra condo key!!

  • Looks like a convenient way to store extra keys. Especially good for those who accidentally get locked out of their own home!

  • Great for travel and peace of mind. I can imagine several ways this would be useful.

  • Definitely a great product to have for safely securing your home.

  • I lost the combination to my lock once and never rode that bicycle again.

  • I love this product. Convenience and security to give you peace of mind.

  • I need one of these!

  • Love Masterlock and could use this when showing our house for sale!

  • We have one of these, it is just in case someone forgets their key. Mostly, for our son who has a few times and gotten us out of bed. This really saves our sleep now! 🙂

  • master lock has really great products. I would always feel that my items were secure with this lock

  • Seems like a good alternative for a way to provide security when you one is travelling.

  • This is perfect. I love the protective covering. We could use one of these for sure. Thank you for sharing

  • Master Lock is a brand that I trust. I can use this for my home and my parents could use it for theirs.

  • I love this gadget and it would be perfect for my home in the Smoky Mountains for family when they come visit to be able to get in to my home if I am not there

  • This would be great to have for added security.

  • My family travels a lot and this would be a perfect gift for them! Thanks for your review!

  • A small lock box like this would be great for extra important valuables, such as passports or keys to a gun safe.

  • This lock box is great! My parents travel a lot and definitely would benefit from one of these. This would be a great Christmas gift for them. Thank you for sharing this!

  • I have been looking to get a secure lock for my storage unit in my condo!

  • In this day and age we all need security ,home invasion and robbery are commonplace now ,great stuff to help deter this.

  • We need one for our door.

  • Those are good locks; I like that I can set the number I want for it.

  • My mother and father could really use this on their back door.

  • Sounds like an awesome product! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • This looks like a great product. I love the idea for realtors.

  • Sounds like a very good lock.I could use this.

  • My husband told me that he want to by one, now I’m agree.

  • Interesting. It’s similar to what real estate agents use.

  • It sounds like great protection.

  • I think that this ix a most excellent security system. I highly recommend Master-Lock.

  • What a nice lock. I really like the push buttons on it!

  • I would love to have this lock. It seems great.

  • I love the attributes of the Master Lock Portable Push Button Lock Box. It would be great to be able to protect my home with this great system.

  • I like the protective cover. This would be great for our midwest winters and rainy springs.

  • THis would be perfect for my mom and my stepfather. That way when the kids come to visit, we can get in and out anytime.

  • That is really cool. I think this would make a good Father;s Day gift!

  • I travel a lot with one of my daughters, going to weekend anime conventions around the Midwest and to the east coast. We often have others stay with us at our hotel – as a way of saving money ourselves, plus helping others who might not be able to afford to attend otherwise. However, since they are not always people we know especially well, and we do have items of value with us, this would be a real help for us.

  • This looks like such a great product..My hubby would love this 🙂

  • This would really be handy to have; thanks a lot for posting this review!

  • I like that it is conveniently placed on the front door.

  • I like the features of Masterlock.
    This is a product I would consider using.

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