25,000 Fans ~~ Milestone Madness Blog Hop Giveaway

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We’ve all reached some fantastic milestones and we couldn’t have done it without you our fans!


So now it’s time to celebrate these milestones with all of you to say THANK YOU helping us make it this far!


That’s why Emptynester Reviews, Couponing 4 You, Powered by Mom, Mom Does Reviews and Mommy & Baby Reviews & Giveaways decided to put together the Milestone Madness Blog Hop!


We contacted companies and people we know and we have each secured a prize/s for you! So make sure to check out each of the giveaways at the bottom of the post (you’ll see a thumbnail picture) and hop on over and enter all the giveaways! Each one has an awesome prize for you. All these giveaways and it’s so easy to enter WOW!

As we celebrate hitting 25,000 AMAZING fans, we are giving away a $25 Amazon Gift Card to one super-lucky It’s Free At Last Fan!!!!


Simply enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win this FABULOUS Prize!!!

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Help our friends who have also reached their milestone by entering their giveaways.  Check them all out below:


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136 thoughts on “25,000 Fans ~~ Milestone Madness Blog Hop Giveaway

  • I have been a fan at least 6 months 🙂

  • Brand new to your site but it’s awesome!!

  • Oh, wow, I have no idea how long I’ve been a fan! Close to a year, maybe?!

  • Oh, gosh, six months? A year? It has been a while now.

  • Honestly, I am not sure.

  • Not that long, I’ve only recently started to follow blogs. I know, I’m behind.

  • Really don’t remember but I won’t foirget FREEBIES and COUPONS! Have a Blessed Day! 🙂

  • new fan 🙂

  • i am a new fan

  • About a year

  • I have been a fan for about a year

  • Maybe a year or less.

  • I think it’s been a couple of months

  • I’ve been a fan for a few months

  • A few months

  • Not too long, I just started getting into the blogs & giveaways. I love it! 🙂

  • not exactly sure but definitely over a year

  • I have been a member since early July of this year.

  • I think it has been all most a year.

  • Since Feb:)

  • over a year now

  • I honestly don’t know, I’m sorry

  • For about a year now

  • 2 or 3 days, lol

  • 2 months

  • I think for a few months.

  • I think around a week.

  • A couple of months…I think! LOL It may be longer – you know how time goes by faster when you have kids!

  • I think from 3 months

  • It’s been almost a year, I think, since I became a fan. Not exactly sure. Enjoy the site!

  • I’ve been a fan for awhile – not sure exactly – but quite a while.

  • not very long maybe a month or 2:)

  • I have been a fan for about 9 months.

  • I’m not sure but I saw you on my facebook page

  • I think i’ve been a fan for about 2 months now and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Wish I would’ve found it long ago…

  • for a couple months now.

  • Im pretty new maybe a month, 2 tops! i like what i’ve seen so far!!

  • not sure

  • maybe 2 months

  • I think I started following around this time last year. =) Congrats on the milestone. =)

  • I am really not sure !

  • only a few weeks, but loving it!

  • I think its been about a year.

  • At leat a few months now!

  • maybe a year or so

  • fairly new fan- 🙂

  • Honestly, I am not sure. I think it has only been a few months.

  • I have been a fan for about 2 months ! I am so glad I found you !!

  • Probably about a month or so. I haven’t been a blog person until the last 3 months.

  • Been a fan for about a year.

  • I just stumbled on your site

  • for more than 6 months

  • I would say at least a year or so. thank you

  • Fairly new, a couple months. Would LOVE $25 for Amazon… need to get some Gillette Razors 😀

  • To be honest I haven’t a clue 🙁

  • i think its been around a year

  • over a year! one of my first n only pages!

  • I think 1 year.

  • I’m a new fan, but loving every minute of it!

  • A week or so!

  • I don’t really remember but it has been a long time

  • new, just found you

  • For about a year and half. 😉 Ty for all you do!

  • I have been a fan for over 1 and a half years!

  • I’m a new fan. Been here about a week or so.

  • I’m not sure, for about 3 months or so I think

  • Honestly I am not 100% sure, but I am thinking around a year. Congratulations!!!

  • For about 6 months.

  • for quite a while I don’t know exactly how long

  • a little while!

  • Not long, maybe a week or two

  • For a few months now, I do believe!

  • I don’t remember.

  • 4 months

  • i’m brand new to your site, congrats on reaching your milestone!

  • I am not positive but it’s been about a couple months.. Thanks for the giveaway

  • About year I believe

  • ’m fairly new .. about 3 months or so

  • I don’t remember exactly, but I think it’s been about a year.

  • I have no idea maybe a month or two

  • I honestly could not tell you, probably like 3-6 months?

  • 4-6 months i believe 🙂

  • Probably about a week. It is quite addicting

  • II have to be honest i don’t know for sure, I just open your rmail when i get it and check out all your stuff and its been GREAT. Thanks Joannie plus my GOGGLE PLUS name is joannie sparks i messed the answer in the form and i don’t know how to erase. Thanks Joannie

  • I believe I’m a newbie =)

  • II have to be honest i don’t know for sure, I just open your rmail when i get it and check out all your stuff and its been GREAT. Thanks Joannie

  • A few months, at least!

  • I do not know how long. Is there a way to tell?

  • Not very long

  • I’m not sure…a few months at least.

  • Not sure… Its been months and i love this site!

  • not really sure,but a few months

  • I am brand new…

  • I’m a fairly recent fan…maybe a few months or so.

  • Probably over a year now

  • I’m a newbie! About a week 🙂

  • about 3 months

  • I would say I have been a fan for about 6 months!

  • 3-4 months, not sure

  • No idea how long I have been a fan!!!

  • Somewhere around one year! Thank you 🙂

  • fairly recently became a follower!

  • Don’t know exactly how long, probably 3 months or so.

  • I actually have no clue! But I know it’s been longer than 3 months..that one I’m positive on

  • i’m a brand new fan, glad i found you

  • About 4 months or so!

  • Probably about a year.

  • I am not sure probably about 6 months

  • I’m not sure but it is probably between six months and a year.

  • I’m a new fan, just found you through Mom to bed by 8!

  • Ive been a fan only a couple of months – but I love it!

  • for about half a year now

  • about a year, I think! 🙂

  • I am new , so glad to have found you !

  • a couple months

  • Oh, gosh, I can’t remember. Several months now I think!

  • I’m not really sure.. I believe about 4-6 months but could be longer.

  • Not sure how long. 6 months maybe longer.

  • Hmm, I’m a pretty new fan. Maybe 3 months at the most.

  • Not very long, my sister just showed me this world of online deals and stuff. I’m amazed by all these sites. She has been a fan for a long time though

  • i fan so many pages i lost track but i think i’m a new fan lol or i don’t follow to close sorry its so much to try to keep up with lol

  • for a long time

  • I am sorry but I do not remember

  • I think I’ve been a fan for about a year. I started couponing in June of last year and I jumped on the freebie bandwagon at the same time. I found you very quickly and haven’t looked back!

  • I think about 6 months give or take

  • aobut 3 or 4 months i think if not longer

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