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Keeping your lips moisturized can be tricky, and I know all about that. I am always looking for something that will heal, make them feel soft and is eco friendly. Using Eco Lips lipscrub and Hemp Lip Balm make them feel wonderful! They come in several different scents.

About Eco Lips:

Our story begins in the early 1990s, when Andrea Danielson began brewing small batches of natural lip balm in her kitchen for her friends and family.  She took great care in handcrafting the balm and packaging it in small amber glass jars to preserve the freshness of the pure ingredients.  Andrea didn’t realize that by giving a sample of her natural lip creation to Steve Shriver her life would be changed forever

Steve had larger-than-life lips, and was always searching for a better balm. When Steve met Andrea in 1995, he immediately fell in love with the lip balm, and moments later he also fell in love with Andrea.  They were married in 1997 and Steve, a lifetime entrepreneur, quickly spent Andrea’s life savings on ingredients and packaging for the couple’s first product, Hemp Lip Buzz

By 2003, Steve and Andrea built a specialized private label natural body care company focused on making high quality products for many other successful brands.  Their company rapidly became a leading natural body care manufacturer in the Natural Products industry.

The beneficial properties of hemp seed oil are renowned throughout the world. From the first time the cap twists off these hemp-infused lip balms, you’ll be soothed and protected. These moisturizing lip balms feature certified organic hemp seed oil paired with organic flavors, herbs and vitamins for a luxurious, nutrient-rich experience.

  • Not made with THC or CBD
  • Warm vanilla note
  • Ultra soothing
  • Nutrient-rich

Smooth dry, rough lips with this delicious lip exfoliant. Organic, Fair Trade Certified™ sugar gently buffs away flaky, dry skin while organic coconut oil, olive oil and jojoba moisturize and protect. Simply apply in a circular motion to polish and activate blood flow.

Get totally kissable, baby soft lips the natural way with the lip-licking flavors of Brown Sugar and Vanilla Bean! It’s so good, you can lick the sugar off. Now in a convenient and mess-free stick form! 

Lip Scrub Sticks feature the warm, comforting and sweet flavors of caramel, vanilla and toffee to entice the senses and feed your sweet tooth.

  • 60% Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients
  • Moisturizes, polishes and protects
  • Made with Wholesome Sweeteners sugar
  • Softens, exfoliates and nourishes lips

You can purchase your own Eco Lips Lip Balm or Eco Lipscrub from their website. 

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72 thoughts on “Moisturize Your Lips with ECO LIPS

  • It is a must to keep my lips moisturized especially during the cold months.I make it a point to apply chap stick before I put on lipstick or lip gloss.The ingredients and product information is very impressive.These appear to be topnotch lip balms.And the flavors are definitely not same ole, same ole.

  • I have to get some memory loop pills! What good is having this product if you forgot to use it??

  • My lips are dry all year long. I keep chap stick with me all the time and am always looking for better ones.

  • I still am going to buy the kids lip protection even though they are doing online schooling.

  • i would love to try this and this good

  • I have never heard of hemp-infused lip balms. That’s probably why this works.

  • This sounds great! I could really use it in the wintertime. My lips get so dry!

  • It’s almost September! Time to stock-up on this lip product!!

  • Organic products are the way to go like this lip product!

  • Steve and Andrea made some beautiful lip music together and these lips have stayed together for 23 years! Yeah! So it works well.

  • I am now a new fan of this lip product

  • I am not a lipstick person but a lip balm person and these look great!

  • Yes, yes, YES!!! I’m such a sucker for lip balms & love to learn about new ones. Pretty sure I need all of these now!

  • I will advise my friends to use this and not to give me or show me any lip!

  • Who likes kissing dry, rough, cracked lips? Not me!
    So if you want some tender affection, take care of all of yourself!

  • Echo Hemp & Lipscrub lips are HAPPY lips

  • These products are awesome must have lip food

  • Lips rub is a must have product in your medicine cabinet!

  • Lipscrub is a must have in our family!

  • I have used these and they are a great product.

  • We are heading to Walmart after my doctor’s appointment. I am going to see if I can pick this up before fall

  • I love a lip balm that is also an exfoliant.

  • I had to share this on Facebook! Spreading the word to keep lips healthy, especially before winter.

  • Hemp is like the new neosporin! Good for most things!

  • I think I would like the mint truffle!

  • These look great! I would love to try the vanilla bean flavor.

  • These sound like great products. I use chap stick all year long for my chapped lips.

  • I wonder if there would be some new flavors in the future?

  • I like the different varieties available. Mint truffle is the one I would try first. Sounds yummy

  • This is a must have product! There are certain areas of our bodies that we don’t mean to neglect like our feet & lips! I have seen some pretty bad lips in my lifetime. I have noticed some people peel the skin right off of their lips! Being a Diabetic, my lips get as dry as the inside of my mouth, because I am constantly thirsty. I have pinned this, shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkden that’s how important I think this product is! Especially with people having to wear masks too and this super hot summer we are having! There are so many factors that can hurt our lips and skin! I am definitely picking up this Lipscrub!! Thank you for sharing!!

  • I have never tried this but I use lip gloss all the time so I know I would love it.

  • I have dry lips because I spend a lot of time outside. I could use help to soften them up.

  • I think I would like the mint truffle!

  • I love that they are a leading natural body care manufacturer in the Natural Products industry.

  • I do like that there are herbs and vitamins in this lip balm for a luxurious, nutrient-rich experience.

  • It’s awesome that these are fair trade certified!

  • I love that these are made with Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients.

  • Mint Truffle sounds like a really wonderful flavor to try for this lip balm.

  • Awesome variety!

  • I think I would really like the vanilla and the brown sugar!

  • My family and I are always purchasing different types of lip balm.

  • These are really awesome! Brown Sugar sounds good. I use regular Chapstick now

  • I love the variety these come in!

  • I would love to try the cherry flavor of this lip balm.

  • Natural products are awesome! Brown Sugar sounds good. I use regular Chapstick when my lips get dry

  • I really want to give these a try!

  • I have been reading about the beneficial properties of hemp seed oil that is in this product.

  • I like natural products for my skin, lips and hair if possible and this would be great to keep my lips soft and moist all year round.

  • Ecolips Lipscrub has yummy flavors and has a sugar base with oils to exfoliate your lips which makes them smoother. Brown Sugar, Vanilla Bean and Mint Truffle all sound good for lipscrubs.

  • I would love to give these a try.

  • I’m addicted to any kind of chapstick!!

  • I do like that these products have 60% Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients

  • These sound wonderful. I’d love to try the Brown Sugar Lipscrub.

  • I am always looking for natural body care products like these.

  • Lip Scrub Sticks sounds like something I would love. My lips get really dry and these sound nice.

  • Any of these products would be super for my family and I to try.

  • My lips can get so dry in the summer heat. This looks like a good product that would really help.

  • I am a big fan of effective lip products. This brand sounds great!

  • my lips could really use these lip balms.

  • I need to get some. Nice!

  • I need to get this for my lips!

  • I would love to try the brown sugar, vanilla bean and mint truffle Lipscrubs by Eco Lips.

  • I use these products because they are organic.

  • I would really like to try the Lip Scrub Sticks in Caramel!

  • ECO LIPS has wonderful products. My daughter uses many of them.

  • I love the hemp ones and the libscrub sounds so unique. I love the flavor options too

  • I use lip balm daily, but I’m not fond of flavored lip balm. If Eco Lips had an unflavored lip balm, I would try it.

  • Wearing masks most of the day you need lip protection and moisture. I love the flavors and that it softens my lips and nourishes them too naturally.

  • This is real nice looking good

  • My lips get like that more in the winter than the summer.

  • I would love to try the brown sugar, vanilla bean and mint truffle Lipscrubs by Eco Lips.

  • I have 8 feral cats so I am outside a few times every day no matter what the weather is. I often have dry chapped lips. I usually use regular Chapstick. I apply it often though. Eco Lips brand sound like it would suit me better and last longer- be more moisturizing.

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