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Christmas is coming fast!
Are you needing gift ideas? I have complied a great list of gifts just for you!
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 I want to thank The Edge Tie DyeSeven SlingsPetmate, Cat Crib, IMUSA, GlassDharmah, Sonic AlarmDVOOrnaments With LoveOrgreenic,ToiletTreeBuild A Dream PlayhouseSpace SaversStep 2 , Ace Cat Furniture,Lisa Becker and Book Sox for providing such great gifts!


I am delighted to say that all of these companies are providing one of their products as gifts to my readers! I made this into a hop so you could enter to win what you want the most! Take your time, there is no rush you have all month to work your way down the list and enter them all! To Enter do the mandatory entries on this form then start to enter the individual giveaways!

All the participating blogs wish you Good Luck and a very Merry Christmas!


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56 thoughts on “My Christmas Wish List Giveaway ~~ Enter to win tons of prizes

  • spending time with the family

  • The Christmas when all the toys we got our two oldest kids, who were 3 and 1 at the time were all gently used donated toys. The kids did not even notice or care they love every gift even how few and were delighted with all they got! We may have been poor but we were blessed because we had each other! This was in 1991 these two are grown and I have an 18 year old, an 11 year old , as well as a 4 year old grandson! my JOYS all 5 of them 6 if you add my husband of 30 years!

  • What I like most about the holidays is spending time with the family, because you know that you don’t have to be bothered with some of them for the rest of the new year.

  • mostly family. they come first.. love the unity of friends on a holiday. not everyday u can do this and have the real meaning of jesus in ur lives

  • family and friends being together

  • Family and friends. The best gift of all – Jesus.

  • We would always get together with all of our grandparents on Christmas Eve. Mom always made oyster stew even though no one but my Dad and Grandpa liked it. We didn’t care because we ere too excited to open our gifts.

  • Getting together with friends and family.

  • I love seeing the kid’s faces christmas morning when they open their gifts 🙂 i think the best memories are the little things in the stockings, my parents always put nuts, and oranges in the bottom, and a bag of candy 🙂

  • Friends and Family are my favorite part of christmas

  • When we were in Japan and got our little pink kamonos and saw all the fantastic lights in Toyko.

  • Spend time with family and friends!

  • I love being with my family & friends, & I love the way that people start giving to each other (volunteering, etc).

  • This is a lot to do, & a lot to follow. I hope I win b/c I did EVERYTHING!

  • I like spending time with family and friends laughing and just enjoying being together.

  • I love getting all the family together and all the great food!

  • Seeing how excited my kids are and helping others in need

  • spending time with my family. this year my sister is finally visiting im thrilled

  • Spending time with my family and Christmas crafts with the kids.

  • family time and the cooler weather!

  • My favorite thing is having the opportunity to make the holidays special, for those less fortunate.

  • my fav thing about the holidays is cooking for my family

  • Family time!

  • My favorite family tradition is when we would gather together with my extended family. We would all go to my grandma’s house and spend the day together eating, opening presents, and just hanging out. I would always spend the night with her that night and for several days over Christmas Break. I will always treasure the time I had especially since she is now gone.

  • Family and food and the decorations

  • I love spending time with my family and friends

  • I like the food and family.

  • My favorite Christmas memory is when me and my cousin were about 6 and 8 years old. At the time, we were 2 of only 3 grandchildren. 1 of which was never around for Christmas time. When it came time for presents, we played “Santa.” We put on Santa hats and got all of the presents from under the tree and gave them out to everyone. Our piles were so huge. I can still remember a lot of the gifts we got. The piles were over our heads when we sat on the floor. It was just so much fun and a memory that will forever stick with me. It was one of the last Christmas’ that my Great Grandma would be with us.

  • I love being able to spend time with my friends and family. I live pretty far away from the majority of my family so it is nice to go home and spend time with them. I get to see all of my nieces and nephews that have grown up so much since the last time I saw them. We eat delicious food and watch movies and play games. It is such a wonderful time. It’s a shame we don’t do those sort of things every day!

  • I love all the smells at Christmas. They last for days and love all every thing is nicely decorated.

  • family being together

  • I love sharing the holidays with my family and friends.

  • very kind. would love to win.

  • Being together with my family

  • My family gathering at our home from several states! We have a blast!

  • Favorite Christmas and worst Christmas was when I had my son. It was the best Christmas because I had him but the worst because I was in the hospital for the whole thing and when I got home on boxing day I was rushed back by ambulance and kept for 3 more days WITHOUT my newborn baby.

  • My favorite Christmas tradition is all the holiday cooking and baking for our beloved ones and family.

  • My favorite memory of Christmas has to be when I was about 15. I had seen a beautiful coat that I want & had also found some boots to go with it. My mom knew I wanted them but she told me that they just cost to much so I just forgot about them. On Christmas day us kids got up & raided the christmas tree. There was no coat or boots. My dad had to work that day till 4 in the afternoon. I was called into my mom & dad’s bedroom. Dad ask if I liked what I had gotten that morning.After talking for awhile my dad just walked out & then afew minutes later came back with two big gifts. He handled them to me & told me he loved me. I opened them up & there was the coat & boots. I just started to cry like a baby. I couldn’t thank him & mom enought. Well I am getting ready to turn 56 in December, I still have that beautiful burnt orange & black fur coat. I have kept it just could not get rid of it. Everytime I open my closet I have to pull the pastic up & look at it. It reminds me how much my dad worked hard to take care of us & how he couldn’t really afford them but he did cause his little girl wanted them.

  • I Love getting my husband’s family & mine together. Seeing all the small children in our families all excited about Santa. Cooking & decorating the house.

  • My favorite Christmas memory was the day I brought my baby girl home from the hospital, on Christmas morning! 🙂 What a gift! 🙂

  • Having fun with family and the game nights

  • I like the thoughtfulness that comes with the holidays! 🙂

  • buying gifts for OTHER people 🙂

  • i love to c the little kids faces at christmas

  • when my children when they was small they opened up there presents while i was at work and i was rearanging them and noticed they tried to wrap them back up so i took all there peesents out and wraped up there old toys they was so mad because they thought santa knew that was bad and gave there presents away ,after me and my husband stopped laughing we got out there real presents and gave them to them, they never touched another present after that,

  • spending time with friends and family and watching my grandbabies open their pressies

  • I like that my husband gets to go on leave and there is no travel, and no gigs, or anything else to take him away from us for a solid 2 weeks.

  • I like the giving an getting together with family! It’s a tie I cannot choose just one! 🙂

  • spending time with family.

  • They keep me busy. I like the excitement.

  • Getting together with all my family and cooking traditional Puerto rican dishes together.

  • seeing how happy kids are

  • The joy on my kid’s faces when they see what Santa brought them.

  • family and friends

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