forpow Motion Activated Bed Light is Perfect for Night Time Illumination

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Everyone knows that we need to get a good night’s sleep in order to be our brightest the next day. What most don’t know is that lights, even from clocks and devices can mess with your sleep cycles That leaves us with a dilemma for those of us that get up several times during the night. Between needing a good sleep, not wanting to disturb others, and still needing to get up and down frequently left me hunting for a solution. Well, I have found it in the forpow Motion Activated Bed Light!

forpow Motion Activated Bed Light

The forpow Motion Activated Led Strip Bed Light is equipped with a smart sensor which detects both light and movement. It really is brilliant! As soon as your feet hit the floor, and it detects the movement, it produces a warm light that will illuminate your room. You can then safely navigate the room and NOT disturb others.

The forpow Motion Activated Led Strip Bed Light is easy to install and there no tools required. You can install in only a few minutes with a few easy steps and the 3M adhesive tape it comes with.

You can also choose a color option that works best for you. To bright? No problem, the unit is also dimmable! I also love that it has an auto Shut-off feature. You can set the on-time light for 30 seconds or 10 minutes and the light will shut off automatically if no motion is detected. It makes getting up easier at night. No more fumbling in the dark trying not to disturb others, but having enough soft light to make your way safely.

The forpow Motion Activated Led Strip Bed Light uses very little energy. The LED uses 7.5W and produces the same light as a 25W light bulb. In addition, the LED will last up to 10 years! The length of time is based on usage of one hour per day, so it can be more or less.

forpow Motion Activated Bed Light features in a nutshell:

  • Auto Shut-on/off – You can set the on-time of the light at 30 seconds or 10 minutes. Light shuts off automatically if no motion is detected.
  • Responds to your needs – Getting up at night becomes effortless with light designed to turn on and off when you need it.
  • Easy setup – Installed in few minutes with a few easy steps Ready to attach with 3M adhesive tape.
  • Low energy – LED consumes up to 7.5W to produce the same light as up to 25W incandescent bulb
  • Feeling safe at night – As your foot touches the floor, the room is softly illuminated to guide you gently and safely through the room
  • Long lifetime – LED last up 10 years based on average activation of 1 hour per day
  • Thoughtful lighting – A warm soft glow of light, where you need it, when you need it, with no disturbing glare to wake others and no fumbling to find the light switch in the dark
  • Brightness – Dimmable Brightness can be adjusted to ensure no glaring and easy getting up at night.

What’s  included in the box:

  • 2x Motion sensor (one white and one Pink)
  • 2×1.4M LED Strip light (warm white)
  • 1x Power supply
  • 6xCable clips
  • 2xLED Dimmer
  • 1 x Splitter cable lead

I am loving the forpow Motion Activated Bed Light! It is just what I needed for my ups and downs throughout the night! It would be amazing for anyone to have, but especially useful for those that do get up a lot at night and for seniors. Get your forpow Motion Activated Bed Light on Amazon today and stop stumbling in the dark!

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