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Over the past few months, I have been sharing my approach and pending journey to losing some much needed weight and regaining the health that I once had about 8 years ago.

Over the last 8 years I have overcome a few major hurdles that really impacted my heart, my health and my mind.  Since 2006, I have beat Ovarian cancer, sustained from an emotional divorce, raised my now 18 year old daughter alone and faced many work-related challenges.

What was once a means of nourishment and energy to fuel my body, became my best friend and form of comfort.  I know that people deal with stress in different ways, my way became food and soda.  Now please understand I am not using this as any excuse, as I know I am a functioning, consenting adult.  Also understand that this was my avenue to help my stress levels when I felt like no one else could understand what I was going through or how I was feeling.  As the years pressed on, my security blanket became more of a habit and new way of life, which caused me to gain over 120 pounds over 10 years.  My worst crutch became full-blown, sugar filled soda…didn’t matter the brand, just to have that sugary-sweet taste morning, noon and night was what I craved.

What also has not helped, is that I live in a smaller city and the closest family or form of support is 100 miles away.  This makes it a little more challenging for me to walk with family and friends, get some needed support and encouragement and also turned me into a couch potato.  I had to make a change.

This goes beyond wanting to tie my shoe without “grunting” or laying on my side each night because of my extra weight.  I want to live to see my only child have children of her own.  When she has those children, I want to be able to engage and interact with them beyond a recliner or wheelchair. I want to run and laugh with them, without getting winded.  I want to prolong my life and actually look and feel 42, not just look 42 with the health of a 65 year old woman.

Well, this past January, that all changed.  I met, in person, some of the most amazing women I have been communicating with online for years.  We have all made a pact to change not only our weight, but our lives, our eating habits and our futures…together.

So with that being said, here is my support, my team, my friends, my partners-in-crime to fight the fat and rid our bodies of the toxins, break and change the habits that got us to where we are and permanently change the way we eat and think so that we can all be around for a long, long time…and what I mean by “a-round” is time, not girth, LOL

2015-01-10 04.12.31


That is me, third from the left.  The tall one that is always in back and hiding her fat.  I will say that it was amazing to have the opportunity to meet Olympic Silver Medalist, Noelle Pikus-Pace.

David CopperfieldThis is me standing next to the infamous David Copperfield.  Not taking away from his amazing talents, but I feel this picture really showcases my size.

Now that I have shared a bit about me and how I got here, let me share with you how I plan to lose a little bit of “myself”, so to speak.  Starting on 2/24/15, I embarked on a new journey, the Core Undiet program.  With a few tasty shakes, regular eating and altering some of my portions, I have lost 8.4 pounds in my first week.

I know that being a heavier gal, some of the weight is going to come off pretty quickly in the beginning, but for me, personally…this is an accomplishment.  I realize it took me years to get here, and I also realize it is going to take time to get it off, but with the help of Mynt and Core, I am on my way already.  What has really put things into perspective to me was carrying around two, 5 lb. weights for a couple of days and realizing that this 10 pounds is cumbersome, annoying and really heavy.  Now imagine carrying an extra 50-100 lbs with you everywhere you go…day after day, except this weight is in your stomach, hips, rear, thighs…wherever it can find a spot.

I am not going to let food, soda, saturated fats and sugar control my life anymore.  I AM controlling my life going forward.  I like healthy foods, I don’t have a problem eating healthy foods, I just need to break the drive-thru and soda can habit and get back to “ME”.

Are you going to follow me?  Do you want to join me?  Comment below and share your story.  Let us all support each other in a way that fad diets, weight-loss programs and major chains can’t…humanize weight control, don’t commercialize it.


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  • Feeding our hungry hearts is the beginning of any road. So happy to be part of this journey with you, my powerful Blogging Sistah!

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