Natural Skin Care Gifts for Mom #giftsformom18

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When it comes to finding a gift for Mother’s Day, the choices can be overwhelming and limitless! And taking care of your skin at any age is important, but should also be an enjoyable experience in a woman’s day. But when it comes to skin care, giving products that are made from organic and all natural ingredients are a wonderful gift idea for any lady in your life. So when you find a company that offers a variety of products with wonderful ingredients and scents, you will want to buy them all.
Natural Skin Care Gifts for Mom

About Nittany Valley Organics

All of Nittany Valley Organics’ products are 100% chemical free, paraben free, and GMO-free. The ingredients are clearly listed and easily recognizable on each of the products. Customers will find organic healing lotions, organic essential oils lotions, organic chemical free shampoo and conditioners and more at affordable and competitive costs.

Nittany Valley Organics products also are perfect for a healthy and unique gift. They even have an entire line of Manly Men Candles dedicated to the favorite scents of men, including bacon, beer, and leather jackets. These, along with some of Nittany Valley’s best-selling items such as their organic healing lotions, organic essential oil lotions, and organic chemical-free shampoo and conditioner are guaranteed to make you feel and smell better.

NVO is dedicated to providing quality organic skin care products and organic health & beauty aids. We use only organic and natural ingredients – no chemicals, no parabens, no GMO’s – just the products nature provides.

Organic Spray Deodorant

Natural Skin Care Gifts for Mom

When’s the last time you read the ingredients on your deodorant package? I was amazed at all the chemicals that go into a product that is supposed to keep me from smelling bad! And while sweat can be a hassle in certain situations, it is part of the body’s natural functions. The organic spray deodorant helps blocks odor causing bacteria from forming and damaging your clothes. It also includes a few essential oils to give your underarms a gentle and pleasant smell without being overpowering.

Organic Sunscreen

Natural Skin Care Gifts for Mom

Sunscreen is important for everyone, not just Mothers! Even if you’re out running errands and not directly sitting in the sun, your skin can still be damaged from the harmful rays. But instead of smearing chemical filled lotion all over, why not use a blend of natural products that will give you a SPF-30 protection level? Plus it contains plenty of moisturizers to keep your skin calm and soothed, even after your day is through.

Organic Whipped Shea Butter, Lavender

Natural Skin Care Gifts for Mom

Does your Mother have a “go to” product for any skin irritation? I remember even my grandmother having a few favorites that she used on any issue because she knew they would work. And that’s what this whipped shea butter in lavender is for me! A delightful blend of oils, natural butters, and scent in a soothing, skin conditioning product that helps care for any issue from dryness and itching, to stretch marks and wind burn.

Organic Sugar Facial Scrub

Natural Skin Care Gifts for Mom

I personally deal with combination skin on my face, so at times it’s dry and flaky while other parts are shiny. I found that using a combination of a gentle soap with exfoliating scrubs seems to be the perfect product for my skin. And that’s exactly what the sugar facial scrub from Nittany Valley is made of: olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil along with castile soap and essential oils and sugar. Just scrub once or twice a week as needed!

Organic Goats Milk Lotion, Elevating Citrus

Natural Skin Care Gifts for Mom

If you find you have to deal with any dark spots on the skin, they can be irritating and difficult to cover up. But by using the goats milk lotion, you provide a ton of skin correcting vitamins and minerals that can help lighten the problem areas, as well as several oils to help keep bacteria and acne causing germs from wrecking havoc on your face.

Ginger Organic Body Lotion

Natural Skin Care Gifts for Mom

Whether it’s in the middle of winter or in the heat of summer, it seems we always have to be moisturizing our skin, right ladies? I love lathering on this ginger and and citrus whipped body lotion. Not only does it soothe and keeps my skin hydrated, the almost spicy smell is invigorating and delicious as you catch whiffs of it the rest of the day.

Organic Healing Lotion

Natural Skin Care Gifts for Mom

Mothers-to-be, new mothers, and all other men and women can relate to having itchy, dry, or irritated skin from any number of causes. This can be especially true when dealing with sensitive skin on your hips and sides, or even for a young child’s hands and legs. But this healing lotion is a beautiful combination of oils, vitamins, and essential oils to promote healing as well as keep skin smooth and healthy for any age.

My Thoughts

Natural Skin Care Gifts for Mom

Around my house, we love using natural and organic products as much as possible. That’s not saying we use them exclusively but when given the choice, I like knowing we’re making a better choice. The same is especially true when it comes to skin care products, whether for beauty uses, sun screen, or even lotions to help skin smooth and healthy! So to find a single company that offers these organic and natural skin care choices all in one place, including several for the children and men in my life, I’m absolutely thrilled.

I personally like the organic healing lotion and the sugar scrub the best so far; the lotion is perfect for everyday skin care and it’s not too feminine to upset my husband or grandsons when they need a little skin soothing.

As far as Mother’s Day gifts go, I don’t think we can go wrong by giving Mom a lovely gift to help take care of her skin. Whether she has a favorite scent like lemon or lavender, or enjoys soothing her stress away with a whipped body cream, there is something for every woman at Nittany Valley Organics. They offer products individually, as gift sets, and even products for particular needs like unscented for sensitive skin or products for our pets!

Natural Skin Care Gifts for Mom

And who could forget their other non-skin care gift ideas like wax tarts, house cleaners, and even manly-man scented candles? There is sure to be something for everyone, and besides, why can’t you buy Mom a gift and then one (or three) for yourself? We won’t tell!

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