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I love having the convenience of a roaster, especially in the colder months when I can make stews and soups and let them simmer throughout the day.  When given the opportunity to review the Nesco 5 qt. Porcelain Roaster, I thought it was perfect timing as I was preparing some soup and stew recipes to store in my freezer.

Nesco Red 5 QT Roaster


The new NESCO® 5 Quart Roaster offers the same features of a classic Nesco® Roaster Oven with Cool-touch handles. It’s a convenient size for entertaining and small families.

  • Great for making a batch of chili, soup, and stews 
  • Just the right size for a pot roast, lasagna, 2 cornish game hens or a whole chicken 
  • Perfect for potlucks, tailgating, RV’s and camping


Here is an instructional video giving more detail about this amazing roaster:

Features of the roaster include:

  • Adjustable temperature control (200ºF to 450ºF) 
  • Removable chrome-plated roasting/baking rack 
  • Extra-high domed, self-basting cover helps retain moisture 
  • Removable porcelain cookwell for easy clean-up 
  • Cool-touch handles 
  • 120 volts, 600 watts

Nesco Roaster Box

Nesco Roaster Front View

Nesco Roaster

The roaster arrived in record time and came nicely packaged to avoid any damage.

I wanted to try something unique and different in the roaster.  I prepared some seasoned meatballs and placed them on the chrome-plated backing rack.  I loved this concept because it allowed the grease from the hamburger meat to drain and settle on the bottom of the pan, and cooked the meat completely through, giving it a rich, robust flavor.

My simply pre-setting my temperature and letting the roaster preheat for 15 minutes, I then added the meatballs and set a timer.  20 minutes later, they were ready to add to my spaghetti sauce.


I added these tasty treats to some home made spaghetti sauce and noodles and it turned out delicious.  I love that I was able to roast the meatballs, rather than fry them in a pan and getting the grease splashed all over me and the stove top.  I also am really impressed at home thoroughly cooked they were and how easy it was to place, roast and walk away to do other things. I will use this roaster for everything.  I love that I can not only roast, but bake and steam dishes as well.  This is a huge convenience that will make cooking for me and my family even more enjoyable.

The manual guide came with printed instructions on recommended cook times and temperatures for various meets and vegetables.  It also included some tasty recipe ideas for you to try using the roaster.




Cleaning up of the pan was a breeze with a gentle washcloth, some soap and warm water.  I would recommend the Nesco 5 qt. roaster to anyone who loves to cook and create different recipes in your kitchen.

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82 thoughts on “Nesco 5-Qt. Roaster #Review

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  • I would like this for parties and potlucks and to use instead of an oven sometimes.

  • Your review of the Nesco 5qt. roaster was great! I loved the pictures and detail of instruction that you included. Makes me want one even more! I had no idea how much it was capable of cooking so easily. Yum!

  • I don’t have a roaster and this would be a nice size one for our family. It is bright and cheerful too.

  • this sounds like a great machine I could use this in my kitchen

  • thanks for the information. I would love to have it.

  • i always wanted one.This would be perfect for our cabin in mountains.or i can bring it to my gfs house to use for small parties we do in the house.

  • Looks great, Thanks for the info!

  • I wondered how versatile a roaster could be. I wish you had made more than one thing so we could see the other uses besides roasting.

  • This would be great to use for potlucks and parties. I love the extra room you get with the high domed cover.

  • WE go my kids one for Christmas they love it,I think it would be great to have one with all the gatherings we have and do lots of cooking for!!!

  • Oh, my goodness love the red Nesco..I love this product and have wanted one for over 20 years, ever since I saw a demo on QVC..many many of our grannys had the big ole Nesco on their back porches..a great product that has been around a long time..a trusted brand too..Hope to win…and, my kitchen is Red too.

  • Nice review; I’ve only heard good things about the Nesco Roaster Oven; I’ve been wanting one for awhile. Thanks again!

  • I’ve never used a roaster but your review makes it sound so easy to use that it would be fun to have one! Your meatballs look delicious!

  • Nice review i would love to own this it sounds like a amazing item to take along camping and entertain my family.

  • What a great review. I have been tempted to get a roaster oven at Thanksgiving time when you see them advertised in the grocery but always passed them by because I thought I would only use it once. After reading this review I have completely changed my mind. Thanks for the info.

  • I LOVE the convenient size of this roaster. I used to have a roaster, but it was a big one & I found myself only using it for carry ins at church or a big gathering like that so it wasn’t getting utilized much. This one would be perfect.

  • I like the idea of cooking meat on the rack, while the grease drains to the bottom of the roaster. Also, I like that the roaster is multi-functional with baking and steaming dishes.

  • This looks like an amazing roaster I could use it to bake a nice turkey in.

  • That’s a very detailed review. It sounds like an amazing roaster. I’ve always wanted one and it would come in handy with my large family;4 children & partners and soon to be 9 grandchildren . Thanks so much for the chance.

  • Thanks for the review. This looks like a great roaster. The smaller size would make it so much easier to store. That would also make it practical for frequent use. My old one was so big I stored it in the attic! I got it down for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas until I finally stopped working.

  • Thank you for the very thoughtful and informative review! I must say that while ROASTING is probably my favorite method of cooking – and yet I have never really had an actual, authentic Roaster or Roasting Pan. I’ve always had to do it makeshift.

    But I would truly love to have a genuine roasting pan – especially one with such versatility – not to mention one that is “so good looking!” And BTW – your meatballs look SO good – just reading your excellent review has made me very very hungry! Thanks again!

  • I never realized you could do so much with a Roaster. I only thought about roasting a Pork, Beef, Turkey or a Chicken. Roasts. Never thought about meatballs or Steaming. I’d like to check out the manual too! What else can we do with this! Nice review!

  • I have always wanted a roaster. It sounds like you will enjoy having this and your meal came out great!

  • It looks and sounds like a durable and useful prize!

  • This is a beautiful roaster and I would love to have it. I used a larger Nesco roaster for 30 years and it finally made it’s last meal. Now that most of the kids are gone, I would love to have the smaller roaster for our family.

  • I have always wanted a Nesco for as long as I can remember brings back memories of my Grandma preparing those huge holiday meals for all of us. Thank you for sharing your review.

  • Thank you for such a detailed review. It was so good, I’m hungry. Love the portable cooking and easy clean up. But this is great, so easy to operate – just what we need,
    Easy operation
    Easy cooking
    Easy cleanup
    I’m sold. Thanks for sharing

  • Your review is very thorough and I love all the pics! It sounds so easy to use and to clean. I am getting older and easy is becoming a favorite word.

  • Thank you very much for the opportunity to win a fabulous prize. I hope that you and your family will be as blessed as you bless!

  • Would love to win. Thank you for the chance. 🙂

  • Thanks for the chance 🙂 love the review and product


  • I love that you gave specifics on what you’ve cooked in this. Also, it’s helpful to know that it’s easy clean-up when done cooking. I have tons of ideas that I’d like to try using this roaster. Thanks for the information!

  • Personally, the easy clean-up is what sells it top me!!

  • I love this roaster. We have the very large roaster that you can roast a turkey in and it’s just too big. This roaster is just the right size for our house and I would love to have one. I can think of so many things to cook in this roaster. This would work great in the summer too, so you wouldn’t have to heat your house up with a regular oven.

  • This would be great for making many different dishes and would be really nice in the summer so we wouldn’t have to use the oven when it is so hot.

  • Love all the features, and how easy to clean it is. Nesco is an awesome brand.

  • I enjoyed the review. It was succinct. It provided the tech notes. It described the features, and later showed them. And, the best part, the review was accomplished without financial inducement, which might subvert the objectivity of the reviewer.) I’m trying to figure out the technique for using the roaster to prepare lasagna.

  • I love the fact that you can steam the food! I love vegetables, roast too!

  • really nice!! I want one of this!! would love to make some delicious food.

  • I really didn’t realize how versatile a roaster can be. It looks nice too so serving directly from it wouldn’t be an issue. I would love to take a peak at the directions booklet to see if there are any good recipes. Some of the best recipes come from those. Thanks for the info.

  • I like all of the features that he has on it. I like how you was able to put the meatballs on the rack and not have to worry about. I liked that you are able to let the grease drain out to the bottom. I liked how you can also bake, steam, or roast whatever you plan on having for dinner. I would love to have this 5 qt. roaster and would use it a lot.

  • I would love to make some lasagna with this!

  • NESCO® 5 Quart Roaster review introduced me to this product in detail. I have been looking for this type of cooker because I try not to eat or cook fried foods for my family. I like the Extra-high domed, with the self-basting cover that helps keep moisture in the foods that are being cooked. thank you

  • Thanks for sharing this review. The Meatballs looked fantastic. I would love to own the Nesco 5qt Roaster to make them myself. i really liked that it also has a self-basting cover which helps retain moisture and I can throw it in the dish washer when I’m done.

  • I like that this would save energy as well-you don’t have to turn on your oven as much. Also love that it bastes your food so you don’t have to keep coming back to it.

  • I love the features and look of this product and the cool touch hangles are really neat.

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  • I just love the roaster and especially the color red. Goes with my kitchen. It is suppose to be easy to clean up. That is a real pluse for me. They have really nice products. Thanks.

  • My whole family has been using Nesco Roasters for years.

  • Removable porcelain cookwell for easy clean-up <<< VERY important to me!! I have had Nesco roasters in the past and I just love them!!

    You did a very good job of reviewing this product. If I didn't already know about them, you would have caught my interest in buying.

  • I like that you made suggestions as to what this product could be used for and the pictures are great

  • Oh how nice that it has racks in it too! I would love to try the meatballs like yours 🙂 I’m glad they give you some recipes too as I’m not a great cook. Thank you for the review!

  • I like every thing about roaster, I like the rack that comes with it, if I dont win one, I will get me one for my birthday

  • I love that there is easy clean up. This would come in so handy to cook small turkey’s also.

  • I could use this for everything from turkey to cakes.It’s such a nice roaster.Thank you for the chance to win this.

  • I love this roaster in red! I’ve wanted one for years for doing the turkey on Thanksgiving, but I know once I had it, I’d be using it all the time. Thanks for the ideas!

  • Such nice features! The cool handles, the rack that lets the grease drain off – this looks like a winner to me. It would be perfect for us, too, as we do not have a working oven. I’d love to roast a chicken!

  • These are very nice roasters, my Mother use to have one years ago and they really come in handy during the holiday seasons. We always make a turkey and a ham at Thanksgiving and Christmas and having the roaster helps us out a lot with more room in the oven.

  • This is nice love to win this

  • I’ve been wanting a roaster for a long time now and this sounds like the perfect one for my family! It’s the perfect size and I love how versatile it is and of course, the easy clean-up! Thanks for the information and a great review!

  • I love all the things this roaster can do! It is so great to be able to do different kinds of cooking with one appliance, saving kitchen storage space. Never would have thought of roasting meat balls, for instance. Thanks for the review! Oh I also love the red color!

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  • I like all the features. Slow cooks, roasts. Nice. It is a pain to always be looking at food while it cooks. Literally…back pain. So a slow cooker would be awesome. And easy cleanup!

  • I think this would be so handy to have. Id love to do chicken in this

  • This would be SO nice to have! Thank you for the chance to maybe have one!

  • nice review –a roaster like this –i can cook a turkey with no problem…

  • I never would have thought about using a roaster for meatballs. I really only think about mainly for roasting a turkey. Thanks for giving us a new idea!

  • Think it would work out great For hubby & me.

  • This looks so much more versatile than I had imagined. And the size is perfect.

  • Great review, I loved how you showed us as package was opened and what features would find. You took the time to share pictures of it as it was roasting. It made me hungry. This will be on my wishlist after reading your review. It sounds like you will be feeling that freezer full of amazing meals.

  • Sounds pretty fantastic. Easy to use, quick clean up and cooks great. I love that it comes with a pamphlet of suggested cooking times.

  • I have an 18 qt Nesco Roaster that’s at least 15 yrs old, and still works great. Would love to have a newer model though and this one looks great! Even though its alot smaller, would be much easier to store when not in use, and wouldn’t take up as much counter space when I am using it.

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  • Wow this looks like a nice roaster. It would be great to use with my big thanksgiving Turkey’s

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