How Not to Waste Your Vacation

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People look forward to their vacation but not all of them manage to get the most out of it. Unfortunately, very often, it goes like this: your holiday is over, money is spent, you’ve seen some beautiful places, but you don’t feel completely satisfied and happy. Why? How to avoid this scenario? 

There are certain things you should do before, during, and after your long-awaited vacation. They will help you enjoy the process to the fullest and get the best memories. Here are some basic strategies for you. They can be also used by men who want to marry a Russian girl and plan a future romantic getaway or honeymoon.

  1. Research and read up.
    Try to learn as much as possible about the place where you’re going. Study the map, read the city guides, find the lists of attractions on the Internet, read travelers’ reviews and tips etc. If you overlook the stage of preparation, you might find out about an interesting must-see place too late when you have no time to visit it. This feeling that you missed something worthy because you failed to plan it beforehand can poison the ending of your vacation.
  2. Pack wisely.
    The art of packing a suitcase is a very useful skill. If you keep delaying it, you end up packing both necessary and unnecessary stuff at the 11th Usually, it turns out that we packed many useless things and forgot to take the essentials. It’s a good idea to make up a list of stuff you’ll need during your vacation in advance. Check out the local climate and weather forecast for the time of your stay and choose your wardrobe according to that information. Don’t take too many clothes if your trip takes a few days.
  3. Enjoy the anticipation.
    Getting prepared for a vacation beforehand is important not only because it’s reasonable but also because it’s pleasant. Dreaming about your forthcoming vacation, looking at the beautiful pictures on the Internet, and reading about your destination you get yourself into the right vacation-mood. However, you shouldn’t set your expectations too high thinking everything will be perfect. If something goes wrong, you’ll be very disappointed. Be ready for unforeseen situations.
  4. Be in the moment.
    It means you should forget about your work. Just get it out of your head. In order to relax and enjoy your vacation, don’t read your work mailbox. If it’s impossible to isolate yourself from work, try to do the following. Set the precise time frame during which you’ll check your work mailbox and answer important emails. Disable notifications on your phone in order not to get distracted.
  5. Take it slow.
    Vacations are meant for relieving stress, so slow down, relax, and be lazy. Don’t force yourself to see all the attractions within one day or go on all the excursions. Time management should be saved for work. But vacation gives you the right to take it slow and enjoy every minute without much planning.
  6. Do something new every day.
    If the only thing you want is to relax, indulge your desire. Lounge at the beach and don’t let your inner critic blame you for laziness. You are on holiday, after all. But if you feel you have enough vigor and want to make your vacation memorable, diversify your lazy days. If you get involved in different activities and don’t live each day according to the same scenario, you’ll get more impressions that will turn into vivid memories.
  7. Don’t take too many photos.
    Of course, you want to add new photos to your Instagram to boast of your excellent vacation. However, you should limit yourself to several shots a day. When we constantly take photos, our brain doesn’t “record” the pictures. As a result, when we look through the photographs, we often can’t believe we were there. So, capture beautiful moments with your eyes, not with your camera or phone.
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