Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood App Perfect Story and Music Family Fun #PeterandtheWolfApp

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Are you familiar with the classic story of Peter and the Wolf? Wouldn’t you love to share a new twist on the story with your kids? The best part is that you would never guess it is narrated by classic rock legend, Alice Cooper!

Classical music has been a key staple of our history and culture. Unfortunately today, many kids don’t get the exposure and pleasure to listen to this genre of music as much as they should. How great would it be if your children could have this experience at their fingertips? I am delighted to introduce the new Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood app.Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood App

More about Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood

Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood is a revival of the classic Peter and the Wolf tale brought to you by acclaimed production company, Giants Are Small. This version brings Peter to Hollywood to meet his hippie grandfather while bringing classical music elements to life. Peter, along with all of the characters in the movie book, are narrated and brought to life by Rock n’ Roll legend, Alice Cooper.PATWIH 1 (1)PATWIH 1 (5)

Peter, who is recently orphaned, travels halfway across the world from Russia to Hollywood, CA to stay with his eclectic grandfather, who happens to work for an infamous Hollywood star. While learning his new surroundings, Peter makes friends with the unlikeliest of characters, including a duck and a bird. You will also enjoy the antics of a wile cat. PATWIH 1 (3) PATWIH 1 (4)

I don’t want to tell the entire story and ruin all of the excitement you will have, so you should hurry and get this app downloaded for yourself. The deluxe version of the Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood app features fun games that you and your family can play, along with exclusive behind-the-scenes videos and extras. This app is available for download with a free and deluxe version on iTunes.  PATWIH 1 (2)

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After you download Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood, come back and comment below and tell us some of your favorite parts of the story.

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79 thoughts on “Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood App Perfect Story and Music Family Fun #PeterandtheWolfApp

  • It’s almost like a little film, very well done.

  • I love the illustrations, & I know my niece & nephews are gonna love this!

  • This has turned out to be a more interesting and involved App that I initially thought it would be.

  • I love fun apps.

  • I’m amazed at the illustrations and narration ,this was a favorite if mine .

  • What a neat app! Nice graphics! 🙂

  • This sounds interesting! I finally have a smartphone so we can try out these fun apps.

  • My kids are so smart they would enjoy this.

  • Sounds great for all ages thanks for sharing..

  • I would not have thought of Alice Cooper for this either. It seems like a fun app for kids to have.

  • (Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood App Perfect Story and Music Family Fun #PeterandtheWolfApp) This looks like a really nice game app, but it is not age appropiate for my three year old grandson right now-

  • My son would like this

  • Such a sweet story.

  • This is a great app.. My grandson would love it plus the story is wonderful…

  • This looks like a fun and unique app!

  • Animation really pops,very very cool ,go Coop..representing !!I am proud

  • Sounds interesting for all ages

  • This looks like a fun and an adorable app!

  • I love that they have an app for this for kids of “this” age. I remember listening to it when I was young!

  • I feel like something of an idiot in sharing this, but I don’t really understand this app/game. I think it’s something that I’d have to see for myself in order to know what’s going on– I can’t just ~read~ about it.
    One thing that confuses me, or trips me up: The reviewer starts by saying that many kids today don’t listen to as much classical music as they should. And from there, that element of “Peter and the Wolf” seems lost. There isn’t one mention of Prokofiev, who wrote “Peter and the Wolf”– in the USSR; and our Peter here comes from Russia. At the start of the review, I’d thought that the app would be more educational about classical music. …Maybe it is?
    Anyway!, thank you for this article/review– it’s cool to see that there are fun apps out there of all kinds. 🙂

  • I love the illustrations in this app!

  • I love the classical music in this and the fun characters.

  • This would be fun.

  • App looks great for my grandchildren.. I loved the story as a child and would love to share it with them…

  • My kids love fun apps!

  • This looks pretty cool, I am going to have to check it out!

  • My kids would enjoy this app

  • I have loved this classic story since I was a kid. I think my nieces and nephews would love this app! 🙂

  • This is a cute story and I love that it has an app.

  • I just got my phone for Christmas. I can’t keep up with all these apps! And they are starting to fill up the space on my phone, but this does look cute for kids. It has games too. I love classical music. Kudos to Alice Cooper for narrating this!

  • Looks like a great app!!

  • Alice Cooper narrating this is a hoot! I saw him in concert about a year ago. It’s hard to imagine!

  • Such a great interactive story for the kiddos… And adults too

  • Great app. Sounds like a really cute story.

  • What extras do you get with the paid app vs the free app? Does the free app have the whole song?

  • I think this looks like a fun app.

  • This is such a cute story. Hard to believe that Alice Cooper is doing the narration.

  • this sounds awesome

  • This looks so intriguing and interesting ,I want to try it !

  • Cute

  • This is so nice, it is perfect!

  • Very cool app! My nephew and son would love this!

  • Looks like a great app! Thanks for sharing.

  • this looks pretty fun!

  • This looks very cute. Justthe thing for my nephew.

  • Sounds like a great app.My grandaughter would love this.

  • I really like this concept!

  • Great that they took a classic story and put a modern turn to it.

  • I have always liked Peter & the Wolf, especially the music!

  • never heard of it but it looks and sounds good

  • Im downloading this as we speak, thank you for this review. I think my son will love to play this. It looks interesting and I like that it incorporates classical music. Great review!

  • i loved Peter and the wolf and this one sounds good too

  • The explanation of the app makes it sounds even weider. Wow!

  • I never would have guessed that Alice Cooper is doing narration for kid’s fairy tales! Sounds fun!!!

  • Looks really cool.

  • I love the story-line and it being interactive!! Can’t wait to show my two kids, they will really dig it!

  • I love that they took such a classic story and made it more modern and fun. I think my kids would enjoy this.

  • This is pretty sweet!

  • My nieces don’t know about this genre of music. This would be perfect for them to get to experience it.

  • This is such a great idea!

  • I love the animation.

  • I saw this when I was a child in school and I believe this modern version would be wonderful for my grandsons…Thank you…

  • This sounds interesting. Alice Cooper… I love it! I will definitely check this out. Thank you.

  • This is nice my grandson would love this

  • The graphics look great and story enjoyable.

  • I remember hearing Peter and the Wolf in music class when I was in elementary school. I don’t think they even play it anymore in schools.

  • This looks like a cool app with a unique kind of story.

  • This is something I would love to see with the grand kids – talk about fun!

  • I was just discussing the original Peter And The Wolf with my teenage daughter the other day. She has an original vinyl, but it’s warped and won’t play. I can’t wait to download this and share it with my boys.

  • Oh sweet looking.
    I a musician and think taht yes, children need more motivation and things even on their addicting apps to hear classical music and love it in everyday things like this. Thanks for posting. 🙂

  • Interesting twist to a classic story! The app is probably a little to young for our live-in grandson who is 13. I think it would be awesome for younger kids and a great way to get them interested in classical music.

  • I would like this

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