Pokémon: The Epic Phenomenon Connecting New Generations

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Every generation has a common language based on the cultural phenomenon in their time. And sometimes, the phenomenon reaches peaks that are unheard of.

There are many examples of it happening in the past. For instance, in the late seventies, “Star Wars” inspired generations of fans. The penetration of this media was so extreme that the content became religious for the fans.

Around 20 years ago, another unstoppable phenomenon graced our screens. It was Pokémon. And the children went mad for it. The Japanese animation or “anime” reached the world. Kids everywhere started watching it instantly.

Pokémonhad dubbing done in many languages. Also, Pokémon games became a mode of interaction between children who live oceans apart. Wherever you went, you started seeing people wearing Pokémon merchandise. Pokémon truly conquered the world.

The Story of Pokémon

The story of Pokémon started with a young boy who wants to be the greatest Pokémon trainer in the world. His name is Ash, and his first Pokémon is Pikachu. Ash and Pikachu live in a world of Pokémon.

Pokémon are creatures who naturally populate their world like animals do in this world. Furthermore, they can be cute and adorable or enormous and deadly.  But Pokémon usually start small and evolve as they get stronger.

These creatures have special powers depending on the type of Pokémon they are. Moreover, The different types of Pokémon include fire, water, earth, electric, normal, fighting, psychic, and ghosts. A fire type will be able to generate fire attacks, whereas a water type will fight with water moves.

Pokémon have weaknesses and need to fight with strategy and not just brute strength. That is where Pokémon trainers come in. Trainers capture Pokémon in portable devices called poke-balls so that they can train them.

A Pokémon trainer fights other trainers and wild Pokémon to build experience. Once their Pokémon are strong enough, they go to Pokémon gyms to fight gym leaders. If a trainer wins, he gets a badge.

Once a trainer has collected enough badges, he is eligible to compete in master tournaments. The objective of Pokémon trainers is to be Pokémon masters.

There are hundreds of Pokémon to catch in this world. But the greatest honor for a Pokémon trainer is to catch legendary Pokémon. These are the most powerful Pokémon in the world. And people shroud them with lore and mystery. They are elusive creatures that the greatest Pokémon trainers long.

Pokémon Cards

Pokémon cards have detailed accounts of Pokémon. They include numerical data such as life left, powers, and special powers. If you have enough cards, you can go out and challenge a Pokémon card collector. And with these cards, you can have fierce battles.

The battles fuel imagination and can get dramatic. And, it’s like being in the Pokémon world in one way. However, The Pokémon cards come in packages that conceal what’s inside. So it’s always a surprise to see what cards you find in your pack.

Sometimes you will find yourself getting too many cards of the same kind. Instead of throwing them out, you can trade that card with a Pokémon card collector. And the more cards you have on your deck, the better chances you have of winning battles.

Pokémon Games

Since the dawn of Pokémon, a lot of games created for Gameboy and computer users took over. Pokémon games have revolutionized communication globally. And, kids get to be in the Pokémon world and interact with Pokémon fans all around the world.

It’s hard to say how many Pokémon games there are. But landmark games that all Pokémon lovers know by heart include Pokémon Crystal US and the more recent Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Crystal US

Pokémon Crystal US is a game that allows you to be a Pokémon trainer in the Pokémon world. You can choose your first Pokémon and start your adventure in the land of Pokémon.

Also, you will be able to catch more Pokémon by battling wild Pokémon. To catch them, you use poke-balls just like the anime. Poke-balls, healing potions, and a lot more are available in stores.

You can buy things from the store using the money you earn battling other Pokémon trainers. And as you fight other trainers and wild Pokémon, your Pokémon get stronger. Once a Pokémon is strong enough, it will transform into a new Pokémon. This process is evolution.

Just like the anime, you can earn badges, enroll in tournaments, and seek out the legendary Pokémon. Crystal US was one of the first games that made a huge impact on the world.

Pokémon Go

This is a more recent game. It is a global phenomenon on its own. And its popularity gave birth to a new generation of Pokémon fans. Now Pokemon is as popular as ever. And it is like a bridge between different generations.

The game takes a brand new approach, unlike prior games. You can walk around in real space and capture Pokémon. So it’s a game that requires an adventurous spirit.

You will go around looking for Pokémon. They can pop out of anywhere. Furthermore, there have been many reports of people playing Pokémon Go going to odd places. One such example was a kid going to the police station to catch a Pokémon.

Pokémon Go is insanely addictive and got people looking for Pokémon all over the world. The quality of gaming is much better than the games that have come before it.

The Pokémon Generation

The Pokémon generation is enormous. Furthermore, it’s the accumulation of a few. And, you can see middle-agers walking around looking for Pokémon just as 8-year-olds.

These kids have their own lingo. In fact, The mere list of Pokémon will enhance your poke-vocab enormously.

They talk different and act differently. You might worry about taxes. But they are more concerned about being the greatest Pokémon master the world has seen.

Pokémon has led to the mingling of kids from different parts of the world. In other words, it has been a catalyst for globalization that is kid-friendly.


Pokémon makes Elvis Presley look amateur. Truly, it’s that big! And, it has created a huge fan base globally. The mystical world of Pokémon gives kids an incentive to focus on global communication.

We never thought that our kids would be ambassadors, but they are. And it’s all thanks to Pokémon. The Pokémon empire is worth billions of dollars now, and it keeps flinging surprises even after 20 years.

Whether it is Pokémon cards or online Pokémon games, our kids are obsessed with Pokémon. And, it’s not a bad thing as it is making the world a smaller place. In fact, You can join in too. You are never too old to become a Pokémon trainer.

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