Positive Reinforcement With Kudo Banz

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Disciplining With Positive Reinforcement

There are many forms of discipline that parents choose from when raising children. Children respond differently to each form of discipline depending on their personalities. Positive reinforcement has been a proven method that works for all children! Kudo Banz is a great tool for parents to master positive reinforcement!

Positive reinforcement

What is Positive Reinforcement?

Positive reinforcement is an effective tool in which a motivating item is presented to the person AFTER the desired behavior is achieved. It is a form of positive disciplining that helps shape and change the child’s behavior. The reward is a motivator for positive behavior in the future, creating a lasting change.

The most effective way to reinforce good behavior is to recognize the behavior as soon as it occurs so kids can make the connection.

What is Kudo Banz?

Kudo Banz is basically a wearable sticker style behavior chart for on the go with a whole lot more excitement than the traditional behavior charts.

How does it work?

Start by reading a fun, colorful book with your child to explain at a child’s level how Kudo Banz work. Next, you give your child their special band and show them the magical Kudo charms they will be receiving as they exemplify good behavior!

Positive reinforcement

After all the excitement of snuggling up with mom or dad, reading a fun book, being given a gift of a cool band for their wrist, and then seeing the neat charms that are specifically for THEM, your child will be more than ready to start earning their charms. Earning charms is just the beginning of all the fun.

Positive reinforcement

Every child has specific behavior struggles they battle with more than others. Pick the top three struggles you feel are most important to tackle. Explain, to our child, what three things that you would like for your child to work on. Through the day, your child will earn charms when you “catch them being good” in those three specific areas. Each time, earning a new charm.

Third Time is a Charm

When your child has deserved the third charm on the band, the magic happens. Simply open the Kudo Banz App, scan your child’s third charm and watch the magic appear. After it scans, your child will be amazed with the special effects that pop up on the screen all because they EARNED it! Talk about boosting their self esteem!!!

Positive reinforcement

They then get to spin the wheel on the app to find their special reward.

Positive reinforcement

What is the Reward?

Parents choose 8 different rewards for the wheel. Your child will never know what they are going to get from behaving so well. It could be game time, outdoor playtime, play dress up, stay up later, coloring, reading together, or you can make up your own rewards with specific things that motivate your child. Notice, all of the rewards are rewarding your child with special time…. with YOU! That is what they love the most anyways. What could even be a better reward than that?!

Positive reinforcement

My Thoughts on Kudo Banz

As foster parents, my husband and I pretty much use all positive reinforcement with our foster babies. They have come to us broken, needing love and support yet structure and discipline. When they come to us, they have already had everything taken away that matters to them. So taking toys away only adds to the pain, fear, and unruly behaviors. Spanking is out of the question since most of the children who have come into our care have been abused. Positive reinforcement works best! I received Kudo Banz as a review. All opinions are my own. I really love Kudo Banz. They work!

Positive reinforcement

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