Positive Tips for Getting a Bikini

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Getting the perfect bikini is definitely not an easy step, considering the many factors that need to be thought of. However, if you are able to follow the following tips, there is no doubt about the fact that you will be able to get the right pair to strut your stuff this summer: 

Be real with yourself

What are you actually planning to use this bikini for? If you’re looking for something to just lounge in, play beach volleyball in, take swim laps, etc., you will be looking for something different in all cases. Figure out what your favorite beach time activity and that you shopping o thee. For instance, while a Bandeau bikini will definitely look awesome and prevent tan lines, you will most probably end up flashing a lot of people if you put this on and you want to hit the water park a couple of times. Just be careful.

Have an honest opinion about your body

Sure, it will be super awesome to wear a fatkini, a low-rise bikini or whatever it is that you’ve always wanted to wear while on the beach. A lot of people tend to be up for pushing boundaries when it comes to deciding what to wear but you’re never going to wear something that you’re not comfortable or feeling confident in.

Why should you buy a cute Bandeau bikini and have it rumpled up somewhere in your closet every single day? Any bikini that is considered as ideal or cute by people around you doesn’t necessarily need to dictate the way that you feel about your body.

Expand your horizon

While there are millions of different ways that you can have a body, there is usually only one specific way to get the perfect bikini. This means that if you are to find your ideal bikini, you will need to go to more than one place so as to get that one bikini that will suit your generic body.

There are a lot of good places that are usually overlooked; specialty swimwear stores, online retailers, vintage shops, and even some sporting goods stores. A good place to start is one of the online stores that sell bikini like Each new customer gets 10% off coupon and a free shipping with each order, even the smallest one. Not to mention their regular “on sale” weeks where you can save an additional $20 from your order. Pretty cool, eh?

Know the actual shape of your body

Having a perfect understanding of the curves and edges of your body is essential when you’re trying to assess the shape or silhouette of the bikini that you’re looking to get. A lot of times, people who believe that they are “pear-shaped” see themselves as not being able to find a bikini. However, they often find that the problem is just that they are unable to get something that is able to fit over their thighs and hips without gaping in the waist.

That is definitely less of a problem to solve than believing that it is your entire body that is giving you issues.

Say hello to separates

If you are having a hard time with the concept of getting tops and bottoms of the same type because you are unable to get something that is right for your chest and which does not sag on your backside at the same time, then two separate pieces will most likely be the best for you.

Remember that you don’t have to pair two things just because a store tells you that this is the way you should go. Get a pair that fits and that you believe looks awesome, even if it means that you will have to get pieces from two different sets, two different sizes, or even two different stores.

There are no rules regarding bikini combination!

Never fear the act of going unconventional

So you’re not much of a fan of pink bikinis? You don’t like one-pieces? Maybe there’s a certain type of swim look that you prefer, but you’re just not able to get it. In an ideal world, we will have no issues with getting clothes that make us feel confident and comfortable in our skin. Sadly, this is not always the case. Such is the world we live in. sometimes, you just need to call on your creative skills.

Maybe you’ll be better served by a Bandeau bikini top and some compression shots/ it could even be a swim romper. Never feel like you have to wear what immediately comes to your mind when you hear “bikini”. Rather, wear what makes you feel more like you.

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