Be Prepared This Winter Season with #ManukaHealth Products for Prevention, Protection & Care from #ShopPRI!

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Winter is in full force and, along with the cold air and spitting snow, it brings sniffles, colds, and flu. Illness seems to run rampant in the cold winter months. One of the ways I prepare and guard against illness is with Manuka Honey products. They are great for prevention and protection from catching everything that comes along by strengthening your system. But, if you happen to catch a nasty bug anyway, they have amazing products that sooth, comfort, and fight it off! I have had the pleasure of trying several of their new wellness products, along with some favorites, this month and am enjoying them all!

As a PRI Manuka Honey ambassador, I am also excited to be able to bring you an amazing discount so that you can try out a few of PRI’s Manuka Honey products yourself! Right now, you can get 15% off and FREE SHIPPING! To shop, go to and use discount code: Winter15 at checkout. But you start shopping, let’s take a look at a few of the wonderful products I have been trying this month!

Manuka Health Products for Prevention, Protection & Care

What Makes PRI Manuka Honey Products Special?

Pacific Resources International is an exclusive importer of various New Zealand Manuka Honey, health and beauty care products. Their award-winning products include Manuka Honey, Pacific Sea Salt, Propolis Lozenges, Proper Crisps Chips, Manuka Caramels, and Manuka Honey Health and Beauty Products!

Pacific Resources International (PRI) was the first company to introduce Manuka Honey to the U.S. and owner David Noll has dedicated his career to bringing native and natural New Zealand wellness products to U.S. soil. David works closely with a variety of New Zealand companies to ensure that products are made with pure, natural, and quality ingredient.

Be Prepared This Winter Season with these Amazing Products for Prevention, Protection & Care from PRI!

  • Manuka Honey Blend 5+ – 1.1 lb.
  • Pacific Natural Sea Salt – Fine 10 oz.
  • • Lemon & Honey Manuka Cough Elixir – 2016 Better Nutrition – Best Supplements Award Winner
  • Propolis & Active Manuka Oral Spray
  • Propolis and Manuka Honey Lozenges – Lemon & Honey
  • Children’s Strawberry & Manuka Honey Lollipops
  • Manuka Honey Lip Balm
  • NEW High Peroxide Active Honeydew Honey

Are you ready to check them out?

Children’s Strawberry & Manuka Honey Lollipops

Kids seem to catch all the bad germs going around in schools and daycare. If one child is sick, it isn’t long before it is spread to all the others. Well, now we have a way to help them ward it off! PRI Children’s Strawberry & Manuka Honey Lollipops and Lemon & Honey Lollipops are great tasting for everyday wellness. They have the benefits of Propolis rich in Bioflavonoids, Manuka Honey NPA (Non-Peroxide Activity) 10+, and Menthol to help fight off infections. Great for those “what’s going around” days.

Manuka Honey 5+ Blend 1.1 lb.

You have heard me sing the praises of Manuka Honey for a while now. I love it! And, I love that Pacific Resources sources honey directly from New Zealand beekeepers, who take pride in producing high-quality products! Their Manuka honey is collected with care from native Manuka trees in New Zealand’s remote, pollution-free forests to produce the highest quality Manuka honey. Manuka Honey is a powerful digestive aid when taken internally or a potent anti-bacterial when used topically. It is also heat tolerant, enabling it to reach your digestive system without losing any of its beneficial properties.

Propolis & Active Manuka Oral Spray

Bad breath is not something any of us wish to have! We also try and prevent it with different things. Well, meet PRI Propolis Oral Spray! It combines Active Manuka Honey, flavonoid rich bee propolis with essential oils of aniseed, peppermint to provide a refreshing oral hygiene spray and breath freshener. Propolis Throat spray helps to eliminate odor causing bacteria. You can be confident with fresh breath!

Propolis and Manuka Honey Lozenges – Lemon and Honey

This winter has been brutal for colds! It seems I no sooner get well, I have another one! One of my favorite products to use for the tickle in my throat or a sore throat are these Manuka Honey Lozenges! The Lozenges combine the power of CPL 15 Propolis with the soothing qualities of pure New Zealand UMF 10+ active Manuka honey. They are made with organic brown rice syrup and contain NO corn syrup, artificial colors or flavoring.

Lemon & Honey Manuka Cough Elixir

2016 Better Nutrition – Best Supplements Award Winner!

Is there anything more worrisome than a dry hacking cough? I think not! Have you heard of the Lemon & Honey Manuka Cough Elixir? This award-winning Cough Elixirs uses a unique homeopathic formula with the active ingredient Bryonia 3x, which is specifically formulated to relieve the symptoms of a dry cough. They also contain New Zealand CPLTM Bee Propolis Tincture which is high in Bioflavanoids, and NPA 10+ Manuka Honey. Which makes this a powerful, all natural cough elixir made with only the finest natural ingredients from New Zealand! NO high fructose corn syrup or other type of corn syrup. It has NO artificial colors or flavor; No alcohol; No carrageenan. Excellent for the whole family. Kids will love the Lemon & Honey flavor!

Pacific Natural Sea Salt – Fine 10 oz.

I have probably told you before about sea salt being a staple in my kitchen! I love using it in all my dishes! It’s also great to use as a gargle to sooth sore throats! PRI Pacific Natural Sea Salt is harvested from the clean Southern Ocean surrounding New Zealand. These waters are evaporated in Solar Salt Fields using the natural process of sun and wind. Once a year the salt is carefully gathered while taking precautions to maintain the balance of minerals naturally present in the sea.

High Peroxide Active Honeydew Honey

I love Manuka Honey and love trying all new forms of honey. Honeydew is different because it isn’t a floral honey. It comes from a “nectar” exuded from another insect such as an aphid or scale insect. It is a dark honey with a unique, strong taste. What really makes this honey different is “sugar” make up, it has less Glucose and Fructose than flora honey and more complex sugars which are great “pre-biotics”. It also contains high levels of minerals and antioxidants. And, if you are prone to digestive issues, this is the honey for you! It has very high levels of peroxide activity and has been successful with digestive issues when Manuka Honey has not.

Manuka Honey Lip Balm

My lips stay chapped! Winter is the worst time of year for me. I love that PRI now offers a Manuka Honey Lip Balm! WOOT! It is one of the newest additions to their body care collection. The Manuka Honey Lip Balm is uniquely formulated with the healing power of Manuka Honey and Organic Ingredients to protect, restore and hydrate your lips. Ingredients: Sunflower Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Honey Flavor*, Mixed Tocopherols, Rosemary Extract*, Calendula Extract*, Manuka Honey. (*organic ingredients).

Want to try these amazing Manuka Health products to prevent, protect, and care for your loved ones and yourself!

Head on over to to shop and remember to use discount code: Winter15 at checkout to receive 15% off your order and FREE shipping!

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  1. Nicole Lancaster says

    I would like to try the Propolis and Manuka Honey Lozenges – Lemon and Honey. I like that they contain no corn syrup , and only natural high quality ingredients. All the PRI’s Manuka Honey products look like they would be natural effective alternative to over the counter full of chemicals cold medicines.

  2. I wish I already had everything here. If I had these, I’m sure I wouldn’t have to go to the doctor. If I don’t get better soon, I will have to go. Now my husband says he’s getting sick too. Manuka honey and all these great products please come to me!

  3. gloria patterson says

    I sure could have use all of these products last week. Really bad cold that knocked me down. I am trying to go natural with health care products but not there yet

  4. gloria patterson says

    I sure could have used this Lemon & Honey Manuka Cough Elixir last week. I am slowly trying to go natural in all of these and it takes time but I will get there

  5. NEW High Peroxide Active Honeydew Honey sounds so interesting to try. I love all these wonderful products.

  6. I would love the lemon & honey propolis & Manuka honey lozenges for when I am on the road and the lemon & honey Manuka cough elixir for when I am at home. My throat hurts a lot.

  7. Brandon Sparks says

    Great giveaway! We could really use all these products in my household. Thank you.

  8. gloria patterson says

    I am finding that more and more people are trying to go with Nature care products for health benefits. For example I have found if I take a OTC for a cold my head feels like it is going to explode. Takes time to find what works for you and this honey sounds really good

  9. The Propolis and Manuka Honey Lozenges would really help me during allergy season.

  10. Robin Walker says

    Great brand. Thank you for this giveaway. I hope I win!

  11. I didn’t know that manuka and propolis could help bad breath! I’ve used manuka honey for homemade masks for my daughter’s acne. I only recently started using it for sore throats and it’s worked wonders. I’d love to try all of these great PRI manuka honey products!

  12. We always use honey for a variety of reasons especially in tea when someone has a sore throat. What a great variety of products with honey in them.

  13. Children’s Strawberry & Manuka Honey Lollipops seem so tasty and healthy to have.

  14. Honeydew honey sure sounds interesting.

  15. gloria patterson says

    having been fighting a cold for over a week and I just did not feel like going to the store. Wish I had some of this stuff would have got me back on my feet quicker

  16. Julie Waldron says

    These look like great products, honey is a wonderful product for health. I always like to have it on hand.

  17. Maryann D. says

    Propolis & Active Manuka Oral Spray would be super to keep in the house at this time of year.

  18. Maryann D. says

    I love honey and would enjoy any of these products!

  19. Derrick Johnson says

    I want to try the Lip Balm my lips can really get chapped when it gets cold.

  20. Maryann D. says

    Pacific Natural Sea Salt – Fine 10 oz. sound terrific to use. I will only buy Sea Salt.

  21. gloria patterson says

    I could have use this stuff the last 4 days I have felt so bad the cold got in my head. And I hate taking over the counter stuff my head feels like it weight 100 lbs then my eyes start to hurt….. Natural is so much better

  22. Maryann D. says

    The Manuka Honey Lip Balm would be perfect for my dry lips at this time of year.

  23. It is really hard to find lozenges that don’t have nasty ingredients or corn syrup. I love that these are made of good ingredients and I love honey and lemon so I bet they taste yummy too.

  24. Maryann D. says

    I like products like these that can keep you healthy and are natural. I would even enjoy trying the Children’s Strawberry & Manuka Honey Lollipops.

  25. Jill Hanson says

    I lie that they don’t UE corn syrup in any of their products! The lip balm sounds great too.

  26. I haven’t seen this brand before. I just went looking because I have a scratchy bad throat & sneezing, so these products seemed helpful. I’ll keep looking in stores and will check out ordering online.

  27. I have never heard of the High Peroxide Active Honeydew Honey before, and I eat a lot of honey). I think this is really cool and would love to try it. I think honey is nature’s magical wand. It can be so beneficial to the body, skin and tastes amazing too!

  28. Darcy Koch says

    Even though I do get an annual flu shot it seems I usually end up with the sniffles, sore throat, and other cold symptoms. These products would be beneficial.

  29. I never knew there were so many interesting honey based products

  30. I’d like to try out the lip balm!

  31. Maryann D. says

    All of these products look so healthy to try. I could have used Propolis and Manuka Honey Lozenges – Lemon & Honey when I had a cold last week.

  32. Wow, so many awesome products. I love the strawberry soothers. I am allergic to strawberries but my family would adore these. I am sure they taste yummy and help keep the throat healthy.

  33. (Be Prepared This Winter Season with #ManukaHealth Products for Prevention, Protection & Care from #ShopPRI!) All of their products sounds great for cold and flu season.

  34. Very hard to find quality healthcare items….. Thank you…


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