Pros and Cons of Buying Designer Shoes

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The wide variety of shoes available in every possible price range often tend to confuse customers. While some value quality over price, there are others who get into the price-trap and tend to get mislead. However, there are others who prioritize price or fashion over quality.

So, when you go to purchase shoes for yourself, what’s your priority? Do you look for only designer shoes for men or prefer buying comfortable designer shoes?

In our opinion, it is worth investing in leather and designer shoes – not because we want the customers to end up paying more, but as experts, we know the short-term and long-term benefits of these expensive leather shoes.

Advantages of buying designer shoes


One of the predominant reasons for purchasing designer shoes is the comfort factor. Being made of quality materials, these shoes ensure the best health of your feet. If you have any sort of ankle or feet pain, your doctor may also ask you to change your shoes and move to the more comfortable one. Men who wear shoes for long hours, often end up with stinky feet because their feet do not get to breathe – use leather shoes, and you are bound to overcome these issues.

By paying a few extra grands now, you may end up saving in the long run!


You no more have to choose between comfort and style as all of the well-known brands understand the need for being fashionable, and they make shoes that are uniquely cut and comfortable at the same time.

No doubt why, be it the closet of a man or a woman – you will find leather designer shoes in it. From running errands to taking your love or first date or attending a presentation – there are designer shoes for every occasion.

Purchase online

Nowadays, designer shoes are available online also, and you need not move out of your comfort zone. Every renowned brand has the option of online shopping, and then there are online shopping portals such as eBay and Amazon, where you get a plethora of designs and colors to buy from.

These sites are super easy to use, have options for updating your shoes’ size, and most of them also have the try and return policy. So, sit back on your sofa, and purchase from the full range of collection of designer shoes for men.

Disadvantages of buying designer shoes

The price tag

The primary disadvantage of designer shoes is the price that you need to pay for it. Like any branded products, it comes at a substantial cost, and it might not always be possible for you to spend that hefty amount on attire.

Men who love to change their shoes depending on their attire (while everyone likes it, some are overtly cautious) at times find these price tags to be unnecessary, and they prefer to buy cheaper shoes that are not made of leather.

Increased risk of counterfeit items

It is a widespread challenge – there are many fake sellers who claim to sell original leather and handmade shoes, but in reality, they make you pay for counterfeit items.

Recognizing authentic leather is not forte of everyone, and most of you might trust the salesperson, thus end up being cheated. So, the best way from it is to buy from reputed stores and from brands who have already have a goodwill in the market.


Some of the most popular leather shoes Melbourne include Nike, Forzieri, Steve Madden, and Kurt Geiger. While Forzieri is renowned for making handmade leather shoes, and Steve Madden for making casual suede shoes, none can beat Nike and Adidas when it comes to producing sports shoes and sneakers such as black air force 1 meme.

A man is known by the shoes he wears – the adage has been correct and going to be for ages to come. So, for once, invest in yourself and purchase a good quality leather shoe and fee the difference yourself. To help you out, we have also provided the names of the best brands – happy shopping!

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  • I have never ever spent more than $30 for a pair of shoes for myself. I just can’t see spending crazy amounts of money for clothes, purses and such.

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