Rubbermaid 2-in-1 Recycler Review and Giveaway!

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The Product:

Rubbermaid is very excited to introduce the Rubbermaid 2-in-1 Recycler solutions that perfect for contain-ing waste and recycling all in one location or for sorting recyclables. The features of this product include:

Keeps recyclables off the counter by giving them a place to live in your kitchen

The bottom tilt out bin holds a standard 8-gallon trash bag AND features LinerLock™ bag management, so your bag stays put and does not slip

Both the top bin and bottom bin have convenient handles when needed to transport recyclables to wher-ever your recycling is stored for pick-up or transport

The 2-in-1 Recycler fits more recyclables while using 25% less floor space compared to typical divided containers Made with recyclable materials and is recyclable.

The Review:

I was sent this amazing little gadget from Rubbermaid to try out, and Holy cow I love it! I use the bottom part for garbage and the top for recyclables. Before I had a regular trash can and next to it a recycle bin. Talk about looking tacky and the space it wasted was terrible. The 2-N-1 Recycler is pleasing to the eye and a space saver.  All in all I give it 2 thumbs up! I am very please with Rubbermaid’s innovations and I sure hope they keep going!

The Giveaway:

Would you like to win one of these AMAZING Rubbermaid 2-N-1 Recycler Units? Simply Follow the directions below on the Rafflecopter and you are set!

It’s Free at Last! Was Given a Product from Rubbermaid in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own, and no compensation was given for this review.

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  1. Sherry Fowler says

    tips on organizing the fridge is my most fav

  2. I liked the fridge organization tips!

  3. Suzanne B. says

    I liked how they bagged/labeled to organize cords and plugins from all of the electronic items we use. So much easier than ratting through them in a box like I had.

  4. emma hunt says

    I liked reading the Keep or Not Keep: 4 Tips to Making Good Decisions!
    what great advice thank you !

  5. emma hunt says

    I loved reading the Keep or Not Keep: 4 Tips to Making Good Decisions! What great advice.Thanks.

  6. Michele Joslin says

    My favorite tips were designing your own closet and the before and after pictures of the different rooms. The only problem I had with that is that they didn’t tell you how they did it so that you can do it yourself.

  7. 5 ways to an organized closet! I will be working on this right away!!

  8. I love the hidden recycler!!!

  9. Debbie Weeks says

    I love Make it Easy to Put Stuff Away. I’ve used these tips a lot while raising three kids, in a small house.

  10. Tara Sharp says

    My fave was “5 Things You Can Purge From Your Home… Right Now”. My house is so cluttered!

  11. carmen york says

    Organize your disks, cables & cords

  12. This is a wonderful idea – space is always limited so this would work perfectly in my house! Would love to get one of these.

  13. . An Adjustable Over The Door Organizer gives you a whole new wall to use is a great tip for me to use in my small kitchen space.

  14. Alek Fontaine says


  15. andrea woodward says

    fridge organization!

  16. Jennifer says

    Cleaning out the fridge is a great tip. I looked in mine just now and there’s stuff from 2008. Seriously.

  17. Bianca Roman says

    the simple yet always forgotten about tip – store items where you can use them!

  18. ericka coello says

    have a mirror in the entryway so that you can check your outfit without having to run back to the bathroom before jetting out of the house

  19. Sort by meal. If your children are always making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, then put all the ingredient together into one container. This way all they have to do is pull out the PB&J container.
    So simple!
    Michelle W.

  20. I liked the 4 Steps to an Organized Fridge

  21. I just moved into a great little neighborhood that is all about Recycling. I really enjoy taking my “treasures” out to curb every Monday and leaning what and how exactly to recycle. I just found out that I shouldn’t recycle Pizza boxes that have pizza residue such as oil instead I need to just cut at the “soiled” part of the box and THEN recycle….who knew!!

    I love the Rubbermaid tips on organizing a laundry room and will incorporate many of their tips such as using an over the door organizer. I can see all of my bottle and laundry brushed in those little see through pockets instead of in a box on a shelf.

    Thank you for the contest.

    -missy- in OHIO

  22. Shanelle Robinson says

    I need, need, need this in my house. With 2 kids, one of whome is just starting to crawl, I need all the space I can get. I love the ideas on 5 things you can purge from your home Now. I have have too much stuff piled up and need to do a purging this weekend.

  23. Jen Schoonerman says

    Their tips on how to get your fridge organized was helpful to me.

    Thanks for the give away! My husband and I usually have tow of those blue bin every week for recycles, which we keep outside. In the winter we hang a plastic shopping bag on the basement door knob which is right next to our side door, it looks terrible!
    This trash can would be awesome!

  24. barb wicklund says

    Nice prize!

  25. jennifer stewart says

    i like the fridge organization

  26. Keep or not keep: 4 tips to good decision making

  27. brook elmer says

    I liked the 5 things to purge post. It helps think about what can go to make room right away.

  28. Derly Foerste says

    It would be of great use im my kitchen!! Would love to win it!!!

  29. i liked the recycle thats hidden under your sink.

  30. would love to win this”

  31. Laura Muzughi says

    I think this is the most amazing system!

  32. Kelly A. Tanner says

    I like the Keep or Not Keep: 4 Tips to Making Good Decisions!

  33. I would love to have this in my kitchen. I am one of those who let the recycles pile up on the counter which looks horrible.

  34. Cindy Rivera says

    I liked the article : 5 Things You Can Purge From Your Home… Right Now

  35. Glenna Faccenetti says

    My favorite was 4 steps to an organized fridge.

  36. Be fearless about what to keep.

  37. Betty Barnhart Lockhart says

    Make it easy to put stuff away

    By Janine Adams

  38. Rose-Marie says

    Looks like a wonderful product that will get many uses in my household.

  39. Raf Levart says

    trust your gut

  40. Azslyn Cole says

    i like the tip about storing things where you use them =}

  41. Jessica S says

    tips on how to use and reuse 🙂

  42. how to organize the fridge

  43. Jonita Taylor says

    4 Steps to an Organized Fridge

  44. Carla Garcia says

    i liked “5 steps to an organized closet”

  45. Pamela Halligan says

    I loved the post on organizing cables and cords – something I really have a hard time doing. Thanks for the giveaway.

  46. Excellant for food storage!

  47. Loves that Rubbermaid, I have been using their products for years!

  48. My favorite tip was 5 Things you can Purge Immediately. Perfect for Spring cleaning.

  49. Julie Lynn Bickham says

    My favorite tip is the Keep or Not Keep: 4 Tips to Making Good Decisions, so glad I read this.

  50. Patricia Mohl says

    My favorite was how to organize a fridge

  51. kristy Dumais says

    I love 4 steps to organizing your fridge.

  52. Rubbermaid is the only brand I use in my place for storage being that I live in a apt. I could realy use the extra space sure hope to win thanks!

  53. Laurel Simmons says

    6 Things To Include in a ‘No Fuss’ Entry
    LOL! I needed to read that!!

  54. Store things were you use them and don’t use lids on bins

  55. Make it easy to put stuff away

  56. I like the 4 Steps to an organized fridge. It seems that no matter how often I try to keep it under control, it can get away from me. Maybe this will help.

  57. I liked the dvd organization and the fridge too!

  58. There were four things I should have done to make the decision making process easier. They will also help you as you declutter your home and making decisions on what should stay and what should go.

    Get in a good state of mind.
    Identify the real issue.
    Trust your gut.
    Be fearless.

    Located here –

  59. Would love a recycle bin

  60. Karen Gray says

    I like the “making it easy to put stuff away. The stps to an organized fridge just scared the bejeezes out of me!!! the before looks enaxtly like mine and then I just cleaned it out and organized it 2 days ago and it looks like the before picture again. This only works if you live by yourself!

  61. Organizing the fridge. Mine is a horrible mess.

  62. Linda Sanders says

    My fav tip is organizing your closet. My closet really needs it. 🙂

  63. I love the tip to: Before you go to the grocery store, spend a few minutes cleaning out your fridge.

  64. stephanie brownstein says

    i liked the tips on how to organize the refridgerator

  65. Heather Ruehs says

    Trust your gut was my fav tip

  66. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I like the 4 steps to an organized fridge

  67. I love the hidden recycler!

  68. Christie B says

    I love the tips on how to Use and Reuse: Before buying storage products you should ask the question suppose I didn’t need this anymore for its original purpose. What else could I do with it?

  69. Sandy VanHoey says

    I like the 4 steps to organizing the fridge

  70. They have great tips on how to organize my fridge

  71. I loved the tip on how to organize the refridgerator .Ours gets so disorganized as soon as we put left overs in it!!LOL Thanks

  72. sarie sophie says

    the hidden recycler is way neat-o

  73. hidden recycler under the sink!!

  74. I love the Keep or Not Keep: 4 Tips to Making Good Decisions!!

  75. Kari Alford says
    The cables and cords idea was fantastic. We are in the middle of moving and I am headed out to get some zip bags when the store open.

  76. 4 Steps to an Organized Fridge sending this to my mom, I am always trying to organize her fridge!

  77. Tara Leonardt says

    the hidden recycler under the sink was my favorite!

    • I love the organizing your cables, cds, etc.. I was just trying to tackle this job yesterday and now I have a few good tips into organizing the million it seems, wires in my house …the downfall of such a technological era! Would love to win the 2-n-1 recycler. Recycling is a big passion of mine but I hate how cluttered my house can look at the end of the week with all the bottles, cans & paper Im constantly recycling. Thank u Rubbermaid! Great review Itsfreeatlast!

  78. I would love to win. Thanks.

  79. My house is begging for one of these Rubbermaid 2-N-1 Recycler units. Crossing my fingers & toes. =)


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