Showing Appreciation For Those Who Have Fought For Our Freedom #DEcares #Spon

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Coming from a family that has members who have served in every branch, I am proud of the men and women who work diligently and hard to serve and protect our country.  My grandfather was an Airborne Ranger, my father was a Marine and the most current, active member, is my cousin, Chelsea.  Having already taken two tours of Iraq, Chelsea has become an inspiration to our family.



When Chelsea did her first tour, she was barely 18 years old.  One way that our family would show our appreciation to Chelsea and her unit would including sending fun care packages, filled with toiletries, memories of home and delicious Girl Scout Cookies.  During our rounds and sales at local stores, many patrons would by boxes of cookies and also purchase a box for our small troop to send to the soldiers overseas.

Chelsea has since settled into life as a wife and mom, but she is still active.  She will hit her 20 years very soon and continues her service each day in the National Guard in Indiana.

Chelsea in Iraq

Showing “Thanks” to our military personnel is not only important when they are deployed, but equally as important when they are home.  Appreciation always starts at home and a company like Direct Energy knows that.

Direct Energy has made a strong commitment and show their appreciation for those men and women who have sacrificed and served for our freedom.  They have introduced their Direct Energy Military Portal which was created to help our veterans and military members save money on their home energy needs.  Once you are signed up with Direct Energy, you will get access to on-time bill payment rewards, Refer-a-Friend program,  convenient Online Account Manager and much more.


Ways that you can show support to our active military members and veterans is endless.  Chelsea said that things that meant the most to her personally were letters and drawing from the local elementary school kids showing their appreciation.  She of course, also loved the Girl Scout cookies we sent, as she was once a Girl Scout herself.  She also said it was amazing to see the love and support of everyone waiting at the airport as they came home.  I am sure that is a moment everyone can appreciate.


Chelsea Browning


I am very proud of Chelsea and am honored to call her “family”.  Chelsea is just one of thousands of men and women who have put their lives on the line for my freedom, and for that, I am eternally appreciative and thankful.

Next time you see a serviceman or servicewoman in uniform, buy them lunch, tell them “Thank You” or even shake there hand to let them know how much you appreciate their service.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored campaign created in collaboration with Direct Energy. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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37 thoughts on “Showing Appreciation For Those Who Have Fought For Our Freedom #DEcares #Spon

  • We have lots of veterans in our family, and make a point of showing great respect to everyone associated with the military.

  • i want to say “thank you”to all the men and women who serve in the military and do what they do to protect our freedom and make us safer.Stay Safe

  • this great i now people over have 2 neice 2 nephews

  • You are completely correct! The next time you see a service man or woman, tell them Thank You or shake their hand! My son-in-law is in the Army and my daughter and their family is now located at Fort Campbell, KY! I’ve already been with them and people have walked up to thank him for his service and also thanked my daughter as well! He has been on 2 tour of duties in Afghanistan and they were going to send him again, but he has not received any orders to go again. I really don’t want him to go back again because on his 2nd tour, he had some really really close calls! I am very proud of him for serving our country and for his dedication to his job. Of course, we all worry when our loved ones who are fighting overseas for us, and every single ring of the phone makes you jump! However, we have to understand that they have a special job they do and we pray an awful lot! Thanks so much for sharing your story of Chelsea with all of us! The next time you talk with her, tell her Thank You from me and my family as well! Thanks again! Michele 🙂

  • Thank you Chelsea! I’ve had a lot of friends and family overseas in the last 15 years.

  • Thanks for your service Chelsea! (that’s my daughters name too)

  • Anyone who has served for our country deserves to be recognized.

  • I have had a lot of family who have served, including my husband and my brother-in-law. Care packages and letters are so important to them when they are away from home. It means a lot to know that someone cares about them.

  • Thank you so much Chelsea,for your service. I appreciate and impressed that the review is on our military. My husband is a disabled vet,now, and he always having people thanking him for his service. He did his job for the Marines, then, was a civilian for a few years and then went back in the National Guards. All for the love of his country,and its people.

  • Wow what a girl! Girl power! Way to go Chelsea! 😀


  • Back in the old USA we seem to forget about our troopa and what they are going through. I am going to start praying for them

  • I have family members who serve and who are still active in the military, different branches but mostly in the Marines, My husband who is no longer here was in the Navy branch.. I am always thankful to all those who serve in our military to give me the Freedom that I have today.. So Thank You to all our men and women who serve for our Country…… God Bless and may your heart always be filled Peace!

  • We should always give our utmost respect & honor to those who serve our country!

  • My family has active duty and veterans and I give thanks to them everyday.

  • Way to go Chelsea! You’re an inspiration!

  • These soldiers have given up so much for our country!!! I hope they know how much their sacrifice is appreciated!!!

  • Thanks for sharing about Chelsea. She sounds like a remarkable woman.

  • Thank you for your service! You soldiers are the brave of the brave.

  • I always say “Thank You” to anyone I come across who has served in any branch of the Military. My husband was in the Army along with many members of his family and I know what they give up to keep us safe here at home. It takes very brave men and women to serve in the Military and keep us safe.

  • Great post, my dad served and my brother is currently serving.

  • I don’t have anyone who is currently in the Military, but I am proud of the Men and Women who do.
    Thanks for this Post, and thanks to Chelsea!

  • Thank you for your service..i raised my kids right one day my daughter was out to lunch 2 military men were having lunch.. she paid for thier lunch.. made me smile knowing she knows they fight for our freedom. .

  • I love reading about such strong and amazing women! Thank you to your cousin and your family who’s served!

  • You should be proud and give her a special thanks from my family.

  • I don’t have anyone in the service, but I would to thank them all for what they have giving for us

  • She is gorgeous and love how she has such a bright smile in the pics.
    Can’t believe how she grew up so quickly accomplishing her dreams and happy ending (family/marriage), and then still going full steam.

  • thanks for all you do

  • I agree, it is so important to let our military men and women know how much their service is appreciated! I remember writing a letter to a service man overseas when I was in elementary school. This was during Operation Desert Storm (or Shield…I can’t remember which). I still have the letter that he wrote me back. His gratitude touched me enough to keep that letter for 20+ years.

  • I don’t have any family that is military, but I respect them and what they do for our country. I see a lot of them come back and need help. I would like to see more done for them.

    Diana C

  • One of the companies I worked for used to send care packages to the son of a woman who worked in the office. When he came home from his deployment – we stopped sending the boxes which in my opinion was wrong but it wasn’t my call. I want to Thank Chelsea for her service and always thank military personnel when I see them

  • It takes a special person to serve in the military. They’re often unappreciated and a tough time adjusting when they return home.The letters and cookies probably brighten the day of the recipient.

  • My husband is in Military. & we appreciate those people who stop & say “thank you for your service” to him

    • My husband is in Military. & we appreciate those people who stop & say “thank you for your service” to him


  • Thank you Chelsea for your service for our country and to all who have served in the military.

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