Significance of music in the overall slot game experience

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Significance of music in the overall slot game experience

We are surrounded by sensory stimuli. Everything around us is interpreted by our brains through our senses. The lights we see, the sounds we hear, the tastes around us are the variables which guide us in our selection process. They make us preferring something rather than other things. We are dominated by sensory stimulations.

As we can easily notice, in nature as well, everything is ruled by sensory stimuli. The colour and the smell of the flowers or the taste of the fruit. They all are natural tools developed by nature to attract its visitors.

The marketing strategy used by online casinos

On the internet, there is a countless number of websites, possibilities and opportunities. For every field we have to deal with, there are millions of offers. Also, there are millions of competitors ready to beat those offers.

The casino world is one of the most challenging ones. This extreme competition has pushed manufacturers to constantly refine their marketing strategies. Sometimes, this has happened at the expense of profit. Out there, the mantra is: why should the customer choose me rather than someone else? The answer is simple: because I can offer more.

One of the most effective strategies used by online casinos such as consists of offering bonuses. There are plenty of them, and most of them are free money given to customers. Even if this sounds unlikely, it is one of the most effective marketing strategies available today. This is due to the feeling of satisfaction the bonuses cause on players.

Everything in marketing has a reason as the steps to implement are calculated in advance. It happens the same while making a recipe. We tend to weight all the ingredients to get a balanced result. Marketers do it to create the best product possible. If losing money today means to earn more money in the next future, then that strategy works.

When the gambling industries started to invest in marketing, their empire wasn’t as huge as it is today. Within a few years, the results they obtained were so great that the investments in adverts, as well as in their games designs rapidly grew. The money spent on advertising their products is sometimes even bigger than the expenses they make to improve their performances. Essentially, if well done, marketing pays more that everything else.

The importance of music and sound effects in games

Take one of the first game console ever released on the market. Can you remember its sound effects? They played a big role in the overall experience. Analysing this example already makes us understand how important music is games.

Now go back to thirty years ago when video games were made just by a handful of pixels. The lack of resolution and performances was filled by the music and sound effects.

It is not a case that our brain can elaborate on sounds better than any other stimulus. It is not a case that musical instruments, as well as songs, are fundamental for us, since ancient times.

When we play a video, when we do our work out at the gym, there always be background music, a soundtrack which makes everything better and smoother. This is because we are naturally inclined to associate movements and rhythm.

How important is then to have the perfect music and the right sound effects while playing at slots? It is essential. When we lose a match, when we hit a win or simply when we push a button, our brain expects, besides a visual stimulus also a sound in return. Developers and psychologists know this aspect of our brain very well. For this reason, they always try to match the perfect music to the right actions and stages of the game. The soundtracks we can listen to in the background while playing our favourite slots are meant to trigger specific feelings in our brain.

The role of sound effects on classic slot machines

The sound effects, so like music, have always been an important part of casino games. Even the first slot machines, the Liberty Bell, had its sounds. Despite it was entirely mechanical, it could count on some sounds that notify customers when losing or winning.

All the first slots launched in the market got a ringing bell. It is something you can still find on modern slot machines. The winning sound plays a very big role in the experience of players. Slot machines won’t be the same without it. According to some important theorists, the sound effects contribute to making the experience of playing a game special. Without sound effects, slot machines wouldn’t have the same appeal. Why? Because music is entertaining and engaging. It gives players an incredible charge of energy affecting their moods too.

Some psychologists conducted a series of useful social experiments on casino games. They aim at better understanding people’s reactions to sound stimuli. The results were impressive. Those people subjected to an environment filled with music were way more productive than those who were working in a quiet place. The experiments have been even refined by “submitting” people to a different kind of music so to test their moods. It was clear how strong the effects of tailored sound effects were on people’s behaviours.

The role of sounds on modern slot machines

Modern slot machines are different from traditional ones. With exciting graphics and layouts, their appearance plays a very big role in the overall experience of playing slots.

The sound effects are not limited to winning or losing sounds. They are soundtracks playing in the background. These are not casual. They are bespoke on the theme of the game. Everything in a slot makes part of a winning combination. The colour, the graphics, the layout and of course, the sound.

The sound effects emphasise the moment of the game by getting louder or lower accordingly. The purpose is to create a unique experience for players which changes according to the slots they are playing and their characteristics.

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