Sleep Better with PeachSkinSheets #MEGAChristmas18

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Are you a fussy sleeper? I wasn’t when I was younger, but over the years, I’ve found it difficult just to grab a quick nap or sleep anywhere, even on an uncomfortable bed! So I try to make sure that my bedroom at home is nicely decorated, uncluttered, and boasts of a large, comfortable bed. And I have also learned that a decent set of quality sheets can make a huge difference, which is great if you can’t go out and buy a hugely expensive bed! That’s just one of the reasons that I’ve learned to sleep better with PeachSkinSheets!
Sleep Better with PeachSkinSheets

About PeachSkinSheets®

The Original PeachSkinSheets® was founded in 2013 and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. We pride ourselves on being The Original, One and Only Authentic Brand, and our signature peach zipper pull is featured on every sheet package. Our affordable bed sheets are made from a breathable, high performance athletic grade SMART fabric that is great for hot sleepers due to its thermal control and moisture wicking properties. In addition, the ultra soft brushed finish provides a softness level that parallels 1500 thread count cotton but without the shrinkage, wrinkles and pilling. We thrive on being a quality company with a quality product and going the extra mile for our customers. You can find us online and at local pop up events in Georgia and surrounding states. Once you’ve tried them, we know that you will never sleep on anything other than The Original PeachSkinSheets®!

From college dorm twin xl to California King, PeachSkinSheets® offers sets for all sizes. So you can have every bed in the house ready for a wonderful night of sleep, from your child’s room to a busy college student, and best of all, your own bed!
Sleep Better with PeachSkinSheets

Have you ever bought something online and then when it wasn’t the same color or material you were expecting? Yep, so have I. With PeachSkinSheets® you are encouraged to order a FREE swatch so you can get just the right color for your room. No more guessing and hoping for just the color you want for your bedding. Whether you go with an all year classic like white or a soft blue, or purchase a few sets to match your seasonal decor or new accent pieces of furniture! There are over 18 colors to choose from, including the “Colors of the Month” selections, which are offered at a lower price than other collections; $55 for any regular size set and $75 for Split King & Duvets. Their regular sale price is $79.95 for any size set while Split King/Adjustable Bed & Duvet specialty sizes are $99.95.
Sleep Better with PeachSkinSheets

In addition to sheet sets, ordering extra pillow cases to match or compliment as well as a new duvet cover set makes completing your bedding easy. The 3 piece duvet cover sets include the cover and two pillow shams.

My Thoughts:

I am in love with these sheets! No kidding – I do not want to get up the mornings because they are so soft. We have a king size bed and these sheets fit like a glove. As you can tell, my little ones also love these sheets because they make my bed so comfy!
Sleep Better with PeachSkinSheets
Slipping into 1500 thread count soft sheets is not something you can easily describe. To just say they are soft doesn’t do them justice at all. You really have to try them yourself. I am enjoying the King White set in their Vanilla Bean color. I love white sheets on my bed and these may never come off except to be laundered and returned. Just kidding, I bought myself another set so I would not have to wait for them to be laundered! Oh, and no need to iron these sheets. Simply wash, then toss in the dryer on medium or medium/high heat. The built in wrinkle release technology assures you will have wrinkle free sheets ready to be put on the bed in about 20 minutes!
Sleep Better with PeachSkinSheets
One thing I haven’t figured out but love about these sheets is that both my husband and I are comfortable while sleeping. Usually I am a heater and end up tossing off the sheets and covers during the night, while my husband is cold and wrapped up tightly under his side of the bed. But with these sheets, I find myself snuggled under them and not hot at all, and my husband says he stays nice and warm too. I think it has to do with the thermal control and moisture wicking properties so that we are both comfortable during the night. And the sheets stay smooth without getting snagged from rough skin or developing pills from constant washing and use.

Not only are these sheets soft and luxurious to sleep on, but they have some great benefits that my old sheets didn’t have. Like being breathable for those who get hot at night or having extra deep pockets so they don’t pop off in the middle of the night! They are also anti-microbial and stain resistant which is wonderful so they are that much easier to keep clean and fresh looking. You can learn more about their SMART Fabric before you purchase your own sheets.
Sleep Better with PeachSkinSheets
If you are looking for a special gift for someone (including yourself), a set of sheets will help everyone sleep better with PeachSkinSheets®. And if you are planning on updating your bedroom, PeachSkinSheets® even has matching paint colors through Benjamin Moore paints so you take your PeachSkinSheets® to the next level with PeachPerfectPaint™ match.

Nighttime Rituals for Better Sleep Infographic

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Sleep Better with PeachSkinSheets

We’ve added PeachSkinSheets® to our 2018 MEGA Merry Christmas Gift Guide! Check it out here!

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56 thoughts on “Sleep Better with PeachSkinSheets #MEGAChristmas18

  • Nice review… Love the beach blue…received my swatches…so soft!

  • These sheets are a great value.

  • Love the temperature contol. Awesome color selection!

  • My family love peachskin sheets 🙂

  • Everyone seems to love these sheets and brand.
    Hope I get to find out the fuss 🙂
    I think the mint julep and graphite would be beautiful together.
    Buy one and win one would be nice @peachskinsheets.

  • Great price for these sheets!

  • I love the thermal control on these. Suffering from menopausal hot flashes makes for a bad nights sleep.

  • They sound like very comfy sheets, would love to try the, 🙂

  • Being wrinkle free is another super feature of these sheets as well as the comfort and luxuriousness.

  • The Lavender Mist is pretty!

  • I have wanted to try these for years, they are so soft!

  • I love the the thermal control and moisture wicking properties.

  • I have heard positive things about these sheets. They have a very nice selection of colors. I particularly like the deep crimson red and the sage green colors.

  • Love that you can order free swatches to make sure that it matches your decor

  • All the colors are amazing. I see some that would be great for my house

  • I think these would be so comfortable. Great way to get a good nights sleep.

  • They have so many pretty colors. I really like the Brushed Silver.

  • I love that there are over 18 colors to chose from

  • These are such a reasonable price for sheets that are so high quality and offer thermal control.

  • Love that they have a 1500 thread count!

  • The eggplant is a really pretty color!

  • (Sleep Better with PeachSkinSheets #MEGAChristmas18) Their sheets sound amazing to me, would love a pair of the egg-plant color for our master bedroom.

  • I like they have free swatches so you can see if it matches before you buy. And they have so many colors!

  • I like that you can order free swatches to make sure that is the color that you really want

  • They offer such a nice variety of colors that all look so pretty it makes it hard to choose which is my favorite.

  • These sheets sound amazing! I would love to have a set in classic white!

  • I have to stay cool when I am sleeping and these sheets seem perfect for me

  • Awesome color selection! Every one of them is beautiful. They sound like they would be very comfortable

  • I love the many different colors they have.

  • These sound so soft and comfortable!

  • I like the Almond Ivory,would love to try these sheets!

  • I love all their colors!! They really have a lot to choose from! I love that these are wrinkle free!

  • I love the color selection. Beautiful!

  • I have the Light Mocha sheets and love them!

  • The softness is unreal! Get you some!

  • I found this article very interesting since I am one of those people with sleep problems. Comfy bedding is important!

  • I got a swatch from here and they are so soft!!

  • These look so nice and comfortable!

  • Love the variety of colors the sheets come in

  • I have one set of these sheets and your right you dont get really hot in them , my husband and I both noticed it.

  • Would love to have a set.

  • Being able to stay cool and comfortable at night would be a big plus for me. These sheets look great.

  • They look so comfy I love them

  • I have always had trouble sleeping. I do think good sheets are a must have and wrinkle free is important to me now.

  • These sound so comfortable. I love the huge color selection too!

  • I ordered sample swatches, and the colors are beautiful and the sheets are so soft. I would love cotton candy pink sheets for my daugther’s bed and soft mocha for my bed.

  • I have one set and they are the only ones I want on my bed, they are unbelievably soft and comfy! And I love that they stay soft and smooth, wash after wash. I definitely recommend these sheets to everyone!

  • I have a set of their sheets and they are so soft

  • I love the thread count!

  • Absolutely!
    I agree 100%
    For health and a good night sleep, wake well rested very important.
    Good quality sheets, especially anti wicking are a must and luxury for me and my Florida family.

  • I was unaware how many people have a sleeping disorder. 70 + Million.!
    A great number. Comfortable sheets is a great way to start to get at a sleeping problem.

  • The colors available are so beautiful. It would be so hard to choose just one!

  • these look so comfy. I would love the chocolate colored ones

  • Ohh you sure make me want some of these!!! And I love the colors. Some colors are so pretty they make me want to change my decorating scheme!!!

  • I heard great things about these sheet and would love a set in Sage Green!

  • I have eggplant colored Peach Skin Sheets. They are so soft and comfortable!

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