Smart Tactics That Will Make Hiking With Your Dog A Breeze

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What could be more fun than getting out in the fresh air, experiencing nature, and feeling the warm glow of sunlight on your face? Nothing, that’s what and that is why hiking is such a popular recreational activity. Of course, it can be even more fun if you take your dog along as well. Something that you can find out more about in the post below.

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Plan your route.

The first thing you need to get right when it comes to hiking with your pupper is planning a suitable route. This is because some routes may be completely fine for you and your human companions to walk, but could cause a problem for your dog.

In fact, there will be some route that dogs aren’t allowed onto, so it’s definitely worth checking ahead of the day you plan to hike.

Take refreshments for everyone.

Next, when it comes to hiking, it’s essential that everyone, including your dog, stays refueled and refreshed. What this means is that you not only have to pack some power bars and water for you but refreshments for your dog as well.

Luckily, this isn’t that difficult to do because you can get water bottles that come with an attached bowl, making it easy to dispense water for your pup every time you take a quick break.

It won’t take up too much room in your backpack to take a few high-calorie doggie treats along for the hike either. Something that can definitely give Fido a little boost if he is flagging.

Have a plan B for when things get tough.

It’s also a really sound idea to have a plan B in place just in case things don’t entirely turn out the way you expected. For example, packing equipment like a K9 sport sack with which you can carry your pupper if he gets tired or injured a great idea. Additionally, don’t forget that there are doggy goggles that you can take to protect your dog’s eyes from the sun while hiking, and even doggy shoes that can stop any damage to their pads when going over particularly rough, hot, or cold terrain.

In fact, it won’t hurt to take some things along in case you get in trouble rather than your dog, either. To that end be sure to include a power pack to charge your phone in case you get lost, and if you are going on a particularly long hike, a first aid kit, thermal silver blanket, and even a GPS tracker so you can be easily found if you lose your way.

Take some awesome selfie along the way.

Finally, when it comes to hiking with your dog, don’t forget to take some killer selfies to add to your social media along the way. A topic you can get some additional advice on in the video below.

After all, no matter how much of a breeze (or not) hiking with your pup in the forest is, you’ll still want to show off what a smart pup you have on social media.

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