Smart Ways to Make Money Other Than Your Job (That You May Not Have Thought of)

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If you’re working hard but still feel like you could use the extra money, you’re not alone. Many feel people feel like they’re working hard and not getting paid enough or are not receiving enough hours to pay their monthly bills. If you’ve tried thinking of ways to earn extra cash but are still stumped here’s a list of some ways to make money you may not have thought of. Whatever you do don’t give up – you can make extra money without resorting to switching to a job you strongly dislike. This is true even if you feel like you need to switch careers all together to provide for your family. If you’re working a job that you love but it doesn’t pay as much as you’d like, there are additional ways you can earn extra income.

Sell Your Old Car

If you have an old car that you have considered selling but it’s either in horrible condition or not working all together, there are companies like U Pull and Pay that will tow it and pay you cash for your junk car. So don’t spend hours searching for a towing company to get rid of your car or truck. Give them a call, and they’ll handle all the towing details for your vehicle. Sell your junk car and you’ll have extra money to save or use to provide for your family!

Start an Etsy Shop

It’s true that there are hundreds of shops on Etsy, so starting a shop on this site may be the last thing on your mind. However if you have a unique idea and already have the supplies, you’ll never know if it will succeed until you try. What you don’t want to do is spend a lot of money to make a shop work, because the idea is to make money. Think about it though – if you already have a hobby such as making headbands for babies that friends are going nuts over, start small and soon it may grow into a large business.

Apply for a Few Freelancing Jobs

Freelancing again may be something else you haven’t considered, but if you love to write or have a degree in English that you’re not using, it wouldn’t hurt to put a few feelers out online. Show off what you have done with your writing in the past and apply for jobs that you see yourself enjoying. If you pick up just a few that’s supplemental income you can use to save or spend on a trip such as taking your kids to Disneyland.

Start a Blog

Do you already have a blog or have you been meaning to start one? Believe it or not but you can get extra income by starting a blog. If you start writing articles regularly sooner or later you will have a following and with that comes a Google ranking and PR professionals who will reach out to you asking you for sponsored posts. You can also make money through ads and other forms of blog sponsorships.

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