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Super Nintendo Entertainment System, also known as Super Nintendo, Super NES and SNES is a 16-bit game console released by Nintendo in Europe, Brazil, USA and Australia. In Japan, it is known as Super Famicom (Super Family Computer). In South Korea, it was called Super Cowboy and was distributed by Hyundai Electronics.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System became the second home console of Nintendo, after NES (in Japan it was issued as Famicom). The system has gained great popularity in much of Asia, but, nevertheless, it has not been able to achieve the popularity of its predecessor in North America and South-East Asia due to the great competition from the Sega Mega Drive. Despite its late launch, Super Nintendo became the best-selling console of the 16-bit era, but only after Sega left the 16-bit market, focusing on the 32-bit market.

If you have a few games that you would not mind playing on your computer, then you can do it in a few clicks.

First, you need to download the SNES emulator that you want. Don’t forget to install the rom using the emulator.

Let’s observe a few interesting games. You will need to download  the SNES roms in order to play the games in the list.

Adventures of Batman and Robin

The game is based on the same animated series of Batman and Robin, who save the townspeople from robbers and all kinds of bad people. In the game, you run a lot and fight with many enemies. As always, you have all the best and fisticuffs in which Batman always outscored his opponents. In the game, you will meet with your sworn enemies who are trying to capture the city and kill Batman. But it’s not so easy. Help Batman and Robin to save the city from the villains.


In this game you play as a legendary character named Aladdin and his monkey Abu. This story began a long time ago, when one evil wizard wanted to conquer the world with the help of a magic lamp that was in a magical cave far away in the desert. And in order to get it from there, you need a person with a pure heart and conscience, which was Aladdin. And then the game begins. You control Aladdin, who hurries to help his princess, who was kidnapped by the evil sorceress Jafar. In the game, Aladdin can throw apples and jump at his enemies, thereby throwing them off his path. In the game, you need to collect crystals and food in order to refresh yourself. The game has good graphics.

Beauty and the Beast

The game is based on the cartoon «Beauty and the Beast», which tells that one prince was bewitched by an evil sorceress, and that a beautiful girl should fall in love with him in order to remove the spell. The game is very colorful, has a good graphics and music. Also in the game, there is an interesting script, and colorful characters that drag along during the game. You play as a prince in the guise of a monster who walks around the castle and fights the spells of evil wizards and her wards. And the game also has many levels and complexities. In order for a monster to have a human form, one must go through the whole game.

Baby T-Rex

A game about a small dinosaur that on a snowboard. In doing so, he collects eggs and fights with the various enemies that stand in his way. The game is very cheerful and kind. Our little friend can make fire and thus defend himself. When collecting bonuses, T-Rex gets a little stronger. Also in the game, there’s a good and beautiful graphics, which is very pleasing to the eye and a great variety of levels.

Earthworm Jim

The game was created by the motive of comic books, which talk about how one earthworm that was lucky in life. When he was engaged in his daily affairs, he was hit with a suit that changed his whole life. This costume was created by an evil professor to make bad deals. But this costume got a pretty good worm, which became a superhero and now he is waiting for a new life, in which he will have to fight with all sorts of crows and many other rivals who will stand in his way. Also, our worm has a machine that will help in fighting the crows.

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